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Never Tainted

SYNOPSIS: About the discovery of love, and the act of giving it to someone and cherishing it with them, and experiencing together a romantic relationship, which, as the title of the poem suggests, is never jeopardised, threatened, sacrificed nor tainted.

Inside my heart resides a poem
one which is captivating and true.
Always I try to find the words
over and over and over;
but always it sounds so absurd,
I can only describe it as flotsam.
For my words undoubtedly need to be sober
when emphasising I want you.

This verse goes out to that fantastic girl
who is incredibly pretty.
You know you’re my only desire,
captivated by your gorgeous good looks;
but I don’t know if it would be safer
for me to confess you are my world,
like they do in those fairytale books,
because it is harsher in this city.

All my life I’ve know both girls and boys
and never have they given into temptation.
Like them I’ve never opened my heart,
but I feel you’re a part of me.
I pray that my love ain’t torn apart
whilst I act like an immature toy.
You take me up to the next degree,
whilst being with you remains my only ambition.

There is a look inside your eyes
which says we’re no good at being on our own.
When you speak I hold onto every word you say,
for our souls are forever mated,
and your heart is always getting through.
We won’t give up on our love, for it never dies,
even when there is something in the way.
Together we’ll never be alone,
and our relationship will be never tainted;
I’ll never love anyone the way I love you.

When you’re around I try to play it cool
because you are all I really know;
I wish to share with you this loving kiss
as I hold onto the memories of your face.
But sometimes ignorance can truly be bliss,
for my regrettable actions make me the fool.
But I know in my heart, no one could take your place,
which ultimately is why I love you so.

These three words I admit could never be wrong,
and could never leave one feeling confused;
because these words, honestly, come from my heart,
whilst emphasising I want you now.
My love controlled emotions do not seem smart,
when I speak of my heart writing for you a song
whose symphony needs to be sung to you somehow;
whilst hoping my love is not wrongfully accused.

My friends advise I shouldn’t even bother,
because you’re as perfect as you can be.
But when I see those tears you cry
and nobody knows quite what to do,
I myself feel like I could die
despite really having nothing to offer,
because I know in my heart my destiny
is to forever be with you.

There is a look inside your eyes
which says we’re no good at being on our own.
When you speak I hold onto every word you say,
for our souls are forever mated,
and your heart is always getting through.
We won’t give up on our love, for it never dies,
even though there is always something in the way,
which hurts us right down to the bone.
But our relationship will be never tainted,
cuz you are meant for me, like I am meant for you.

Realisation is part of the journey,
and I want you to know this too;
you are all I want and all I‘ll need,
wishing to spend the night together.
To be with you I would fight and bleed,
because you’re everything to me.
I swear I’ll feel this way forever
and I hope you can feel it too.

Could you please whisper in my ear,
the most beautiful young woman in this world,
and tell me what you want to experience,
because for you a torch I have always carried.
My desires for you remain in silence,
while expressing them remains my only fear,
one day I would love for us to get married;
so that forever you can be my girl.

There is a look inside your eyes,
which says we’re no good at being on our own.
When you speak I hold onto every word you say,
for our souls are forever mated,
and your heart is always getting through.
We won’t give up on our love, for it never dies,
even when there is something in the way.
Together we’ll never be alone,
and our relationship will be never tainted;
my one place in this world is being right next to you.

I’d take the stars out of the sky for you;
I would end the world if you told me to.
Although my love may break all the laws,
our souls shall be forever mated;
because I swear to be forever yours,
in a relationship that is never tainted.

Secrets of the Grassy Knoll

SYNOPSIS: Told from the point of view of a fox, this piece tells the story of a friendship between a fox and a young boy.

I met Malcolm in the long grasses outside of his home in the hot, dry country of the Australian outback. He had worn a blue and red striped cardigan with baggy blue jeans and great black boots which went up to his knees. His eyes were an incredible blue, his hair a pitch black in colour, whilst his cheeks constantly maintained a rosy glow.
He had been playing in the paddocks whilst his father stayed inside with Phillip, the man who helped him with every chore.
Malcolm had continued to wander further and further out into the dense grass before he found me deep within the shrubbery.
I whimpered in the grasses from fear of what he might do to me. I was so young and naïve at the time. His kind had taken away everything from me. Both my mother and father had being killed by hunters; the litter of siblings I was once a part of had being completely destroyed.
But instead, he changed my perception on humanity entirely. Sensing I was hurt, he gingerly picked me up in his little hands and took me into his care. From this point on he would help me, clean me and feed me and we would never be apart. And so was the story of the fox and his Malcolm.

Every night from then on Malcolm would make his way into the tangled brushes and blades of grass and bring me out a small slab of meat and a bowl of milk. He laughed playfully as I lapped up the milk with my dainty pink tongue and whilst doing so he would stroke my orange coat. Every so often he would arrive with a brush as well and stroke down my fur until it was beautifully straight once more after a day in the tangled grasses.
During the nights that became both cold and wet he would shelter me from the storm. Taking me up in his arms, Malcolm would escort me into the house, ensuring his father had no knowledge of what was occurring right under his nose. Placing me inside the confines of his warm duvet cover, I snuggled up beside him and heard the gentle rhythm of his heart beating in time to mine. I would hear the frightening sounds of thunder crashing across the sky and I would witness the lightning scorch the clouds above. Malcolm would grab a hold of me and whisper that everything would be okay and I would yelp playfully beside him and nibble at his ear to signify that I too would protect him like he had protected me.

However, during the days that Malcolm did not spend with me, he spent with his father. I never did hear what they said, but I knew right from the moment I saw him that his father did not respond well to my kind. I often saw him watching the both of us out in the grass whilst he stayed indoors working with Philip.
Whenever Malcolm came into the grass after speaking with his father he never did seem himself at first and when a tear ran down his cheek I gently brushed my body up against his to reassure him that I was here and never would I be gone. Once again Malcolm would be happy and once more we would frolic in the underbrush.

But when hunting season began to draw closer, Malcolm began to become frightened with every moment he spent with me, almost as though he felt that each time there was the chance that we would never see each other again. I would yelp and cry in representation of such ideology being absolutely ridiculous, but even I had sensed a change on the wind.
The father had taken out his rifle, cleaned and oiled the particular weapon of choice and admired it in the kitchen window whilst looking at me as though I did not belong. Philip too had acquired a rifle of his own and had gone through the exact same strategy.
I noticed the undergrowth around me begin to grow more silent, a deathly quiet coming over the land as though all other forms of life had begun to leave in trepidation of what was to come. Malcolm had explained to me that it was all some sort of game, yet I found that a little hard to believe, for I did not wish to play.

But on the fateful morning that hunting season finally came into full swing it appeared that I inevitably had no choice. Malcolm and I were once again in the grasses dancing together as one when both Philip and his father began to make their way into the undergrowth.
Noticing a duck that had not yet fled the premises, Philip took his shot, the bullet just missing the animal as it took flight in the nick of time. I heard him curse impatiently under his breath as Malcolm and I attempted to hide in the grasses. They had waited an entire year to kill again and they were eager to accomplish such a task.
It was then that the father saw me. It was not difficult, there was no concealing my body in the brush as Malcolm began to look incredibly frightened.
I looked up into his adorable little face as he cried ‘run foxy, run!’
I thought of staying, but I noticed the look in his eye and the terror on his face and with that I took his advice. I heard the sound of a rifle being reloaded as I leapt through the undergrowth, Malcolm continuing to cry at the top of his lungs for me to run as far away as I possibly could. Just at that moment a terrific cracking sound rattled through the bush, sending chills of terror throughout the landscape. Birds flew out from the trees and little beetles scurried into the safety of the ground below. Never in all my life had I heard such silence. I whimpered, seating myself down in the brush whilst I surveyed the landscape before quickly hurrying back in the direction of my all time dearest friend.
Drawing nearer, I heard the father cry ‘I think I shot something’, his voice high pitched and happy. I took a few extra steps forward, my feet beginning to wander through a wet substance in the grass as I looked down at the ground beneath me. And there on the ground, lay my Malcolm. Friend of animals great and small; the best friend a fox could ever have.

Just so Perfect

Synopsis: About a woman who is, as the title suggests, ‘just so perfect’, yet she is at the time wounded from her previous relationship and is in need of consolidating. The piece also tells the story of the man who has loved her so all these years and has only just realised that what he has felt all this time was indeed love, and not a fabrication.

I hear many voices; all of which are so clear.
I can hear them talking, but I can’t believe my ears.
You broke up with your boyfriend,
that is the talk of the town.
You were the greatest girlfriend,
but now you live with a frown.
To have you in my life I would do anything.
I mean that, because to me you’re everything.

You are so beautiful,
more than incredible,
you are just so overly cute,
want to say ‘I love you’
but it seems so moot.
Now what can I do
when my love is a defect
and you are just so perfect.

It sucks to realise love has been there all along.
How could I never see it? Is that right or wrong?
When I expressed to you ‘you’re beautiful’
I admit, I unfortunately lied,
for your beauty is unfathomable
and in my heart, I feel for you inside.
To be with you no sacrifice would be too great,
just as there is no promise, I would ever break.

You cannot escape my love; do not try to run,
damn, it is great to have found my certain someone.
For when we are together
my heart never weeps nor cries;
as long as there is forever
my love for you will never die.
So please darling, I beg you, give my love a chance
and allow me to cripple you with this romance.

Without you I am lost; I’m not at all myself.
Your beauty is comparative to endless wealth.
I did say ‘I love you,’
but I was just so wrong.
I am in love, that part is true,
but love could never last so long.
Such a feeling tastes exactly like a first kiss.
Nothing in this world could be better than all this.

I cannot believe my extraordinary luck.
I’ve managed to find the flower I wish to pluck.
You’re more radiant than Heaven above,
but sometimes you act so negatively.
I get to my feet to defend my love
and without a second thought you slay me.
You cut me with such passion, making my heart sigh,
and then I remember, that true love never dies.