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Head, Heart, Hope

I embarrassed and humiliated
a young woman today by
having published words that ought
never to have been written
months ago, regardless of
their accuracy or notions
of romantic endearment.
My infatuation is only ever
capable of deceiving my
inner self and distracting
the young lady they are
written for with ridiculous
delusions of grand emotion,
that are unable to be
orchestrated by these hands
of mine, no matter how
furiously I hope or pray.

I try so often to think with
the head rather than the
heart, for logic is unavailable
in the depths of decisions
that throb within my beating
chest. The passionate throes
that drift on an ocean rich
with unconditional desire
do not ever present my
future self with potential aid.
But I cannot dare let my
head take full control, for then
I would be a man fueled
by nothing more than zealous
intellect, for it is the heart
that love struck fools such as
I, spend their eternities hoping with.

Hope sustains the future, and the
longevity of love, but can it
truly ever sustain that which
was never there at all? A
feeling, like that which compels
me forward towards my
wishful journey’s end is not
anything that ought to be relied
upon to conclude happily. It
will instead tear me asunder
when the realisation that I am
living under the assumption of
ideas that cannot be promulgated
hits me with all of its tyrannical
force. I cannot dispute that love
is real, but it is just as terribly
painful unto myself to behold.

Unlike Alice

I am not known for being quite garrulous, nor am I known for being shy,
for my soul is a puzzle that fits comfortably inside of I.
Is there a question you want to ask me? Is there an answer to a question you want to know?
I’ve many a question for you my dear, and without further ado I shall ask away. So,
I ask thee; is there an honourable reason; is there a specific plan in place
by God, or someone else, as to why I find myself looking at your beautiful face?
Destiny is underwhelming and overrated and fate never once comes true,
at least that is what I thought once upon a time, until the day I first found you.
I can’t acknowledge the moment, but I remember you were beautiful, for you have remained the same;
you have the beauty of a princess, and like all the angels in Heaven, you have an amazing name.
I constantly think about the day we met with an endless sense of wonder,
and when I do so the Heavens open up in a breath of heavy thunder,
lightning and rain, then the gorgeous sun comes out, bigger than ever before, and dries it all
away. Afterwards, the ground violently shakes, and without warning I begin to fall
through the cracks, and as I go falling towards the world below, I look to where I came from above,
and as sudden as I fell, I am saved – for I’m in the embrace of my one and only true love.

To my Daffodil

SYNOPSIS: About leaving the one you love, only to always find your way back into her arms.

I ain’t no dramatist and I ain’t no liar;
I ain’t no interloper, ain’t no pariah,
but I have these negative emotions running throughout my head
and I do not wish to burden you with such pain so I instead
turn around and leave. One mile out, my car, it breaks down,
and I’m suddenly stranded just outside my hometown,
beginning to question why I had contemplated leaving
when all along you were and still are my reason for breathing
every day my delectable daffodil.
I know I still love you and I always will,
just as the sun will always rise at dawn; just as the sky will remain blue,
just as I will not want to ever stop falling madly in love with you,
for every single day I learn something new; every day I learn something totally different
and I have discovered that beyond anything else in this world you are incredibly brilliant.
So, I take this as a sign to make my way back to hold you again in my arms,
for our fate is intertwined; it’s written in the Heavens, it’s written in my palms,
and as I swim in your eyes whilst drinking your kiss and running my hand through your hair,
I’ll know more than anything that never have I felt better than with you right there.