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Never be Apart

SYNOPSIS: A piece that revolves around dreaming about the hope that the one you love will be with you soon.

For years I have visualised
the one thing that I need,
I know if I picture it
one day it will come true.
I have kept it mesmerised
where it grows deep within me.
Deep inside me there is a pit
and it can only be filled by you.

I have kept myself alive
for all these many years
for the one single purpose
to one day hold onto you.
My love is like a hive
and it floods with my tears,
and they come with a chorus
that only sings for you.

I dreamt I died last night
and I fell into your heart.
Again I died by your love,
and it felt just so beautiful;
you shone out like a light
that drew me into your heart.
I have never felt such wonderful, glorious love,
and when I awoke, I felt so incredible.

And I oh so swear,
when the hail came down,
when it came and touched the ground
it looked just like snow falling around.
I’m sure I saw you standing there
with a pink flower in your hair
and with a hand clasped over your heart
you said that we would never be apart.