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Land of my Many Disappointments

A map to the land of my many disappointments
awaits you at the end of this particular piece,
overshadowed by my inability to speak
the words I oh so long to say. I was sleepwalking
through my life, stumbling through the dimensions of
a dream, when I discovered you as though such an
occurrence was fated to be. I took your hand in
mine, and upon awakening from my slumber, there
you were standing before me, alive and real; at
least that’s the way I remember it. There is no
point to this story however, for the fractured truth
is that neither one of us resides on common ground,
despite us residing beneath the exact same sun.
The star, whose light wanders effortlessly across our
solar system, rises and sets to your unflinching
beauty, and I, the writer of this unprized poem,
could learn a hundred different words in a vast quantity
of languages, but never would I discover a word
capable of reflecting your attractive qualities.
Like the sun, you shine upon the surfaces of my skin,
and I would love to say that never have you shone brighter
than when you were shining upon me, but such an idea
would be a lie. I have seen you dozens of times or more in
locations where I would have had the opportunity to
say ‘hello,’ but never did I take this wasted option
and instead, you are left without my voice in your ear. I
would appreciate, unfathomably appreciate,
a moment when I could say without hesitation how
much I love you, and when this moment comes, say these words with
meaning I truly will. However, although these words of
intent be writ, I dare not describe the beauty of this
sweet damsel, for never could you, dear reader, succinctly
believe that someone so gorgeous could be at all
real, and if I had not seen you, my lady, with
my own two eyes, I too would find it impossible
to fathom that a woman, who is obviously
an angel fallen from Heaven, could possibly
walk amongst us mortals. But even though you be
beautiful, the love within your heart, reserved for a man
deserving, is never bestowed willingly upon my
soul, and thus, when you begin a sentence, conveyed to
me by your words that float towards my ears on the wings
of hapless angels, if such a creation begins with
an ‘I’, the next two words will never be ‘love you.’ The shame
of this is beyond reprieve, but it is understandable
all the same, for I am a one dollar coin when you need
a hundred dollar note; I am a plastic stool
when you need a leather recliner; I am a
cold take-away when you require a delicious
feast; I am an average metaphor when what you need
is an athlete of the written word. But love, if love
is all you need, just look into my eyes and you will
see that mine is endless in design; if only
you would ever look in my direction.

Eternal Flight

SYNOPSIS: A stereotypical love poem? About the want, no, the need, to unlock the heart of the one somebody loves to ensure that both parties have mutual accessibility to the feelings within themselves.

On a rainy morning, I reminisce on how a soul as gentle as yours
could possibly unlock all that has imprisoned me throughout the many years,
from the metallic cages around my heart to the hidden trap doors
that I have been forced to share through the laughter, the hardship and the tears.
I hope the one I am looking for is you, for if you could give me your life
I would take you on one last romanticised, interstellar eternal flight.

On an epically bright wondrous day
I satisfy myself with your love.
There are constant obstacles blocking my way,
the final being the cage containing your heart.
If only I did hold your hearts true key
which could unlock my dreams and fantasies.

On a stereotypically cloudy afternoon
I happily hold you tightly in my loving arms.
I fear this feeling will be over soon
and that I will soon be severely harmed,
and with every beat in my pounding heart
I never want to ever be apart.

On a dark starry night
I cry those tears of pearls,
there is not a soul anywhere in sight
and I am cursed to be forever yours.
If only this dream could come true,
my only dream in life – is you.


SYNOPSIS: A confession of love for a beautiful young woman.


There’s no one else like you
who I’ve ever met
who is so beautiful.
Promise I’ll always love you,
the most perfect human being
who is so wonderful.

Elisha, you’re such a wonderful girl
I believe I know
who’s in my very soul.
All the money in the world
cannot add up to
the love I have for you.

Sent you love letters
beauty queen of the year,
who’s the bride of Heaven.
Want to make things better,
to dry away your tears
as you’re Earth and Heaven.

See you once in a while
where you’re higher again,
way past Heaven above.
With your beautiful smile,
wishing to be your friend,
and you’re one true love.

Can Never Afford

SYNOPSIS: A romance between a stereotypically average man who has been captured by the love and beauty of a woman who not only possesses Heavenly qualities, but who is seeking to gain a throne within the realm of Hollywood and performance arts.

Last night I saw her face
as I tried to breathe.
She’d made her way to Hollywood
and then to the above.
I glanced her in the common place
wearing a top with golden sleeves,
it was then I wished I could
be her one true love.
There’s a halo above her head,
her name I cannot tell.
She’s won the award
for most beautiful,
which to me’s so sadly said,
her love I can never afford.

I then realised my dream was real,
seeing her reach Broadway.
She wore a silver dress
with flowers speckled in her hair.
Her skin I’d love to feel
on this sunny Summer’s day.
Her hair’s never in a mess
and what I feel isn’t fair.
There’s a halo above her head,
her name I cannot tell.
She’s won the award
for most beautiful,
which to me’s so sadly said,
her love I can never afford.

Why can’t love be real?

SYNOPSIS: The poetic story of telling the person you love how you feel – only to be heinously rejected.

I was completely in love with you for almost two years.
When you were not around, my body, it broke down in tears.
I needed you like running water, I needed you like air,
I needed you to be in my arms, I needed you right there.
At times I could be disconcerting, I know your friends told you ‘beware’,
but when it came to true love I promise you, I always did play fair.
Towards you I felt an inexplicably strong connection,
I cherished you greatly with all of the love and affection
in my heart. I promised to love you forever, and now I love you just so much,
but it’s such a shame to learn that the hands of fair angels and human men can’t touch.
Instead of embracing me, you ripped me apart at a molecular level the other day.
‘You are not the one for me, and you are not my destiny’ were the only words you had to say.
You didn’t give me a chance to explain my true feelings, which are eternally yours and loyal,
you didn’t give us a chance to be together, you didn’t even give us a chance to toil.
With this said and done, you will soon choose another man to be your only paramour,
and from that moment on you won’t think of me as crazy, you will think of me no more.
I swore to myself a year ago I would not be zealous
if you could not love me back. I promised not to get jealous,
and yet these negative emotions are all I ever seem to feel.
Why can’t a relationship come to fruition? Why can’t love be real?
I fear I won’t stop loving you, this is my awful curse,
for in all the world there is absolutely nothing worse
than being in love. I hold you accountable, and I give unto you all of the blame,
and the only way for me to live once more is to eventually forget your name.
I have to let you go, and hope to never see you again,
else all of my feelings will return, and so will all my pain.

It’s not Easy

SYNOPSIS: About a man, or perhaps even a woman, who wonders what it would be like to be with the woman that he or she loves, and contemplates the wish of there being many different ways that could be optional to see if there is in fact a Heavenly future for the both of them, and the repercussions of said future.

There are things in this world you cannot change,
some people in this world you cannot love.
If only reality could be rearranged
so this Earth could reflect Heaven above.

Yet if that happened, this world would be over,
and I would lose my chance to tell you how I felt.
I don’t know if my heart could ever recover
the significant trauma that would be dealt.

Sometimes I wish the future could be seen,
so that I would know what the future holds;
I could discover a world where you are my queen,
turning my heart from ash to liquid gold.

Yet in real life if I said I wanted you
this facade would not be what you truly become;
I cannot foresee what you would possibly do,
but I know in my heart it would hurt someone.

What I write may never come out with ease,
but my heart cannot stay shut forever;
I only hope that you listen and that you please,
allow us a chance at being together.

Yet in the end you will never read this verse
and so my heart shall become frail, weary and dry.
Your inability to love me is my curse;
always absent from our kingdom of the sky.

It’s not easy for me to write these words,
because deep down I don’t know what to do.
You ever loving me is completely absurd,
yet I still wish to spend my life with you.

Superman Tonight

SYNOPSIS: About wishing to be a young woman’s very own personal superhero, and the hypothetical powers one might have and the things one could do if such was indeed not a fantasy, but a reality, and the brutal harshness of what happens when reality eventually does indeed bite.

The weatherman concludes the news by saying goodnight.
The mayor closes the city by turning off its lights.
All the stars come out and begin to fill up the magnificent sky;
and the civilian’s, they dream, of all the people who are destined to die.
Out on the street, a car begins to triumphantly break down
and cries of regret ring out all through this hollow, ghostly town.
You walk down the street hoping to be rescued by your white knight,
whilst I sit at home wishing to be your superman tonight.

What if every hero were to spontaneously disappear
and there was not a soul around to wipe away your precious tears?
What if every hero was to surprisingly resign
and there was no one around to tell you, ‘you look so fine’?
Would you open up your heart and soul if you were to hear my plea;
every time our eyes meet your ravishing beauty overwhelms me.
For if I were your hero, everything would always be alright
and when you go to bed you would finally sleep soundly tonight.

Even heroes such as I can dream of a lovers kiss,
especially when it’s from your lusciously gorgeous lips.
Without you by my side I could never times infinity be whole,
you are the answer that is constantly needed inside of my soul.
Whenever I see you, my knees begin to grow weak
and I instantly find it so difficult to speak.
In reality however no hero would ever act like this
but the inconvenient truth is; no hero really does exist.

In reality I am, unfortunately, not much to look at
which is why I wear this magnificent cape and matching cowboy hat.
I may be disturbed, or I may even be completely insane
and my concepts on superheroes may seem totally inane.
But such ideologies are what I have, cherish and believe,
no matter if they always sound so incredibly naïve.
If I am the hero there is no doubt you are the plane,
you are the only young woman who drives my heart insane.

It is said that each and every superhero has a unique power
one which is used religiously at the chime of each and every hour.
If that be true, then I wish I had the ability to fly
which is a power that no superhero could ever deny.
With these invisible wings, through the clouds I would soar,
to find that special someone I have been searching for.
I cannot help falling head over heels in love with you,
without you by my side my heart is lost for what to do.

If I was your true hero we would never be apart;
for it’s you who touches every place in this hero’s heart.
Choosing to live without you would be this man’s biggest mistake,
which would inevitably cause this young hero’s heart to break.
I need you to survive because you are the better part of me
and by proving my love to you, my heart would finally be free;
for no one else in this world does to me what you do
and the hero inside me will help with your rescue.

Every night I lie awake in bed and dream of your deliciously moist kiss,
never in my wildest dreams did I believe I could feel anything like this.
Even hero’s such as myself and others have the continued right to dream;
for in reality heroes such as I could not exist, so it would seem.
I would sell my soul to ultimately become your hero,
whenever I think of you this heart reaches a crescendo.
I do not know what it could be that you inevitably do
but you have this hero madly and forever in love with you.

I swear to you I will love you until this body grows weary and old
if I am represented as silver, then you, my love, are solid gold.
To prove my love eternal I’d gratefully sweat, burn and bleed,
to have you as my one true love I promise I will succeed.
I feel you in my skin and in my bones which are so hollow,
to have you in these arms tonight I would beg, steal and borrow.
Every hero has a weakness and you are, I swear to you, my Kryptonite,
and although this is truth I speak I still wish to be your superman tonight.