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This is a poem I wrote with Canadian poet Nelli Agbulos over the course of several Twitter posts. A reading of the poem can be found at the following link:

Striped socks my feet wish I was wearing – it’s cold.
Tight stretch jeans, blue in colour, match my frozen thighs;
how can it be winter in the summer?
Uncertain as always, weather is strange and I shiver as my jacket cuddles me.
His scarf (borrowed, not to be returned) tickles my chin and I cough. Throat hurts, and all I want is wonton soup.
A shiver travels along my spine. Not from the cold, but from his scent. Oh, how I remember thee on cold nights.
Lemon tea, temporarily, cures my discomfort. Wild waters before me swish and swoosh.
My head feels groggy and dizziness becomes me. I am tired and sleep beckons me to dream away my symptoms.

The moon is a lone pearl in the sky.
I wake. I sleep. I wake again. I count not sheep, but stars as they glitter in the skies outside my window.
Mama used to say, “The stars shine as a reminder from loved ones that they are with us,”
and father used to say “the stars are the eyes of God, who is everywhere at once and never will He abandon us.”
But what omnipresent being lets his children go to war with each other?
Ironically, the same all powerful being who allows us the opportunity to live life and love one another.
I wonder if the sky is His blanket,
the moon His pillow, and the sun His mattress.
More than a million night lights surround Him,
as they do you, me and everyone else. For we are His masterpiece, and this world is our majesty.

I miss my lemon tea, but then I realize the cup is empty.
I fill it up half way and contemplate how, like the cup, my life is never entirely fulfilled.
The parking light’s glow reflects the moon, and I think about heading home, my feet are cold.
But then I stop, and I think; your house isn’t too far from here – and I sure could use the company.
Hitch-hiking it is then, four miles onward.
The distance is much and the road is untraveled but I will be happy to cross it.
TONIGHT’S GOAL(S): Into your arms, scent-engulfed, and a night of sweet dreams. Cookies – a wonderful welcome!
(BTW Will only accept chocolate chip) But what of the sleeping arrangements? There’s only one bed & an aging sofa?
The floor shall be our humble abode – fort making and storytelling will keep us awake
for hours on end; this is what dreams are made of & once complete, we shall compete to see whose fort is stronger.
I’ll tempt you with smores then knock your fort over!
I play for keeps; I play to win and now I shall claim my prize!

The crumbs from our smores are edible fairy dust.
We devour them and lick our chops with dreams gliding idly through the air.
Candlelight’s soft glow creates shadows on the wall
and we watch as those shadows do battle to see who will command our attention, but they needn’t bother.
Tell me a bedtime story, please,
and so you do. Your words are so sweet and they glide me to sleep and I lay my head back in your arms.

Hope you enjoyed the read guys! On a side note, I am always happy to collaborate with other poets out there, so if you’re interested, give me a shout in the comments section. Wishing you a great day!