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Alphabet of Love

SYNOPSIS: How a love can echo through the ages through many of the words in the alphabet.

A is for the way I absolutely adore you,
B, is simply because what I write and say is true,
C is for the way you drive me, my heart and my soul crazy,
D, is how I dream of being with you for an eternity.
E is for how extraordinary it is to have you for breakfast, lunch and every other meal,
F, is forever and always, as it was meant to be, in relation towards the way I feel.
G is for how grateful I am to you, to God and the Heavens above that we are together,
H is for my fairytale love affair with you that is to become happily ever after,
I, describes how I wish to live a life complete with love and laughter,
J, is for how joyful I am to be your significant other,
K, is for the way I kiss your sweet lips ever so gently every morning, noon and night,
L is for the way you look into my eyes, because you fill me with ravishing delight.
M is for how we were meant to be, and how it is written in the stars above that I was made to love you,
N is for how I swear to you that I will never ever hurt your gorgeous heart, nor will I ever leave you.
O, is for how you are the only person who has the amazing capability to make me weak at the knees,
P is for the way you press yourself against me and ask ‘do you want to spend the night with me?’ and I reply ‘yes please
my paramour’, Q, is for how you are the only true queen of this man’s undying heart,
R, is for how I long to romantically run away with you and never be apart,
S is for when we spend quality time together and you say those three words I always long to hear,
T is for how I tremble so upon touching and cherishing your true beauty whenever you are near.
U, is for how you are so amazingly unique and talented, and how you have always been utterly breathtaking,
V is for how I validate our relationship by giving you roses, violets and other very pretty things.
W is for how I want you everyday and how when we walk together to our most favorite of places I know I’ve never felt this way before,
X is for your beautiful X-chromosome which makes you the woman that I love with your sweet xylophone sounding voice that I long to listen to more and more.
Y is for the way I dream about you every time the moon arises, in which you yearn to spend your life forever in my arms with me,
Z, is for all the zenith I get from you and how I will forever protect you against pain and anything that harms you zealously,
for I have an alphabet of love for you, from A through to Z
because I know that you and I – we are each other’s destiny.