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This is a poem I wrote with Canadian poet Nelli Agbulos over the course of several Twitter posts. A reading of the poem can be found at the following link:

Striped socks my feet wish I was wearing – it’s cold.
Tight stretch jeans, blue in colour, match my frozen thighs;
how can it be winter in the summer?
Uncertain as always, weather is strange and I shiver as my jacket cuddles me.
His scarf (borrowed, not to be returned) tickles my chin and I cough. Throat hurts, and all I want is wonton soup.
A shiver travels along my spine. Not from the cold, but from his scent. Oh, how I remember thee on cold nights.
Lemon tea, temporarily, cures my discomfort. Wild waters before me swish and swoosh.
My head feels groggy and dizziness becomes me. I am tired and sleep beckons me to dream away my symptoms.

The moon is a lone pearl in the sky.
I wake. I sleep. I wake again. I count not sheep, but stars as they glitter in the skies outside my window.
Mama used to say, “The stars shine as a reminder from loved ones that they are with us,”
and father used to say “the stars are the eyes of God, who is everywhere at once and never will He abandon us.”
But what omnipresent being lets his children go to war with each other?
Ironically, the same all powerful being who allows us the opportunity to live life and love one another.
I wonder if the sky is His blanket,
the moon His pillow, and the sun His mattress.
More than a million night lights surround Him,
as they do you, me and everyone else. For we are His masterpiece, and this world is our majesty.

I miss my lemon tea, but then I realize the cup is empty.
I fill it up half way and contemplate how, like the cup, my life is never entirely fulfilled.
The parking light’s glow reflects the moon, and I think about heading home, my feet are cold.
But then I stop, and I think; your house isn’t too far from here – and I sure could use the company.
Hitch-hiking it is then, four miles onward.
The distance is much and the road is untraveled but I will be happy to cross it.
TONIGHT’S GOAL(S): Into your arms, scent-engulfed, and a night of sweet dreams. Cookies – a wonderful welcome!
(BTW Will only accept chocolate chip) But what of the sleeping arrangements? There’s only one bed & an aging sofa?
The floor shall be our humble abode – fort making and storytelling will keep us awake
for hours on end; this is what dreams are made of & once complete, we shall compete to see whose fort is stronger.
I’ll tempt you with smores then knock your fort over!
I play for keeps; I play to win and now I shall claim my prize!

The crumbs from our smores are edible fairy dust.
We devour them and lick our chops with dreams gliding idly through the air.
Candlelight’s soft glow creates shadows on the wall
and we watch as those shadows do battle to see who will command our attention, but they needn’t bother.
Tell me a bedtime story, please,
and so you do. Your words are so sweet and they glide me to sleep and I lay my head back in your arms.

Hope you enjoyed the read guys! On a side note, I am always happy to collaborate with other poets out there, so if you’re interested, give me a shout in the comments section. Wishing you a great day!

Shared Connection

A video of the below poem can be found here:

Can you become attracted to someone
you do not know? Someone you have never met,
however, have had conversation with,
absent of personal contact? Sentences
upon the screen make up a connection
as disembodied words inhabit an internet
page; images of this unknown stranger
flourish upon the exterior, the combined
essence sweeping you into a fantasy
determined to drag you under the tide
of infatuation. A feeling wisps within
the veins of your chest, your heart a flutter
of chemical reactions towards the smarts;
the attractive qualities of this gorgeous
quantity, the story told becoming
similar to a classic penned across the stars.
Skies are filled with the ideas brought upon
the pebbles of your beach, the words inscribed
on the inner side confessing all that you wish
to know about this pleasurable
display of human affection, the sweet taste
of future prospects dribbling down
your chin. The melancholic feelings
which once resided beneath the bones
of your chest disappear, like butterflies,
departing from the wound within
your beating muscle, now sheered
shut by the new prosperity found
across the fiber-optic cables of connectivity.
But how to address this uncontrollable
urge, insatiable and unnerving, dictating
the directionality of your heart?
How is it revealed to the person
you are crushing on, that regardless
of the oceans which separate one landmass
from the other, you are mesmerized
completely by the ravishing features
of intellectual poignancy and physical
embodiment, to the point that the urge
can be controlled no more? What if this other
person, who may well be the second half
of your heart, feels little more
than nothingness in comparison
to your foolhardy love? Who should make
first contact and brave the chance
of being shamefully shot down, and who
should simply shrink into foreign shadows,
and lose the chance to feel the touch of their
hands on skin, once a billion miles away,
but now happily atop of them?

A Better Place to Live

‘Home is where the heart is’; this sentence is one many a man has theorised.
But what happens if the home is responsible for the heart been terrorised?
Imagine a young woman driving through the suburbs one night, seven months pregnant;
looking so peaceful, happy and prestigious, so unbelievably elegant.
She has no idea in a few seconds, she will experience terrible pain,
after which, there is nobody out there who will ever see her alive again,
for there are a few young boys who have been happily throwing back the beers;
but they are ignorant, wild and free, and they are living their younger years,
so it’s alright in Australia if you’re twenty one and drunk, twenty four/seven,
because it doesn’t matter if you kill one man or thousands – you’re still bound for Heaven.
There are no repercussions for ‘accidents’ in this country; no punishment for the crime,
instead, the five boys jump onto the internet and state how they can’t wait for the next time.

Never before had the boys felt so alive until the day they officially went homicidal,
after their car reached such impossible speeds and ploughed into the side of the young mother’s vehicle.
Online, their following grows incredibly larger, they now have two hundred thousand plus or more,
and all of their followers laugh when the boys announce ‘we’re glad we killed that slut, and her unborn whore.’
Later in court, the boys pretend to be truly remorseful, and claim to be sorry for what they have done;
in return, they receive a suspended sentence, and won’t have to serve a night in prison, that’s right, not one.
However, when told their licences will be suspended, they immediately lose their charm,
and publically explode and rant about how the legal system has caused them unjustly harm.
Their lawyers rush the boys out from the court as fast as possible, and explain how they have been set free,
and even though they aren’t allowed to drive, the hearts of judges cannot grieve over what they do not see.
Where is the justice? What happened to the system? Knife, car, it doesn’t matter – they are both potential murder weapons,
and if there’s no justice for the loss of two innocents, what hope is there for victims of burglary, rape or arson?

Today, five murderers were set free, but tomorrow they will be doing what they do best;
assaulting innocent victims, and ripping the hearts out from the victims family’s chests.
Tomorrow they will beat up a family at the local train station; the next, they will gang rape a young mother,
and they’ll get away with it too, because in Australia, being drunk is as good an excuse as any other.
Of course, the tabloids will cover it up, as will law enforcement and the government,
because that’s what politicians do; plot and scheme under the privilege of parliament.
How can your family be safe in their own home, when those assigned to protect you are just as guilty as any malicious murderer?
How can you protect yourself, when every second person has a knife, every third person a pistol and every fourth a grenade launcher?
Politicians say there are no racists in Australia; it’s a country of multiculturalism, unless of course your skin isn’t white,
in which case you will be racially attacked, slanderously assaulted and physically injured for the rest of your life every day and night.
Politicians say there is no violence in Australia, except for in those seven states,
because everywhere you look there is prejudice, there is anguish, there’s sexism and there is hate.

Politicians say Australia is the land of opportunity for those wishing to start a profession,
of course, none of this bureaucratic bullshit applies if a woman is the one applying for the position.
Politicians say the Australian crime statistics are a blatant over-exaggeration,
and there is nothing to fear on those dark city streets; except for the thousands of violent civilians,
and all the whilst as this antagonistic misogyny, violence and racism takes place,
the politicians of Australia do absolutely nothing, except attempt to save face.
Perhaps if those five boys had gone to prison, crime would have dropped by a fraction of a per cent,
and maybe the future of Australia would not be quite as bleak or dark as our present,
for those five drunk friends are not the only criminals who have escaped going to prison,
and so instead of doing time, they have the chance to kill another innocent person,
because they didn’t just kill two people that fateful evening, they also robbed another of their life;
that night they murdered a father’s beautiful unborn daughter, and a husband’s closest friend and darling wife.

A Versatile Blogger? Me? Really? Apparently so…

Hello everyone! This is not the usual time that I upload posts, but I was just nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award!

My nominator… Nelli…whose blog can be found here;

If you are not following this young lady, I indeed recommend you do so.

Thank you Nelli!

As I am sure you have realised, I am not good with links, so I’m just gonna place all the sites across this page. Unfortunately it would seem that I am not as computer literate as I would like to think I am…

Now, after receiving this award I am supposed to say seven things about myself…and I am to nominate fifteen other bloggers that I really appreciate. So, without further ado, the seven things about me;

1: I state in my ‘about’ section that I go by a pseudonym. The name I go by is ‘Derek Childs’, however my real name is ‘Nicholas’, and you are not getting my last name I am afraid!

2: My favourite music includes pop, rock and country, and I am especially fond of the eighties. My favourite bands/performers (in no particular order) include;
-Backstreet Boys
-Bon Jovi
-Bruce Springsteen
-Garth Brooks
-John Kougar Mellencamp
-Joshua Kadison
-Katy Perry
-Michael Jackson
-Mr. Mister
-Rick Springfield
-Richard Marx
-Simple Plan
-Taylor Swift
and a few others that I may regret not putting up on this list later.

3: I’m in my final year of my undergraduate university course, and would like to next year continue to study and do a post graduate course (majoring in professional writing), acquire my Masters, and then hopefully a Doctorate.

4: I don’t have an all time favourite film. But here are forty three that I really enjoy. Again, I will probably regret not mentioning a couple, and I hope I survive the reprisal from some of the ones that I do mention:
-A Walk to Remember
-An Unfinished Life
-Big Fish
-Big Trouble in Little China
-Boogey Man 1-3
-City of Industry
-Con Air
-Die Hard 1-4
-Event Horizon
-Fast and the Furious franchise
-First Blood Part II
-Final Fantasy : the Spirits Within
-Hellraiser 1-8
-High School Musical (I know, I know!)
-House on Haunted Hill
-John Carter
-Love Actually
-Love Happens
-Mercenary for Justice
-Pulp Fiction
-Rush Hour 1 and 2
-Shakespeare in Love
-She’s all that
-Star Wars, all six amazing episodes
-the Chronicles of Riddick
-the Craft
-the Crow (the original with Brandon Lee)
-the Crow: Wicked Prayer (the fourth instalment)
-the Matrix 1-3
-the Mothman Prophecies
-the Rocky Horror Picture Show
-the Thing
-Today you Die
-True Romance
-Tron Legacy

5: I don’t know if I ever mentioned this, but I am a huge video gamer. At my place I have this theatre-like system, where my computer, PS3 and XBOX 360 are all hooked up to an attractive HD 3D TV, and due to this, I on occasion throw LAN parties at my house where friends of mine come over and we kill each other in multiplayer matches. I will not begin to mention all of the titles that I enjoy. Suffice to say that the Doom franchise, the F.E.A.R franchise, the Halo franchise and the Mass Effect franchise all make the final cut.

6: I like cooking. I have never believed that it should be the job of the woman to do all the cooking like a few of the blokes I have known in my life have often insinuated. In fact, when I was younger I used to try and throw my mother out of the kitchen and do the cooking myself. You can just tell by my saying this that I am totally running out of things that I feel comfortable admitting to…

7: A friend of mine asked where I get inspiration to write poetry for, and I guess I shall explain this. Often my inspiration is drawn from real life women who I either know or just happen to meet.
For instance, the piece ‘the way it ought to be’ I wrote about a young woman I saw on the train one Monday afternoon. I was struck by her physical beauty and so incorporated her into the poem. The description of the woman in the piece (apart from the birthday theme that surrounds it) is an accurate articulation of what she looked like. The piece ‘unloved’ I wrote about a woman I saw at the university over the course of a minute. I walked behind her and suddenly thought a rather sexualised reference – and she turned around as though she knew what I was thinking!
‘Hard to Admit I love you’ was actually written about someone in one of my university classes. If you have not read this, I recommend that you don’t – it has more sexual references than a porno.
Additionally, the piece ‘Metropolis Me’ was written about a hypothetical romance between me and my celeb crush, of whom I am not going to mention on this site.
In the series ‘untitled Beauty’ I wrote those pieces about the image of an Aayla Secura (Jedi Master from Star Wars episodes 2 and 3) lookalike that I saw on the internet.
Pieces the likes of ‘where thy Wilhelmina without love’, ‘driving down the motorway’ and ‘gold vs. green’ however are not written about anyone in particular and I simply made them up as I went along.
Now, there is one other place where I happen to meet women, kind of, that allows me access to inspiration; WordPress herself. I can say that yes, I have written one piece on this blog, ‘I have a crush on you’, that is indeed about a woman that I am following that I think I may have even fallen in love with. Simply put Nelli, if you are reading this right now, allow me to state…you do something as nice as provide to me a nomination for an award again – and I’ll probably end up writing a poem about you…

Now, the fifteen bloggers that I nominate the Versatile Blogger Ward to (in alphabetical order):

-Between fear and love


Coco J. Ginger:

-Game complain repeat

-J D Gallagher:

-Jennifer Stuart

Jodi Ambrose:

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-Maggie Mae

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-True Love Junkie:

-Valarie Loves Writing

Okay, well, thank you again Nelli for the award – much appreciated!

Thank you for reading, and I hope all of you have a nice day – or night as the case is for me.

Sincerely and with kind regards,

Derek Childs