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To the most beautiful girl in all the world – I’ve caught the Love Bug

SYNOPSIS: A love poem with irregular stanzas, verses and rhymes. I can promise you two things; one, it will not always make sense, and two, this poem will tell the story of a love that could echo on throughout the ages.

We met in the corner
of my sheering heart.
You looked at me
with big brown eyes,
making Heaven seem even closer.
I could never be apart;
we’re meant to be,
and that’s not a lie.

I was only seventeen
when I stepped into that town.
People didn’t spare a chance
for someone they’d never seen.
You however felt around
and sparked an age old romance.

All I want is you,
that’s my life’s ambition,
to attract your attention
each and every day.
When all this is done
I’ll be your number one
where all this is true
in your so perfect way;

I could be passionate;
I could be sensitive;
I could be what you’re looking for,
and soon hope I will be.
I could keep your secrets,
I could give you reason to live
and give you much, much more,
as long as you love me.

You saw the man I was,
the man that was true.
You then bent down low
and whispered in my ear,
‘even when I’m feeling low
all I want is you.’

You lay on top of me
a ray of light and beauty
who made me feel so right.
Giving you a kiss
and fulfilling your undying wish,
I slept with a Goddess last night.

When I look into your eyes
I can’t seem to recognise
the beauty that’s leading me to you.
I can’t seem to understand
when I hold onto your hand
that you’re the one I would choose
to live and breathe with forever,
which is why we must be together.

I love you every year,
speaking words you long to hear.
I love you every hour,
this is my eternal power.
I love you every minute,
and I can’t deny it.
I love you every second,
this I can’t pretend.

I’d paint the sky with you,
I’d end the world
if you told me to;
I hope this is only beginning,
you’re my reason for living;
the most beautiful girl in all the world.

If I asked you to kiss,
if I asked you to hug,
I’m sure it won’t be dangerous,
in this moment been lovingly snug,
feeling all your love and bliss.
I’m afraid though, this is contagious,
for I’ve caught the love bug.

Before long you flew away,
leaving me quite alone.
When you’re home sick
will you remember me
on those colder days?
I know you’re gone,
that’s the saddest trick
I will ever see.

When without you I can’t breathe,
when near you I can’t believe,
I love you just so much.
This is truly not a crush,
you just take my breath away.
To me that’s a sensation
that happens every single day,
been my one inspiration.

Some things in this world are beautiful,
some things in this world are spectacular.
But when it comes to you,
there’s no such description
to describe such a perfect being.
To me you’re more than incredible,
you are more than spectacular
and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do,
fulfilling my urges by holding my fascination
while your love remains to be seen.

When I look into your eyes
I can’t seem to sympathise
with the one’s I have left behind.
Since the first time that we met
you have made me forget,
unable to remove you from my mind.
If this is how it is to continue,
I can’t wait for the next adventure.

Metropolis Me

SYNOPSIS: About the rekindling of a friendship that incorporated romanticised feelings after so many years of being apart, and the wish that this friendship could grow into something much more powerful and everlasting. The man in the story is broken to some extent, and whether this be physical or emotional is up to reader discretion.

You were born in north east Victoria, raised in Sydenham;
fell in love at age fourteen to a young man from north Melbourne.
Four years later that dream was over, he didn’t give love a second chance
and then you went to college where you studied gymnastics, drama and dance.
It was in that same year the both of us happened to meet so suddenly,
you were the smart attractive student, whilst the opposite was played by me.
When we met, the two of us were complete and utter strangers,
but inside my heart I felt such extraordinary changes.

When we first met and I told you my feelings, I could have instead not said a word,
but my heart, it said to me ‘I will not allow these strong feelings to go unheard.
I would spend my life forever in your arms if given the choice,
moreover, I would do almost anything just to hear your voice.
One hundred is the number of days since last I laid eyes on your pretty face,
one million is the number of times I’ve thought of you since we met in that place.
I have thoughts of you, constantly, running throughout my mind,
true love together, in the future, we could one day find.

However, such written words, without action, are almost meaningless,
without the actual emotion they could never truly impress.
That is why I ask if we could meet up tomorrow yet again
and rekindle that age old flame, whilst making jokes with an old friend.
I may seem incredibly young, but I am not emotionally weak,
all of these thoughts and feelings I have buried inside me, I wish to speak;
and so instead they are typed up, in a badly written love poem,
it’s described this way for I’ve never written one with heart, soul and solemn.

Inevitably, only a stubborn fool could believe in love;
a fool I must be for falling for an angel from up above.
Intense, powerful and passionate emotions could easily begin
the moment I touch, taste and smell your divine and lusciously silky skin.
Immediately after this occurrence we could make true love for the first time,
an occurrence that for me, would be forever unto eternity; sublime.
Nothing could be better as I dance inside you; within your secret garden,
with its hydrated rainforest canopy and continuous seduction.

If you chose to live by my side I’d never need to have happiness or wealth,
yet another of the many things I wanted to accomplish for myself.
There have been so many things I’ve wanted to do which have been barred from my life;
I wanted to settle down, make a child; a daughter and have you as my wife.
Instead, I believe I can say without a flickering shadow of a doubt,
that you will never know how I feel for you until this life of mine runs out.
I wish when they spoke about ‘forever’ they’d be talking about us; me and you,
there is nothing else in this world I would ever dream of committing myself to.

When I look into the mirror, a broken man is all I ever see,
I wish you could bear witness to the romantic places inside of me.
I doubt you’ve ever seen my face for it’s hidden behind a mask of emotions,
if you don’t want to see me again just tell me and I’ll obey your instructions.
I’ll admit, I don’t want to remove from my heart someone who has left such a mark,
for when we first met you came to me like the brightest light in the gathering dark.
In truth I want to provide to you all the love in my heart and soul,
I believe I’m to be the man whose destiny is to make you whole.

Without you I am lost within the boundaries of the twilight zone,
I am exactly like that old dog who has lost his favorite bone.
All of the things that we have done we can always undo,
however, the one thing I would never replace – is you.
I am yet to realise if it’s you or my mind that I am losing,
if I don’t have you in my life it will be my heart that I’m abusing.
Inevitably I should use my heart before it is ground up into dust,
before I die I hope to give it to you; the only woman whom I lust.

All I have to give to you are these three words every day and night;
if only such words could constantly fill you with ravishing delight.
I do not have a million dollars, nor do I have handsome looks,
I could never provide to you the fairytale inside children’s books;
I do not have a luxurious car, nor do I have an amazing career;
could you ever sleep beside and love such a person? I don’t think you could I fear.
If you were to suddenly turn away and leave I would be forced to ask you ‘why?
Have I not tried to give you everything?’ I would ask, as I began to cry.

I wish you could stay with me tonight to watch this life of mine unfold
and experience together the greatest love story never told.
However, we are constantly separated by forests, rivers and seas,
I cannot wait for you to one day return back home once more and marry me.
I dream of such an occurrence transpiring almost every single day;
I wish love could quit wearing a disguise and instead transform into a foray.
So please, tie your long hair back, put your perfume on and make your face look just so pretty
and then meet me, your man always and forever, in your local suburban city.