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To my Daffodil

SYNOPSIS: About leaving the one you love, only to always find your way back into her arms.

I ain’t no dramatist and I ain’t no liar;
I ain’t no interloper, ain’t no pariah,
but I have these negative emotions running throughout my head
and I do not wish to burden you with such pain so I instead
turn around and leave. One mile out, my car, it breaks down,
and I’m suddenly stranded just outside my hometown,
beginning to question why I had contemplated leaving
when all along you were and still are my reason for breathing
every day my delectable daffodil.
I know I still love you and I always will,
just as the sun will always rise at dawn; just as the sky will remain blue,
just as I will not want to ever stop falling madly in love with you,
for every single day I learn something new; every day I learn something totally different
and I have discovered that beyond anything else in this world you are incredibly brilliant.
So, I take this as a sign to make my way back to hold you again in my arms,
for our fate is intertwined; it’s written in the Heavens, it’s written in my palms,
and as I swim in your eyes whilst drinking your kiss and running my hand through your hair,
I’ll know more than anything that never have I felt better than with you right there.

Driving Down the Motorway

SYNOPSIS: A young man picks a woman up in his car and together they begin to really hit it off.

I’m driving down the motorway singing ‘whoa, whoa, whoa!’
You’re walking along and I hear you say ‘yo, yo, yo!’
I lean out of my window and ask ‘hey baby, do you wanna have a ride?’
And you flip me the finger and say ‘boy, I think it’s time you swallow your pride.’
I laugh and ask ‘didn’t your mother ever teach you it was always rude to tease?’
And you reply ‘didn’t your mother teach you, when you beg, to get down on your knees.’
I was not yet begging, but I am sure it was beginning to look that way
and with but a word she captured my breath and now there was nothing left to say.

I try to come up with another line, but you say ‘boy, that’s enough;
I realise that you want me, but you don’t ever have to talk so tough.
Moreover, you needn’t lie, for a facade I can see straight through.’
And I say ‘girl, from here onwards, I only wanna be with you.’
I think the line is just so fantastic, and, what’s more, it causes you to smile,
and you say, with a laugh ‘perhaps I could stay with you for just a little while.’
Such, is but music to my ears as I open up the door, and allow you to ride shotgun.
Boy, does it feel just so terrific to have finally found my someone.

So, there we are, the two of us in the car, singing to the song that we love,
as we shout and scream the lyrics to the clouds hanging in the sky up above.
I turn to you and check you out, from your head to your feet, as you look away,
unbeknownst to me you noticed what I did as you smile and begin to say;
‘this is not even a first date, so don’t let those fantasies go to your head,
so please, would you kindly be a gentleman and think some other thoughts instead.’
I nod, in reluctance, whilst in my mind I delve into the mouth of madness,
without you by my side today, my life would be condemned by utter sadness.