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Everything I’ve Always Wanted is You

SYNOPSIS: A poem about being in love with a woman who already has a man in her life of whom she cherishes greatly.

Everyday I see you walking around
with the man who’s the new person in town.
You used to walk around with me sometimes,
yet today you seem completely sublime.
You don’t realise you’re the one I love,
your plane taking you places up above
and you probably won’t see me again,
wish I could tell you ‘you’re more than a friend’,
while I still continue to contemplate
will I always be the lover too late?

To me your beauty is extravagant,
throwing my mind into mismanagement.
I don’t know how I’m to decipher
the reasons why we’re not together;
you’re an addiction, my triumphant drug,
the reason for my undying love
while the true and real cause still eludes me
as I stare upon your wondrous body.
You have an angel’s face, a loving heart,
are we destined to always be apart?

There’s nobody else like you, you’re so rare,
yet you always seem to be everywhere.
I’d trade every single wish in the world
just to be with you, the most finest girl.
It feels you’re from my imagination,
your beauty has no classification.
I’m blinded by your hair and your beauty,
your perfect eyes are all I ever see.
Now what can I possibly do?
Everything I’ve always wanted is you.

Your image of wonderful purity
mixed in with your love and tranquility
makes me want you to forever be mine.
Although I am always running out of time,
will he continue to always be yours
or will I come in first place with applause?
In my eyes you are the perfect package
of whom I’d consider vowels of marriage
and I hope this is not the conclusion
as I live a lie and a delusion.

Metropolis Me

SYNOPSIS: About the rekindling of a friendship that incorporated romanticised feelings after so many years of being apart, and the wish that this friendship could grow into something much more powerful and everlasting. The man in the story is broken to some extent, and whether this be physical or emotional is up to reader discretion.

You were born in north east Victoria, raised in Sydenham;
fell in love at age fourteen to a young man from north Melbourne.
Four years later that dream was over, he didn’t give love a second chance
and then you went to college where you studied gymnastics, drama and dance.
It was in that same year the both of us happened to meet so suddenly,
you were the smart attractive student, whilst the opposite was played by me.
When we met, the two of us were complete and utter strangers,
but inside my heart I felt such extraordinary changes.

When we first met and I told you my feelings, I could have instead not said a word,
but my heart, it said to me ‘I will not allow these strong feelings to go unheard.
I would spend my life forever in your arms if given the choice,
moreover, I would do almost anything just to hear your voice.
One hundred is the number of days since last I laid eyes on your pretty face,
one million is the number of times I’ve thought of you since we met in that place.
I have thoughts of you, constantly, running throughout my mind,
true love together, in the future, we could one day find.

However, such written words, without action, are almost meaningless,
without the actual emotion they could never truly impress.
That is why I ask if we could meet up tomorrow yet again
and rekindle that age old flame, whilst making jokes with an old friend.
I may seem incredibly young, but I am not emotionally weak,
all of these thoughts and feelings I have buried inside me, I wish to speak;
and so instead they are typed up, in a badly written love poem,
it’s described this way for I’ve never written one with heart, soul and solemn.

Inevitably, only a stubborn fool could believe in love;
a fool I must be for falling for an angel from up above.
Intense, powerful and passionate emotions could easily begin
the moment I touch, taste and smell your divine and lusciously silky skin.
Immediately after this occurrence we could make true love for the first time,
an occurrence that for me, would be forever unto eternity; sublime.
Nothing could be better as I dance inside you; within your secret garden,
with its hydrated rainforest canopy and continuous seduction.

If you chose to live by my side I’d never need to have happiness or wealth,
yet another of the many things I wanted to accomplish for myself.
There have been so many things I’ve wanted to do which have been barred from my life;
I wanted to settle down, make a child; a daughter and have you as my wife.
Instead, I believe I can say without a flickering shadow of a doubt,
that you will never know how I feel for you until this life of mine runs out.
I wish when they spoke about ‘forever’ they’d be talking about us; me and you,
there is nothing else in this world I would ever dream of committing myself to.

When I look into the mirror, a broken man is all I ever see,
I wish you could bear witness to the romantic places inside of me.
I doubt you’ve ever seen my face for it’s hidden behind a mask of emotions,
if you don’t want to see me again just tell me and I’ll obey your instructions.
I’ll admit, I don’t want to remove from my heart someone who has left such a mark,
for when we first met you came to me like the brightest light in the gathering dark.
In truth I want to provide to you all the love in my heart and soul,
I believe I’m to be the man whose destiny is to make you whole.

Without you I am lost within the boundaries of the twilight zone,
I am exactly like that old dog who has lost his favorite bone.
All of the things that we have done we can always undo,
however, the one thing I would never replace – is you.
I am yet to realise if it’s you or my mind that I am losing,
if I don’t have you in my life it will be my heart that I’m abusing.
Inevitably I should use my heart before it is ground up into dust,
before I die I hope to give it to you; the only woman whom I lust.

All I have to give to you are these three words every day and night;
if only such words could constantly fill you with ravishing delight.
I do not have a million dollars, nor do I have handsome looks,
I could never provide to you the fairytale inside children’s books;
I do not have a luxurious car, nor do I have an amazing career;
could you ever sleep beside and love such a person? I don’t think you could I fear.
If you were to suddenly turn away and leave I would be forced to ask you ‘why?
Have I not tried to give you everything?’ I would ask, as I began to cry.

I wish you could stay with me tonight to watch this life of mine unfold
and experience together the greatest love story never told.
However, we are constantly separated by forests, rivers and seas,
I cannot wait for you to one day return back home once more and marry me.
I dream of such an occurrence transpiring almost every single day;
I wish love could quit wearing a disguise and instead transform into a foray.
So please, tie your long hair back, put your perfume on and make your face look just so pretty
and then meet me, your man always and forever, in your local suburban city.

Never Tainted

SYNOPSIS: About the discovery of love, and the act of giving it to someone and cherishing it with them, and experiencing together a romantic relationship, which, as the title of the poem suggests, is never jeopardised, threatened, sacrificed nor tainted.

Inside my heart resides a poem
one which is captivating and true.
Always I try to find the words
over and over and over;
but always it sounds so absurd,
I can only describe it as flotsam.
For my words undoubtedly need to be sober
when emphasising I want you.

This verse goes out to that fantastic girl
who is incredibly pretty.
You know you’re my only desire,
captivated by your gorgeous good looks;
but I don’t know if it would be safer
for me to confess you are my world,
like they do in those fairytale books,
because it is harsher in this city.

All my life I’ve know both girls and boys
and never have they given into temptation.
Like them I’ve never opened my heart,
but I feel you’re a part of me.
I pray that my love ain’t torn apart
whilst I act like an immature toy.
You take me up to the next degree,
whilst being with you remains my only ambition.

There is a look inside your eyes
which says we’re no good at being on our own.
When you speak I hold onto every word you say,
for our souls are forever mated,
and your heart is always getting through.
We won’t give up on our love, for it never dies,
even when there is something in the way.
Together we’ll never be alone,
and our relationship will be never tainted;
I’ll never love anyone the way I love you.

When you’re around I try to play it cool
because you are all I really know;
I wish to share with you this loving kiss
as I hold onto the memories of your face.
But sometimes ignorance can truly be bliss,
for my regrettable actions make me the fool.
But I know in my heart, no one could take your place,
which ultimately is why I love you so.

These three words I admit could never be wrong,
and could never leave one feeling confused;
because these words, honestly, come from my heart,
whilst emphasising I want you now.
My love controlled emotions do not seem smart,
when I speak of my heart writing for you a song
whose symphony needs to be sung to you somehow;
whilst hoping my love is not wrongfully accused.

My friends advise I shouldn’t even bother,
because you’re as perfect as you can be.
But when I see those tears you cry
and nobody knows quite what to do,
I myself feel like I could die
despite really having nothing to offer,
because I know in my heart my destiny
is to forever be with you.

There is a look inside your eyes
which says we’re no good at being on our own.
When you speak I hold onto every word you say,
for our souls are forever mated,
and your heart is always getting through.
We won’t give up on our love, for it never dies,
even though there is always something in the way,
which hurts us right down to the bone.
But our relationship will be never tainted,
cuz you are meant for me, like I am meant for you.

Realisation is part of the journey,
and I want you to know this too;
you are all I want and all I‘ll need,
wishing to spend the night together.
To be with you I would fight and bleed,
because you’re everything to me.
I swear I’ll feel this way forever
and I hope you can feel it too.

Could you please whisper in my ear,
the most beautiful young woman in this world,
and tell me what you want to experience,
because for you a torch I have always carried.
My desires for you remain in silence,
while expressing them remains my only fear,
one day I would love for us to get married;
so that forever you can be my girl.

There is a look inside your eyes,
which says we’re no good at being on our own.
When you speak I hold onto every word you say,
for our souls are forever mated,
and your heart is always getting through.
We won’t give up on our love, for it never dies,
even when there is something in the way.
Together we’ll never be alone,
and our relationship will be never tainted;
my one place in this world is being right next to you.

I’d take the stars out of the sky for you;
I would end the world if you told me to.
Although my love may break all the laws,
our souls shall be forever mated;
because I swear to be forever yours,
in a relationship that is never tainted.

I See You

SYNOPSIS: A piece dedicated towards a woman who will never properly see the man who loves her so, or even realise the feelings that he has bottled up inside for her.

I don’t know if you saw me,
but I know I saw you;
looking the way all lovers do
when they look into your eyes;
trapped – within a paradise.
I look upon your silky lips;
wishing to touch your finger tips,
and I imagine how it could,
be like for us to kiss;
such a moment I would
undoubtedly never miss.
Can’t believe I didn’t try
to stand by on your ground.
Now I’m left here to cry
cuz to you I’m lower down,
believing we were meant to be.

I see roses of red,
I see violets of blue,
you’re my girl
I desperately want you.
I see roses of red,
I see violets of blue,
I realise I’m in love
when I lay my eyes on you.

I don’t think you know me,
but I think I know you.
From the moment we met I knew
as the blue clouds turn to gray
and the days slowly slip away,
I surrender to your eyes;
my feelings I can’t disguise.
I hope this moment ain’t over
in this following minute,
I want to be your lover
and I truthfully admit it.
I will give you everything
to you that I own.
Except for my heart, I’ve nothing,
because of the seeds I have sown;
hoping you can one day love me.

I smell roses of red,
I smell violets of blue,
don’t know if you love me
but I know I love you.
I smell roses of red,
I smell violets of blue,
my heart brightened up
when I laid my eyes on you.

I don’t know if you noticed me
or if you ever will;
struck by your looks which could kill.
You’re the person I know
and I’m loving you so-
without you, I’m losing my mind.
It is you my heart has to find
to confess how I feel,
wishing to never be apart,
over an exquisite meal
where I open up my heart.
But you moved like a blur
and my opinion now stands,
because of the pain I incur,
never holding onto your hands
but mesmerised by your beauty.

I feel roses of red,
I feel violets of blue,
I wish I could go out
on a date with you.
I feel roses of red,
I feel violets of blue,
I’ve never been so happy
than when I’m looking upon you.

I don’t know if you need me,
but I know I need you ma’am;
looking back on the fool I am.
I can’t believe I’m not with you
when it’s your heart I am drawn to.
I constantly dream that I can-
eventually become your man.
To do this I’ll give up my heart
and I’ll give up my home,
not having you tears me apart
and leaves me alone.
For you are my ecstasy,
promising to give you pearls
because I want you to be
forever and always my girl;
if only you could see.

I see roses of red,
I see violets of blue,
you’re my girl
I burn for you.
I see roses of red,
I see violets of blue,
I realise I’m in love
when I see you.

I breathe in roses of red,
I breathe in violets of blue,
you’re my girl,
I’m hot for you.
I breathe in roses of red,
I breathe in violets of blue,
I realise I’m in love
whenever I see you.

Lion Heart

SYNOPSIS: A young man attempts to come to terms with the fact that the woman of his dreams is arranged to be married by her parents to another man.

Gregory Wiseman lay in a hospital bed in the recovery ward, his face covered in a multitude of scars and abrasions from intensive trauma. He had light brown coloured hair and dark brown eyes. His cheeks were normally a dull red in colour, but today were particularly bright from the abrasions he had received. Tubes ran out from his nose and an additional tube ran from his vein to a drip, his heart and pulse rate being lower than optimal as he slowly breathed in and out. His eyes were closed whilst in the unconscious state he was in, his body completely motionless as he lay with his head propped up against a pillow. How did he manage to get into such a critical state? The answer for this remained in his past…

Gregory had always had feelings for Lisa. To him she was both mentally and physically beautiful. She had dark, curly hair and big round eyes that were brown in colour. She had a radiant glow to her skin and her smile was to die for. Not only this, but she was incredibly intellectual in many different subjects.
So when he asked her if she wanted to begin seeing him socially it just seemed like the natural thing to do and when she agreed to have a relationship with him he was over joyed.
The reaction Augustus, Lisa’s father had however was quite the opposite. Augustus had jet black hair that was shoulder length in appearance, a few gray hairs beginning to appear. His eyes were a cold, black in colour and his nose was rather large upon his aging, yellow coloured face. His mouth was often open in a snarl and he spoke with a strong accent that made him often appear twice as angry.
‘How dare you go against your family like this!’ he roared when he managed to extract the news from his daughter. ‘Lisa, you are my only daughter and I love you, which is why I expect the best for you. Having a relationship with this Anglo is not the answer. That is why we orchestrated for you to be engaged to Mathieu. You do remember him don’t you? He is one of us, Lisa. That is how we preserve our culture, by marrying into families of our same heritage, not by desecrating our family name and completely and barbarically humiliating us by having a relationship with some ocker. Your mother and I did not immigrate to this country for you to marry some Australian prick. We came for the opportunities it would hold for you. Now you are better than this Anglo. Which is why in two weeks time you shall be united with Mathieu and the two of you can start your lives together.’
Lisa had tried to protest against this and had even attempted to get her mother, Maria’s help, but neither attempts to change her father’s mind succeeded. Her mother too felt it was the best thing Lisa could do, although she of course did not wish to anger her husband and take the side of the one person who could embarrass them by bringing home a person who was not of their culture.
Maria herself had jet black hair like her husband which was always tied back in a bun as to ensure it made its way straight down the very centre of her back. She had large, jet black eyes that seemed to not properly belong to the rest of her person, whilst great red lips were placed upon her face that too seemed to exceed the size that was meant for her.
When Lisa had to reluctantly renege on the date Gregory had offered her he was considerably shocked and badly hurt by this sudden change of heart. He attempted to ask her about this immediate change, but Lisa decided not to tell him the truth, believing he would not be able to properly understand nor comprehend.
Two weeks later, just like her father had promised, Mathieu arrived. He was a tall muscular man that seemed to have an interior train of thought, i.e. he only ever thought of himself. He had dark brown eyes and hair that was always drenched in bodily fluid and had a rather tanned body. He walked around wearing a muscle top and a rumor was that back home he walked around with a bare chest. He had large ears that did not properly seem to suit him, making him look as though he was about ready to take off and fly away at a moment’s notice. His stomach too seemed inappropriately large, making it seem as though he was the kind of man who really enjoyed his beer. There was also the rumor that he had been married several times before, the women who had managed to break the relationship off with him never supplying satisfactory reasons as to why they wanted to be rid of him. They just wanted the relationship to end. Although a man who had been divorced numerous times was seen as a disgraced individual, he was still worth marrying into.
When Lisa turned twenty two she thought she was old. Mathieu however was forty six, leaving Lisa feeling incredibly young by comparison. What put Lisa off most about the man she was expected to marry was not just his physical appearance nor his age, but the lack of English he knew. It was true that she was fluent in both her native tongue as well as in the English dialect, but her English skills far exceeded the knowledge she knew of her own native language.  She did of course bring up this dispute with her father who simply waved it away as he managed the wedding arrangements with Mathieu, who would become an Australian citizen immediately after the marriage had been initiated.
Mathieu himself felt offended at his future wife’s slanderous comments towards his ability to speak English, instantly saying in a heavy Greek accent ‘I can to speak your English! Sea shells sea shells by the sea shore! How much wood could a wood chopper chop if a wood chopper could chop wood?’ He seemed remarkably pleased with himself. Lisa however, was not.
Her opinions appeared however to be invalid though and from then on she was forced to escort her future husband around the environment to get him to know the region.
Gregory occasionally noticed them traversing the city and eventually decided to go to Lisa’s house to find out exactly what was going on. Upon knocking on the door she answered, seeming almost relieved to have a distraction from what was currently occurring in her life, her face having a distinct sadness to it.
‘It took me years to sum up the courage to express to you my feelings’ admitted Gregory, holding a bouquet of flowers out to her. ‘The least you can do is explain to me why you can’t be with me.’
‘I am sorry Gregory’ she said, ‘but I am currently with someone else.’
‘Really?’ he probed. ‘Perhaps you could have told me this before agreeing to go out with me.’
‘I wasn’t engaged then as I am now’ said Lisa, looking as though she didn’t wish to express her current marital status out loud.
‘You’re engaged?’ asked Gregory bewildered. ‘And here I was hoping I might still have a chance to spend the rest of my life with you.’
‘I’m sorry’ said Lisa sadly. ‘You’re really sweet, but I’m afraid we just can’t be together.’
With that, the door closed in Gregory’s face as he began to make his way back towards the side walk, before stopping suddenly and spinning around. ‘Lisa Tsarios!’ he cried at the top of his lungs. ‘I am in love with you and from now until the day I die I will continue to be! And before that moment does indeed transpire, I will marry you and cherish you forever!’
He made his way back whence he came after saying this, a plan already in motion inside his mind.
Whilst inside the house, it was not only Lisa who had heard what Gregory had cried.
‘Who was that idiot?’ spluttered Augustus angrily. ‘Doesn’t that Anglo prick have anyone else he could annoy at this time of day? Doesn’t he know we have a wedding to prepare?’
‘If he comes round here again I’ll kill him!’ cried Mathieu in a Neanderthal-like tone.
Lisa however didn’t hear any of this. She was far too busy being swept away by the comment that Gregory had just made to her whilst she lay in her bed, smiling at the idea of being married to him.
Over the next month Gregory began to show to Lisa exactly how he felt. On numerous mornings flowers were deposited at her door which her father chucked out post haste, the remnants of them often found in the trash receptacle. These she dusted off before applying them in a glass of water and suspending them in her room.
Love letters and romanticised poems were placed inside her mail box, both her father and Mathieu ripping these into smithereens. Mathieu often read them beforehand though, which simply made him even madder. On a couple of occasions however he quite liked the verses and read them to Lisa, attempting to pass them off as his own to make his future wife feel more comfortable with the idea of marrying him. However, she could always see through his lies, knowing full well who had written them, finding the prose to be quite beautiful.
One university morning a broadcast was made, specifying for those who had burnt the phrase ‘I love Lisa Tsarios’ into the front lawn to come forth, Lisa giggling upon hearing this announcement which no one ever admitted to.
During a class PowerPoint presentation which students found incredibly boring, Lisa suddenly became attracted to the fourteenth slide which the two students giving the presentation swore they had never inserted. The words on the slide specified ‘I love Lisa Tsarios 4 life’, the class finding this to be the most amusing part about the assignment. The students giving the presentation managed to obtain eighty five per cent of the expected mark for their project.
Later that same week, Lisa was making her way back to her car and discovered a note attached under one of the windscreen wipers which indicated for her to make her way to the park.
Upon arriving, Lisa found a picnic site had been erected, Gregory making his way out from behind her and presenting her with a bouquet of flowers which she took with a dazzling smile. Together they sat down to eat the food that Gregory had prepared, just as Mathieu happened to drive past. He had only recently begun to learn how to drive in Australia and often did so with a huge smile on his face, believing that such a talent was the most amazing thing he had ever accomplished. ‘You see, I am Australian enough already?’ he could be often heard saying as he drove past the houses in the neighborhood. 
On this one occasion however, no such words were to come from his lips. He instantly stopped the car and stormed over to Lisa, grabbing her by the wrist and dragging her away.
‘How dare you humiliate me like this!’ he roared, his English becoming only slightly better. ‘I see the only way to stop this absurd behaviour is to stop it at the source.’ With that, he proceeded to hit Gregory who fell flat to the ground, blood rolling down his face as Mathieu continued to brutalise him, smiling as he did so.
‘Stop!’ cried Lisa, throwing her hands up in the air. ‘Mathieu, I won’t marry you!’
At these words Mathieu stopped and stood to his feet, Gregory lying motionless on the ground beside him.
‘I love him more than I could ever love you!’ shouted Lisa, throwing the engagement ring she had been forced to wear over the past month directly at Mathieu who reluctantly left after kicking Gregory’s motionless body once more.
Lisa proceeded to call the ambulance service, riding in the emergency vehicle with Gregory as he was taken into the emergency ward to access the overall damage which had been done to his person.
Lisa waited outside to hear the news, her mother and father later arriving. ‘Mathieu was just arrested!’ exploded Augustus. ‘I think you had better explain yourself young lady!’ he cried, slapping his daughter across the face.
‘And so he should have been!’ retaliated Lisa. ‘He could have killed Gregory!’
‘Again with the bloody Anglo!’ growled Augustus. ‘Who cares about this damn Australian bastard! He deserved all that he received for meddling in our affairs. If he does die he will die a hero to the people of Greece, because from here on no Anglo will ever meddle in our affairs from fear of what will happen to them. Besides, Mathieu won’t be charged. He was released under the condition that he would never return to Australia. Do you know what you have done? You have ruined the chance you had with Mathieu. He would have been good for you, but no, you had to humiliate us!’
‘Gregory loves me!’ shouted Lisa. ‘I know you don’t want him to, but love has no cultural background like we do. It makes the decisions at its own volition. It has no laws; no boundaries. It does what it will and it has no adversary strong enough to bring it to its knees.’
‘Then love is a fool and deserves the same fate as that bastard in there!’ shouted Augustus, indicating at the emergency ward. ‘If you choose him over your own family do not expect to come back to us. From now on you are no longer our daughter and I am no longer your father.’ With that both of Lisa’s parents left as she stood in the empty corridor of the hospital.
Not long afterwards Gregory was released into the recovering ward, Lisa sitting by his side, waiting for him to awake, just as one of his fingers moved, his eyes beginning to open as he awoke to see Lisa’s smiling face.
‘What happened?’ he asked, a pained expression making its way across his features.
‘Rest now’ smiled Lisa, kissing his forehead before rubbing it with her gentle fingers. ‘We will talk again later.’

And so they did.