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5 Minutes To Go

SYNOPSIS: A hypothetical scenario of the end of the world and who one would like to spend those last few minutes with.

Why does the world’s largest catastrophe
have to happen to you and me?
We could not contain global warming
and now our planet is exploding.
Angry red fire burns us alive
but in the end our love survives.
Although we fall under annihilation,
love remains our greatest salvation.

Here under the Milky Way
our world is slowly blown away.
There’s nothing we could do
so let me hold onto you.
Please forget the world’s on fire,
tonight you are my single greatest desire.
As the world begins to blow,
we only have five minutes to go.

We stare into each other’s eyes
as our world begins to die.
I hold you close to my heart,
even in death, we won’t be apart,
I hold you tightly my precious pearl,
as we say goodbye to our world.
We remember all the things we have done
as our flesh is joined together as one.

If the world was truly about to end
I would undoubtedly love to spend
every dying minute alone with you
until the world’s destruction took me from you.
When the world swallows your face,
there’d be nothing which could replace
my undying love that’ll last forever,
in Heaven we’ll always be together.

First Dance

SYNOPSIS: Piece about experiencing a first dance with a certain woman. As a twist, the world is on the verge of ending, so the bloke in the poem had better pull his finger out and get that dancin’ goin’.

I’m staring at an open door
the night the world will end.
Drinks are pouring on the go
and everybody wants some more,
I see the girl I love again
and I start dancing slow.

I could be your transportation
in this wide constellation
with the sun in the atmosphere.
We could always stay here
to feel a true romance,
while you experience your first dance (with me).

I’m staring at an open book
which will never close.
I stare into brown eyes
while you give me the look;
this is love I do suppose
and I cannot hide.

You could hold my hands
while I take the lead.
I’ve never felt this way before
and I clearly understand
our spirits have been freed,
of that I am sure.