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If it were sensible to love you,
then everyone would do so,
and as I sit across from loneliness
in this kitchenette, I contemplate
how the table, much like my heart,
pivots on an angle.

To which would I be referring,
the blistered legs or decayed heart,
when I gently touch the texture
and wonder if its origins
are similar to my own?

Once proud and strong
in a wilderness of shrubbery and undergrowth,
now that which stood for centuries,
admiring the still changing world,
was crippled most severely
by a single blow.

I, who sits beside myself
acknowledges such strife,
a liquid beverage running like a busted tap
along the curvature of my face.
A salty droplet collapses
upon the table top, the misery
of both myself and the furniture,
which helps keep me upright,
becoming unanimously combined.

Where one mourns the loss of comradery,
exhibited from the fellow environmental beasts,
I cry anonymously for a woman,
struck down by an avalanche
of lightning fast pain.

Never will you return to the great beauty
I fell hopelessly in romance with,
and out of all the patron’s in life’s orchestra,
this fair princess of goodly will,
now isolated and distressed,
is the one tender soul who never did deserve
that which indefinitely ruins you.

…from where there was never a future

We rape and pillage this once proud Earth
into damnation overload, until the cure to suffering
is contested by limitless excruciation.
The execution of our planet has already been handed down,
a rope, thick like the trunk of a behemoth tree,
strung around the neck of our once wholesome world.
When the execution of the cadaver is later orchestrated,
the exhumed beauty, which had once considered suicide,
will reveal how an attack, over seven billion strong,
struck several violent blows, bringing an end
to substantial happiness. The love which we each shared
for this globe of green and blue, has not beat like a drum
in a time consumed by a longevity greater than any figure
which has come before. But now the alphabet of love
has dried like blood beneath the sun, and as the ground shakes
with the rumbling of rubber and steel,
soldiers flood through our streets, trampling the toys
of children into oblivion towards a fate chosen for them
by men in suits, who shall never do the dying
forced upon the slaves of countries.
Before we are even invited in, we become part
of a war conceived by the hands of others,
and our battle songs are then replaced by stolen symphonies,
sung by broken parliaments corrupted by governmental greed.
On this night, when death walks the Earth,
picking the happiness out from between the teeth
of hapless victims to and fro, I myself
do not wish to see you cry, because you have been waiting
for superman far too long, and he has not returned
after leaving to do the laundry late last night,
and much like all of the other pretenders,
the chance of his coming back rests between negative figures.
If I could hold you to my cheek perhaps we could stop being victims,
to a world that has long forgotten the spirited vengenace
of true love, that guided our hands together once, but sadly no longer.
As the green foliage is swept clean by the ever changing winds,
I will have you know that a future exists beyond our horizon,
leading to a changed existence, and if we may traverse the foothills
which separate us from here and there, a new beginning
may well awake from where there was never one.

We, The Harbingers

Behold the menagerie of decadent corrosion
we refer to as our society. We, the harbingers
of death, facilitate an awful end to the world
we were once destined to wholly care for.
What will our ancestors say over our
mass graves after we leave to them a swamp
of noxious fumes which poisons the skin
and stings once inhaled? Shall we be admired
as salvation’s heroes, whose presence
illuminated the path taken to our inevitable
future? Or will we be exercised from every
record as though we were never here at all,
forgotten to time, much unlike other great
civilisations which continue to remain
remembered to this day? With every drop
of polluted waste; every expenditure
of nuclear radiation; every brass bullet fired,
we are changing the eventuality of our time
upon this Earth, and perhaps someone should
stop and ask if such actions are in anyway
responsible for the orchestration of a better
world. For when was there a healthier time
to ask a question of such necessary prudence
if not the present, because tomorrow, our lateness
in promptly securing a safer environment
may well be punished with a flood
of dire ramifications.

The Waterfall

The serene waters drip
from the Heaven’s above
onto my head as I bathe
in the crystalline beverage
of crisp delights that
ignite the effigy of
diamonds orbiting around
my imagination in this
reflecting pool. Nature
grins eternally as I dip my
features beneath the cool
surface and delve into the
depths of the hydrating
realm which exists under
the land I recently
departed. As I breach the
surface, gasping for a
breath of rejuvenating
oxygen, I am returned to
the realm that I did just
exit, and I wave at the
golden star which shines
upon my flesh, and
creates a rainbow in the
froth that surrounds me.
The hum of fauna reaches
my ears as the sounds of
the world reverberate off
from the fog of luscious
humidity, and in this ever
sweet moment of spiritual
bliss, I am awakened to
the knowledge that there
is nothing more beautiful
than the waterfall I have

5 Minutes To Go

SYNOPSIS: A hypothetical scenario of the end of the world and who one would like to spend those last few minutes with.

Why does the world’s largest catastrophe
have to happen to you and me?
We could not contain global warming
and now our planet is exploding.
Angry red fire burns us alive
but in the end our love survives.
Although we fall under annihilation,
love remains our greatest salvation.

Here under the Milky Way
our world is slowly blown away.
There’s nothing we could do
so let me hold onto you.
Please forget the world’s on fire,
tonight you are my single greatest desire.
As the world begins to blow,
we only have five minutes to go.

We stare into each other’s eyes
as our world begins to die.
I hold you close to my heart,
even in death, we won’t be apart,
I hold you tightly my precious pearl,
as we say goodbye to our world.
We remember all the things we have done
as our flesh is joined together as one.

If the world was truly about to end
I would undoubtedly love to spend
every dying minute alone with you
until the world’s destruction took me from you.
When the world swallows your face,
there’d be nothing which could replace
my undying love that’ll last forever,
in Heaven we’ll always be together.