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Watcher of the Angel

From afar, I watch you,
I close my eyes and dream – what else can I do?
I ain’t quite good enough
for you. I’m not wise, strong, attractive or buff
like the other guys that you crave.
Perhaps I am not man enough or all that brave,
because I am like a specter
to you; you always see through me to the creature
that I try to hide from everyone,
including myself, but I should have known that someone,
someday, would indeed find my secret;
I only wish it wasn’t you, that’s my one regret.

You have beautiful eyes, a great body;
your unbelievable features have cast a spell over me,
and from the moment that I looked at you,
I’ve been hopeless to resist my urges; do you feel them too?
I only wish you could look upon my face,
and not be disturbed by that which I’ve being cursed with – that which I long to erase,
for you do not ever need to say the words
because I know, believe me I know that I do not belong to any herd,
group, clan or fixture of humanity
because unlike you, I was not bestowed by such unbelievable beauty.
Now I realise, and I can respect
the truth, that looks are not everything, but believe me when I say – you’re perfect.