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Within Your Dazzling Eyes

I know you could never love me,
for you are but a dream.
You walk upon the gathering clouds,
but beneath the stars
you surely aren’t, for you are brighter
still, a mesmerizing spell
being cast with every breath
taken by your glowing energy.
Never are you beside me,
for even when you are,
your body, beauty and mind
are forever miles away,
and only I, an outlandish fool,
could have believed
for one pleasing second,
you could look upon my face
and see your future husband,
within those dazzling pearls
you call your eyes.

The Riddle of a Love Affair Unrequited

On the hour the passionate fires
of our relationship are destined
to be ignited, the bitter taste of
defeat is all that penetrates this
heart of mine and falls upon my

In my eyes you are an angel,
gliding upon a river of solitude
light, that illuminates the
passageway to a happiness,
whose pleasure does not relent
throughout the longevity of a
relationship, touched by the
hand of gorgeousness.

But it would seem I was mistaken
to think that such a romance was
ever a predestined fate of mine,
as my heart stands before the jury
in my mind, convicted of a sinful
atrocity that shall never be

I endured a life thus far, believing
your heart could rest with mine.
But what hubris did blind the
foolish oaf of a romantic within my
soul? I should have known that a
woman whose brilliance could only
ever be described as Godly would
not look upon the direction where
I do stand, and though your
ignoring me proves ever painful, it
is a fate I am truly deserving for
being blinded selfishly by the riddle
of unrequited love.

The Troglodyte of Unrequited Love

Darkness crawls in from the corners,
pulling the shades down over me
until I am drenched in the pitch of a
sadness that sees no end in sight. If
this is the punishment for falling in
love with an unattainable damsel,
then I happily relinquish my
feelings if it means I may be spared
such repercussions, even though I
realise an even darker doom awaits
me at the conclusion of this

Like all love that is unrequited, I
inevitably wanted more, and when
my feelings reached an intensity
from which an explosion of internal
madness was the only eventual end,
with much folly I announced to this
here universe how I loved thee with
all my heart and soul, to be recieved
only by a nothingness that blighted
me with an ocean of unrelenting

Much like the break-up I never did
see coming, I found myself
corrupted by a contagion of the
heart, where the only antidote was
what remained consistently
unavailable. Did I ask too much?
Should I have asked at all? I
wanted you to like my words, and
the man I have grown to become,
but never did such a feeling
consume you in its entirety, and
never will it do so.

I gain the most happiness I have
received in days however by
scraping a blade I hold so tentatively
across my skin, shedding my
exterior as red water weeps upon
the floor. I profusely pulverise my
external frame, obliterating that
which tethers my aching heart to
this ever hateful world, as my final
goodbye is written in the cadaver I
leave behind, which produces the
only ounce of happiness felt by all
who have had the displeasure of
knowing my foolhardy heart.

From the beginning, in my eyes you
were a gem that just appeared on
the horizon, illuminating the
portions of my charred existence
with an angelic light like none that
has ever shone before. This effigy
of gorgeousness may have become
corroded with the truthful touch
of barbaric honesty, but because I
am a hypocrite, I will happily
denounce my sadness in exchange
for a moment with your smile.