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Vancouver Sunrise

This here poem shall echo on throughout the course of time
until words are no longer words and they no longer rhyme.
This here poem shall echo on through the ages,
across words, lines, stanzas, paragraphs and pages.
This here poem is more romantic than previous love stories
and shall stretch across several lands, worlds, countries and territories.
This here poem is not about a conclusion, but a beginning
of a romance that is in itself entirely never ending.

Who would have thunk that I would one day be driving through the streets of Canada,
when five months prior I was in my bed, sleeping soundly in Australia.
Who would believe I would be driving down a Canadian highway
with the cold as my companion under the light of a brand new day
as my vehicle flies by an endless ocean of trees on either side,
which is the start of great forestry where many breeds of animals hide.
Behind me in my rear view mirror I see the incredible Vancouver sunrise
whilst ahead of me across the border is where the American continent lies
and just as I reach the border I realise I need to quickly turn around;
the Canadian border just saved my life for true love I have already found.
I put my foot to the pedal and hurry back the way I came
and under my breath I frequently repeat my young lover’s name
whilst the golden sun glows across my skin and the cold wind caresses me too
and as soon as I reach her door I will announce ‘Alexia, I love you.’

Five months prior, the last thought that could ever come to mind was the thought of travelling
across the vast oceans of this world to experience a cool Vancouver morning.
Allow this writer to paint a picture of how this came to be
and perhaps after reading several stanzas you will agree
that this is a luscious love poem unlike any other that has come before
and the feelings generated are all passion without a single flaw.

It’s 4a.m. Wednesday morning, I wake all alone.
Why did I wake you might ask; there’s someone on the phone.
Alexia’s calling from a payphone in the middle-class district of Coal Harbour
and in the background I can hear the shriek of the wind and the cry of the cold weather.
‘Just last night I was staring passionately at your picture on the bedroom wall,
it seems, almost like destiny that the next morning you suddenly choose to call.’
Her mobile is dead and she has lost some of her luggage
but her strength hasn’t waned and she still has her courage,
other than that, she is totally unaffected and completely fine,
before beginning to articulate why she happens to be on the line.
Initially I thought that maybe she wished to redefine our relationship,
after all, truth of the matter was, I had always wanted more than a friendship.
Additionally, I wonder if she is calling to talk about a future,
where, instead of being a loyal friend of mine she is my infatuated lover
and I am also hers; a wish I’d always wanted as my own,
but seldom had these lustrous dreams I have ever truly grown.
Instead, you want to sell me a trip to Canada, to experience what life’s like there
and I ecstatically reply ‘Alexia, I will gladly go with you anywhere.’

You could sell me almost anything; all I dream of is your hand.
To the man in the desert, you could sell more irritating sand,
to the captain of the sinking ship in the Pacific you could see more sea,
but all I want, in all the world, is for you to sell your loving heart to me.
For you are the Alexia of life and you are the unwilling owner of this man’s heart
and as I quickly pack my gear, I do so not only because I cannot stand being apart
but because I wish to reveal to you a truth you have not yet found;
a truth that has always existed, one that has always been around
and the truth is, I’m the man of your dreams masquerading as your closest friend,
however, I am afraid this man can no longer adequately pretend.
I must tear down the great walls of this façade and reveal to you the way I feel
and all I can ever do is hope that the love I dream you have for me is real,
for I am obliged to show you the strong emotions inside my heart and soul
because without you, my dear, I am nothing more than a fraction of a whole.
Upon reuniting in Canada, I will happily kiss you where you stand
and perhaps, if I be lucky, everything will turn out the way I always planned.

When I eventually did arrive in this alien country Alexia did not hesitate
and together we quickly began our adventurous travels, but first, we had to masticate
for our hunger was fast becoming so intense it was unbelievably sublime
and if we wanted to go on a journey or two we needed to be in our prime.
I remember travelling to Prince Edward Island and dining in Charlottetown
and at the Saint John Farmer’s Market in Fredericton we greatly weighed ourselves down
with an unimaginable wealth of food and other necessities
for when we would being travelling across the many territories.
We had a stopover in Toronto and stayed the night at the Hotel Alexandra,
before continuing onwards the next day to explore other portions of Canada.
We traversed through the amazing Miles Canyon in the area known as Whitehorse
and under the bright moonlight we dined upon a deliciously homemade main course,
before travelling to view a festival in Edmonton and the gorgeous Lake Louise in Alberta
and later taking the Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay Ferry to admire the many castles in Victoria.
In Halifax I learnt that the local old town clock had been keeping time since 1803
and I wondered to myself, ‘would it take as long for Alexia to ever notice me?’

As the few months quickly drift by, my romantic goals remain incomplete
and my heart becomes overburdened with the intense feeling of defeat.
I never believed Alexia had the ability to read my mind,
however, I felt that the truth of it all she would inevitably find
at her own volition. I have been sending more signals than a satellite
and I cannot fathom why she has not seen what I am now choosing to write.
I have been in love with her since the very moment I heard her voice
and I have become a slave to love, I was never granted a choice.
But a man can only accept loss so many times before he officially gives in
and I for one cannot take anymore pain for I have already been long sufferin’
the incredible emotions that run rampant throughout my head
and I guess I am going to leave with a broken heart instead,
for although I came to this great country with the one intention of acquiring Alexia,
it seems unfortunate that I will be leaving in much the same way that I arrived in Canada.
The highway I drive across is nearly vacant as I hurry by in my vehicle,
my palpitating heart distraught that I am still yet to claim my one forbidden angel.
Behind me in my rear view mirror I see the incredible Vancouver sunrise
whilst ahead of me across the border is where the American continent lies
and just as I reach the border I realise I need to quickly turn around;
the Canadian border just saved my life for true love I have already found.
I put my foot to the pedal and hurry back the way I came
and under my breath I frequently repeat my young lover’s name
whilst the golden sun glows across my skin and the cold wind caresses me too
and as soon as I reach her door I will announce ‘Alexia, I love you.’


I was on the city bound train, not a few days ago,
when I saw a young woman who captivated me so.
She was skinny like a well trained athlete, with the smile of a spectacular queen,
and her purple top and black track pants made my thoughts for her consistently unclean.
Her track pants had the unlikely habit of frequently falling down below her waist,
and I am certain that everyone can imagine what exotic delights I faced
upon the city train. I will say this though; every part of her I pleasurably saw
left me with the insatiably incurable urge to bear witness to so much more.
Perhaps I should have said something? Do people think so? Perhaps I should have spared her dignity?
But why I ask? All women are beautiful, and should embrace their undeniable beauty.
Moreover, if this young woman had but a flaw or two, such certainly did not happen to catch my eye,
but that does not necessarily mean that others saw what I did, or if they noticed something that I
failed to see, like for instance the many scars that ran across the right side of her face,
the origin of such scar tissue being something that not a soul could ever retrace.
Perhaps she was born with them; perhaps there was once a fire; perhaps she one day required surgery;
but either way it don’t matter, for this young lady shall indefinitely remain beautiful to me.

Where Thy Wilhelmina; Without Love

SYNOPSIS: I have sometimes pondered what it would be like to have a relationship with a young woman who was Goth. This piece creates a hypothetical scenario of what it could be like to some degree.
This piece contains sexual references.

I wake up one morning and stare out the window as it fills up with mist,
looking back at the bed where you lie; you are impossible to resist.
The face of the clock staring back at me reports it is 8:10
as I stand here in my bedroom wishing it was last night again.
I must have hit that ‘snooze’ button what feels like a couple hundred thousand times
to look upon your beauty a little longer which is totally sublime.
I stare at your voluptuous figure and your amazing breasts,
last night was the greatest moment in all my life, who could have guessed?
At this point in time the sun begins to intricately shine
and I remember the day I became yours and you became mine.

I remember the first day we met; June 2009, in the second week,
originally when I laid eyes on you I found it difficult to speak.
In all truthful honesty, on that fated day in which we first met,
was an occurrence that I could never times infinity forget.
Surprisingly enough it was a sunny day, like today, in Melbourne Victoria,
as I began to speak to the single most beautiful woman in all Australia.
You wore a jet black outfit with tattoos across your body and incredible red hair,
all the feelings I had bottled up inside my soul for you I suddenly wished to share.
I confessed to you my feelings, as I marveled at your nose ring and stared into your turquoise eyes,
as I was suddenly and without remorse captured by an incredibly ravishing surprise.

I could not believe that someone with such unfathomable beauty could have feelings for me.
But, as it surprisingly turned out, you said I was like your personal stash of ecstasy.
You then introduced yourself and said your named was ‘Wilhelmina’,
before stating that you wished to travel to California.
You asked if I wished to accompany you around the world on a trip
and I said ‘I’d do anything if it meant I could taste your luscious lips.
In all the countries of the world you are the only woman I’d ever want to chase;
perhaps you could later pursue me too if you ever get tired of the human race.

Inevitably, the question remains; ‘should I come with you or not?
Such a question is irrelevant though for you are all I have got.

So, there I was travelling to America with the woman I cannot live without,
for that is ultimately what the story of this poem is entirely about.
When we stepped off that plane, such was a moment I would always remember,
for the temperature was extremely warm in the month of mid September.
We travelled in a terrific limousine to the local hotel of given choice,
listening all the while to every word you said as you spoke in that luscious voice.
Upon arrival at our destination, we hurried up to our room and marveled at the view.
It is in my belief however that Los Angeles could never be more beautiful than you.
You said the city was so ‘amazing’, but I just hope you realise,
you will always be and continue to grow more beautiful in my eyes.

I hope for my sake, in this city, you do not ever disappear,
for such is unfathomably the only thing that I truly fear.
To continuously have you in my life there is nothing that I wouldn’t do,
so please, whether you are in a hotel or a bar, save me a seat next to you.
Suddenly, this guy then comes up to us and asks ‘do you want a smoke?
So there we are, the both of us, drinking alcohol and doing coke.
You may have been a young woman, but you certainly were no child,
who could have known in secret you were so incredibly wild.
The people living amongst us believed our behaviour to be so dirty,
but I can assure them all we’ll still be acting this way when we are thirty.

We eventually made our way back that night to the hotel room,
playfully pretending to be this great city’s new wife and groom.
I gently and with ease spun you around and massaged your fabulous breasts;
in comparison to all the world’s chocolate you always taste the best.
I silently whispered into your ear ‘I want to love you forever
and you replied ‘I like the way that sounds; I’ve heard that before however.
You said ‘I brought you along cuz I like you and yet I’m still unsure how you feel for me,
I only hope you soon realise wild girl; I do not ever want to let you go free.
For if the rest of the world is the darkness, then you most definitely are the light
and I said without a stutter nor a flinch ‘shit, I’ll be anything you want tonight.

In truth, I have this incredibly dangerous time bomb ticking away inside my heart;
I fear if I do not unleash what’s locked up inside it is going to tear me apart.
For I love your body, from your head to your feet, from your breasts to your knees,
I want you right now in this life of mine and to have you I beg and plead.
Please Wilhelmina’ I ask desperately, ‘may you please make love to me now,
I do not know how to accomplish this, but I need to be with you somehow.

You begin to slowly remove from your person your clothes; revealing beneath your fabulous body.
From your breasts to your vagina, you are physically representative of the perfect melody.
Your fabulously naked figure is more beautiful than love itself,
an unfathomable beauty more powerful than all of this world’s wealth.

Tonight, alone in this room, it is only you and me naughty girl;
who is the single most sexiest woman in this entire world.
My lady of the night, tonight you are to be mine, just as I am faithfully yours,
I want to make wild, passionate love to you against all of these walls, windows and floors.
To have you more than once tonight I will need to be courageous;
for me, making love to you is incredibly advantageous.
As I dine upon your body I come to the conclusion that I find nothing more delicious,
than your ample and silky breasts, your moist and succulent vagina and your sweet, wet clitoris.
In all the world however there is one thing that I cannot fathom;
that being the intensity of this extraordinary orgasm.

There is nothing more beautiful to me than you as you lie naked in my bed;
I lie atop of you, caressing your nipples and slowly giving you a head.
The opposite of what I feel would be to find this relationship is ending,
the love I constantly supply to you I am most certainly not pretending.
I am glad however that this nightmare has never come to pass Wilhelmina
and before long the both of us found ourselves in the comfort of Australia.
Over the years that I have known you, there is one thing that I have come to learn;
as long as I continue to feel true love for you I will forever burn;
and in all of the known galaxies and the many stars above
there is not a single good thing in this universe; without love.