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Dear Santa

Dear Santa, I am uncertain
if I want to believe in you
this year. You have granted
to me in the past many a gift,
which I did watch, read,
listen to or wear, but never
have I received anything
that’s me; the me that
remains unseen within the
chasm of my heart, burried
under the bulk of year’s
which have rendered me
forgotten. I know that I’m
an unlovable fool for
believing in the semantics
of wishful romantic
promises which my
undying soul breathes life
into almost every year, but,
although I know this is an
impossible ask, might you
kindly give to me this
Christmas Eve someone to
wholly love, who shall
happily love me back? Too
often have I been told how
I am destined to sometime
soon find the woman of
my dreams, an action I do
realise shall never come to
pass this day or any that
will follow, and with a
heart that can remain
lonely not a moment more,
I ask that you consider
this to be my only
Christmas wish. I am sure
you know the identity of
the young damsel who
has captivated me, and I
am certain you have her
number, so would you
kindly give her a ring for
me and discover if she’s