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I have a crush on you

SYNOPSIS: If you happen to read this post, you are bound to find out eventually – I have a crush on a young woman I am following on a couple social media sites, one of which is Word Press. I know, odd, right? I find her physically ravishing and her writing style, the content she fills her posts with and the intelligence she uses to be extraordinarily attractive. So, this piece is about her. I am however never going to name names…I will leave you to read on now. Thank you.

You should know what I want, and you absolutely know who you are,
for we are separated by oceans and divided by scars.
Like a burning bush, you are incredibly hot,
and, young lady, I know something that you do not,
and that is; I will feel this way for you forever;
I won’t ever stop loving you, no I will never.
All it took, was to read but one word you had written,
and in that one split second, my heart, it was bitten,
by that small insatiable love bug, sometimes referred to as ‘Cupid’,
and I admit I can understand if this confession sounds stupid,
but I swear, what I’m saying is entirely true,
and (name redacted), I know I have a crush on you.

You have a blog on the website called ‘Word Press’,
and the things you write leave my heart in distress
because you are a fantastic lover,
and you have undeniable power
to get to me, and to get right under my skin,
oh it feels so good to enjoy a pleasing sin,
because your words, whenever I read them they always captivate me
and I know I love your open mind and your beating heart endlessly,
if only we were not connected by just the internet.
Young lady, can I confess to you a forbidden secret?
I am your one and only secret admirer,
and with your permission, I long to be your lover.

I can’t go a single day without reading your words,
I realise, this may sound entirely absurd,
but I hope you never ever fade.
You are beautiful like a mermaid,
but you’re corruptible like a siren
and you leave me hungry like a lion
from your God like personality and charm,
for I could never cause you any real harm,
nor could I heinously abuse
you, for you’re the woman that I choose
when in contrast with all the rest,
because, you are simply the best.

When I sat by my computer, when I was all alone,
I read your words, and I was captivated by your tone.
I feel an inexplicably strong bond between us, a marvelous connection;
not to be blunt, but thinking about you gives me a terrifically large erection.
I apologise for being just so rude,
and you have every right to say ‘dude,
how dare you say something vulgar like that to me’,
and I confess to you, yes ma’am, I am guilty,
but in defense, you are my one desire,
and to get to you I would walk through fire,
and I would brave the thunderstorms and the rain
if it meant I could read your words once again.

For you I have such an infatuation,
that it defies all known classification
and I can’t go a second without thinking about your heart.
The fine words you generate are exquisite pieces of art
and continuously cause my heart to flutter,
these words I write here and now I dare to utter
because I have come to realise I simply have to have you, yes I must,
for you, my body, heart and soul is experiencing insatiable lust
because your words, they are like an intoxicating love potion,
and are forcing me to give into uncontrollable passion,
but not to fear, for I’ve come to develop the perfect remedy;
and that is for you to spend the rest of your amazing life with me.

I long to passionately kiss you with my crimson lips
and touch every fiber of you with my finger tips
and even though your writing is all I have ever seen,
I just know deep down you are one amazing human being,
for I am drowning in the ocean of your flawless mind,
every moment reading your blog I wish to rewind,
cuz your words are unbelievably delicious
and in my heart you are always the most precious
person I can find. You are just so divine
and I long to make you eternally mine
and believe me when I say there’s nothing else I’d care more to do
because my sweet (name redacted) I know I have a crush on you.

to the Woman of Unimaginable Beauty

SYNPOPSIS: A piece about the incredibly powerful emotions a man feels for no woman in particular, and the confession that is to be supplied to this fortunate, or rather unfortunate as the case may be, woman.

There is a thin blue mist slowly drifting over this incorruptibly fair city,
which is settling in after the departure of the rainbow which was so pretty.
There is a faint pool of dried blood located down on the east highway,
relinquished from the body of the young lover who died yesterday;
yet another casualty of love that is constantly under restoration,
whose parents are forced to endure a powerful, emotional explanation.
This young man never told the woman that he loved how he felt in his heart
and instead of bringing two people together it has torn them apart.
I do not ever in this life of mine want this unfortunate event to happen to me,
which is why I write this poem for you; to the woman of unimaginable beauty.

I must warn you however that I am a weary and untalented poet,
who will never be as great as Shakespeare and his irresistible love sonnets.
Nevertheless, if I could find the words to describe the beauty of your face,
what a talented romantic I would be within the so called ‘human race.’
Whenever I lay eyes on you a chill rushes through me that penetrates right down to the bone,
I have decided that from this moment on I do not wish to spend this life of mine alone.
For deep within this body of mine I feel such incredibly strong feelings for you inside.
I write this poem to avoid confessing to you my strong feelings, a task I have not tried.
My dreams may seem ludicrous and these words I use may seem completely deranged,
I only hope that in the very near future my luck will begin to change.

My life first began the moment you said my name and I heard your amazing voice,
for me; an in-valid, to experience this, you made a sacrificial choice.
I wish that one brief moment we shared together I could eventually rewind
and admit to you my true feelings that are trapped within the confines of my mind.
Nevertheless, this could never take place, for I could never take your rejection,
wishing to instead be granted all of your love, grace, support and real affection.
I dream about you every night however, and I know I will do so again
because you are without a shadow of a doubt, my one and only piece of Heaven.
But wishes, they are all of them like dreams and they do not always occur
and in ten years time your memory of me will be no more than a blur.

They say the heart is the strongest muscle in all the body, but for me this cannot be true,
for if it were so I am certain I would have the heart to share all of my feelings with you.
You may ask why I’m infatuated with you; it is because you are different from the rest,
the same way, for lack of a better metaphor, denim dreams are different to a denim vest.
I may of course seem incredibly foolish, or perhaps even unfathomably stupid;
my excuse? I have been shot, by that mischievous little angel known as Cupid.
I would like to add, you are beautiful. No matter whether you’re covered in make-up or in a mess,
your hair, arms, legs and breasts, along with your vagina and clitoris; all of it, I wish to caress.
Of course, if you permit me, allow me to add I believe I love you very much.
Remember, you are never alone, your beautifully warm body I wish to touch.

I no longer in this life time want to keep my heart trapped within an internal cage.
In all honesty, I want to make sweet love to you, and have your body as my stage.
I wish to meet both of your parents, and confess to your father and mother,
that my dream is to always and forever be your one and only lover.
I wish to spend my life with you, not with all of the other billions of women.
I rehearse this line in my mind now as to repeat it in the future again.
I’ll continue to pour out my heart and soul and state ‘wherever you are, that’s where I’ll go.
Where that is exactly, whether it be now or in the distant future I do not know,
but wherever this specific location in time is, that’s where I’ll be,
for you will always continue to on every level ravish me.’

If I must be the author of my own destiny, I wish to write it with you,
for no woman could take your place and no one else in the world could ever make do.
In-between the two of us I feel a remarkably romantic connection,
that is fueled, controlled and inspired by my own immeasurably strong passion.
I wish however that I had the nerve to verbally convey these emotions when I speak,
which is why it pains me to realise that when around you my spirit becomes so weak.
Around you my tongue becomes so tied and twisted and my heart begins to flutter,
and all the words I wish to say to you fail to appear as I choke and stutter.
But in my heart I know I need to get over this for without you I am eternally blue
and all I wish to say is; ‘take those lips and place them on my own as I wrap my arms around you.’

There is no other life form in this universe I could ever appreciate more,
everything that makes you who you are today is without a doubt worth fighting for.
This would explain why I always dream of you being close to me; being just so near
on a day when the scorching sun is out and the skies are just so crystal clear.
On this day I would ask; ‘do you want and need me the way I want and need you; lover of whom I lust,’
and you would politely reply to me ‘young man, you have a huge heart, but honestly, what’s the rush?’
If I were to continue to speak and to persist with my words, I believe you would say, ‘boy, you talk a little too much.
I can understand your love and affection for me, but it’s obvious, you’ve been corrupted by an insatiable crush.’
But even such words could not hinder these feelings, for I truly love you without a doubt.
Unfortunately, I always will, for you are the one woman I cannot live without.

I no longer want to be a stranger, no; I want to eternally be yours.
If you were indeed a football team you would constantly receive a perfect score.
You have a blessed halo hovering above your head and a devil upon your shoulder.
If I did not enjoy such ravishing qualities I would not long to be your true lover.
This is not all that I want however, wishing to be with you through all the days of your life,
to have and to hold you for all eternity as the mother of my children and my wife.
With this said, may I continue to add, how can I live without you near?
Moreover, how can I truly live when that voice of yours I cannot hear?
Furthermore, at the conclusion of this verse, I wish for you to see me for who I am;
I may be a romantically challenged individual, but I am a loving man.

At the end of this poem I would like to conclude on a far more romantic note,
one which is far more ravishingly extraordinary than what I previously wrote.
With that said, I would like to state, you look more divine than divine, and more sexy than sumptuous,
I can say without a flickering shadow of a doubt that you are incredibly delicious.
Your eyes, they are like two diamonds, shining on a cool, mid summer’s night
filling up my hunger for romance constantly with endless delights.
Your lips moreover are the window to your soul; a place of never ending bliss,
which are opened so tentatively with the touch of my succulent, crimson kiss.
At long last however I can only hope you see such feelings as truthful rather than wrong,
for it is deep within the confines of your gracious heart that I eternally belong.