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A Tale of Longing

The star that fell a few nights before,
bathed in the cruelest malice, promised
you to me upon its rays of glistening,
temperate light, only to corrupt my senses
with its scandalous deceit, and scold
the marrow of my bones to the epicenter
of a heart, bludgeoned and broken
and worn, and now deceased.
Despite differences in culture, race
and religious ideology, by evening,
we stand beneath the fall of moonlight,
but by day, the sun stretches its warm glaze
upon the tendrils of our flesh,
and when pain crushes and saddens
the emotions buried beneath the surface,
we, all of us, can inevitably break
the same. I stand before this page
without a blessed thought, having broken
like a weather beaten branch, caught
in the updraft of a rain storm cascading
across my external organs, for you,
young lady, are the ache in my chest
when absent from my vision,
and despite the knowledge, gifted to me
in sacrificial blood, tied together
in a bow of hair belonging to the damsel
I shall never hope to groom, I can dream
like anyone else. I can imagine to myself
a night in which you tentatively remove
your articles of clothing, which fall
gently to the surface of the ground
like the peel of an orange, while I stand,
torn between serenading my eyes
with the sight of your blossoming fluidity,
admiring every voluptuous curvature
of your vibrant flesh, or standing watch,
eyes elsewhere, acquiring the stance
of a provisionally lone guardian,
longing, for all that I do now.

To the Thief of this here Heart

This poem will never be perfect;
it will only ever be good enough,
about the time I discovered fair beauty,
who captivated me with her ravishing features
before being diminished in the fog of life
the moment she dismissed me.

I asked, not to experience a moment with her,
but to have an entrepreneurial romance
that would span the longevity of time,
for apart from her, initially, I had no intention of ever being.

I wanted to caress her many alluring features,
and taste the finest beauty imaginable
on the palms of my smooth fingers,
as though she were a beverage
any man alive would love to sample.

I treated her with kindness,
for she was deserving of only better treatment,
and my true desires I attempted to keep hidden
from her massive, searching eyes.
In but a moment she cut me down to size,
as though I were a piece of fabric,
and she, a majestic bladed instrument,
that had spent an eternity opening the chests of many men
and relieving them of their centrepieces.

I could have kissed her,
and I wanted to with all my heart,
for never before had my lips touched those belonging to such an amazing being,
but like an angel, she flew away
before the seed of possibility had even begun to grow.

I should have known an unfathomable Goddess of such unequivocal beauty
would have her heart belonging in the safe of another,
and no matter the hours spent attempting to crack
the unbeatable combination on the locking mechanism,
never would I open the muscle
which holds all of her love to bear
and hold it in my possession for but a single moment,
indoctrinating her emotion to become my own,
as I feel it ought to be.

I bowed my head and let her leave
the moment she had said the words that needed expressing to my ears,
for yet again the world smiled kindly on another man
that surely was not me.

To say I dislike the fact I lost the woman I had fallen for,
(like falling from the cloud cover to the world below,
only to find that which had once resided inside
the bounds of my mortal frame collapsed around me on the floor;
a puzzle beyond solvable intent)
is barely an accurate description remotely close to the factual truth.

But I be formal and polite,
and lucky to have a flicker of her generous attention
bestowed upon my features.

With this thought in mind,
a sigh of thanks filtered through my lips and drifted to her ear,
before depart we did,
in a moment that made moving quickly look almost slow in speed,
because I barely knew she were gone from me a second later,
until the punch of loneliness slammed into my chest,
and wrenched my heart out from inside of me
and onto a frozen platter of belittled lover’s hearts.

I saw her again, whilst heartless,
but far from me she was
and follow her forward unto her destination I could not,
and see her again, sadly, I never will.  


Silent desire watches
cloaked in mystery.
Not a soul knows who I am
and I like it that way.

I sit across from her
and dare not say a word.
I laugh at my inadequacy
to convey my feelings
to such a rare beauty.

I long to be garrulous,
but I hold my tongue between
clenched teeth in the hope
that my feelings shall fade, or
she should suddenly disappear.

However, I know I do not
deserve her and I believe she
may be married, for the finger
of someone so special could
not remain naked for long.

I avoid eye contact to
minimise the potential
pain, for a heart can only grieve
if another has knowledge of it
and the wrongful intent to do harm.

Not to say she would hurt me,
for she seems perfect in every
way, and it’s the perfect predator
one must watch out for, cuz they
have the most deadly sting.

My comments may seem lifeless
and lacking in humanity,
but neither is my problem,
for I am broken, nothing more

and every time I see such
beauty, I become broken a little
more, for I know that  I am beneath
her and thus could never be
good enough. On that note
please, allow me to describe her to you:

Delicious dark eyes
shine like shimmering diamonds
on a mid-winter’s night,
the sparkling warmth of their
magnificent existence being
almost utterly unfathomable
within my palpitating heart.

Light chocolate brown skin,
not sparkling, glittering or
shining, but neutral in design,
looking so cool and radiant,
gently glowing under the sun.

Pink rosy lips delectably
move as unfamiliar words
in an untraceable accent
are produced by an intelligibly
brilliant mind, whilst longing, like
a flower in the meadow to be
plucked, oh so courteously.

Her elegantly formed alien
body, of foreign culture and
design belongs upon a
pedestal, for the flawlessness
of its ravishing impressions
deserve to be admired by all.

A white button down shirt with
room for two, billows softly in the
breeze, covering that which I wish to
uncover, whilst at the same time
revealing droplets of perspiration,
slowly moving down her chest.

Blue skin fit jeans, their colour
fading, magnify the curvature
of the legs, and where those same
legs reach her back, which, if I may
say so is an image I would
appreciate unbuckling.

Combined, her physical
appearance is angelic, whilst
internally she is so much more
and if I believed good things could
come true, I would grab her by the
hair, throw her up against a wall
and nibble my way down her front.

So, with this writ, I sit back
and relax, my words never
failing me on paper, but
never to be said aloud, as
I every so often catch a quick
look at her and think to myself;
Alexia is perfect.

Persian Prostitute

SYNOPSIS: The title of the piece no doubt gives the story of this poem away.
Now, I would like to firstly state that this poem contains many sexual references and some coarse language. On top of this, people of a Persian or like background may find this poem culturally derogatory, and I apologise for that. I realise that people of such backgrounds are quite subtle in their relationships and stereotypically do not believe in such vivid sexual ideologies, not until marriage at least and I would like to say that I do not deliberately go out of my way to attack people of such a background. On another note, I do not mean to insult Prostitutes either. I’m not sure if I actually do so, but many of the themes brought up involve such a line of work and some people who either are, were or are not a part of this career may find it derogatory. Adjunctively, I do not mean to seem misogynistic, and I apologise again if my writing in any way seems to be so.
Basically, if you are easily distraught by anything to do with the themes mentioned I would not read this. But if you do, I hope you enjoy it.


I’m in a bar; I’m alone, and it’s just another cold summer’s night,
just having a drink and a laugh, work was a war; it was a fight.
Suddenly, I look across the room and see you seated there,
whilst I wish to run my hand through your ravishing dark brown hair.
You have a terrifically crafted face, and magnificent matching eyes;
just admiring your body I know, you’ll be a sexual paradise.
My attention is then drawn towards your sexually alluring clothes,
the same kind of attire worn by sexual deviants and ho’s.
With that in mind, I can’t believe I’ve fallen for a woman quite like you.
I’ve a family; a wife, but you’re the only woman I want to do.

You smile that smile, despite the job you do;
cuz you love it when men say ‘I love you.’
It may not be real, and they may actually mean ‘thank you’, but you like it all the same.
It is the only time you ever hear such words, cuz no man has ever learnt your name.
But I want more from you than you should ever expect,
because in my eyes you are absolutely perfect,
and I know this may sound crazy, cuz no man has ever seen past your career.
Being unable to ever see you again, is the only thing that I fear.
And even though you cannot read between the lines to realise what is true,
please my darling, believe me when I say, I will be there to always love you.

I walk up to you and ask ‘young lady, do you wanna fuck?’
Please, could you say ‘yes’, cuz ‘I’m good, I’m good; I’m good for a buck.
I want to feel you on top of me; I want to feel you on top of me right now,
I’ve got to be with you tonight, and I honestly don’t give a shit as to how.
I know you have a busy schedule but if you could just give me an hour,
you would not regret this decision my dear; my lover; my gorgeous flower.’
And you reply ‘boy, if you cannot do it in a minute,
then you should just walk away right now and simply forget it.
I need to feel the speed, I need to feel the love –
I need to feel as though I’m in Heaven above.’

My temperature was beginning to heighten; it was beginning to soar,
other men had taken notice and asked ‘what? You mean you want this filthy whore?’,
and to them I reply; ‘I want to go where so many men have boldly gone before,
I do not care about any of your past lovers, cuz I will love you so much more.’
To me you are more than just a woman, more than just another working girl;
to me you are the single most beautiful prostitute in all of the world.
You were as black as the night, yes, that’s right girls and boys, like the night she was black,
the white women in my life don’t do it for me, I just gotta get her back!
Perhaps in this life of mine I’ve always wanted a Persian Prostitute like you.
You happen to be the only one of whom I know, and you will gladly make do.

Other men come up to you, and they ask ‘please, fuck me baby; you whore; you bitch’,
then I turn and ask you; ‘please, come with me and scratch my twenty nine year old itch.’
You raise an eyebrow at this comment, and are unsure of what to say,
believe me baby when I tell you, ‘whatever you want, I will pay.’
You reach down and grab hold of my dick, as I begin to sigh,
then you pull back and remove your hand as I cry ‘why, oh why?’
You cry ‘get that volcano that’s ‘bout ready to erupt away from my hole,
you ain’t gettin’ that thing near my body, no, you ain’t gettin’ it near my soul.
I want a whirlwind romance that can forever truly endanger my health;
you can’t provide, so I guess you’re just gonna have to go erupt by yourself.’

I whinge; I complain; I flail my limbs above my head in the hopes that you will see;
that you are the only woman in the whole universe who can titillate me.
‘I want to make love to you down by the pier, so please, let’s drive down to the docks
where I can ease my way inside you, and your vagina can massage my cock.
I want to hear you howl and scream tonight as I make love to you,
and as I do so, I’ll confess my feelings – and I’ll mean them too.
I moreover dream; and I long, of taking you into my bed,
where I can fulfil the fantasises that reside inside my head.’
You look towards the other horny men and you realise they are all so bad.
I am so happy when you choose to spend the night with me instead; I’m just so glad.

End Note: I would like to say that I have never actually being with a Prostitute. I don’t know what that does for my image after writing such a piece, but I wanted to make that clear in case I seemed at all ignorant in my depictions. Thank you for reading.

Never Tainted

SYNOPSIS: About the discovery of love, and the act of giving it to someone and cherishing it with them, and experiencing together a romantic relationship, which, as the title of the poem suggests, is never jeopardised, threatened, sacrificed nor tainted.

Inside my heart resides a poem
one which is captivating and true.
Always I try to find the words
over and over and over;
but always it sounds so absurd,
I can only describe it as flotsam.
For my words undoubtedly need to be sober
when emphasising I want you.

This verse goes out to that fantastic girl
who is incredibly pretty.
You know you’re my only desire,
captivated by your gorgeous good looks;
but I don’t know if it would be safer
for me to confess you are my world,
like they do in those fairytale books,
because it is harsher in this city.

All my life I’ve know both girls and boys
and never have they given into temptation.
Like them I’ve never opened my heart,
but I feel you’re a part of me.
I pray that my love ain’t torn apart
whilst I act like an immature toy.
You take me up to the next degree,
whilst being with you remains my only ambition.

There is a look inside your eyes
which says we’re no good at being on our own.
When you speak I hold onto every word you say,
for our souls are forever mated,
and your heart is always getting through.
We won’t give up on our love, for it never dies,
even when there is something in the way.
Together we’ll never be alone,
and our relationship will be never tainted;
I’ll never love anyone the way I love you.

When you’re around I try to play it cool
because you are all I really know;
I wish to share with you this loving kiss
as I hold onto the memories of your face.
But sometimes ignorance can truly be bliss,
for my regrettable actions make me the fool.
But I know in my heart, no one could take your place,
which ultimately is why I love you so.

These three words I admit could never be wrong,
and could never leave one feeling confused;
because these words, honestly, come from my heart,
whilst emphasising I want you now.
My love controlled emotions do not seem smart,
when I speak of my heart writing for you a song
whose symphony needs to be sung to you somehow;
whilst hoping my love is not wrongfully accused.

My friends advise I shouldn’t even bother,
because you’re as perfect as you can be.
But when I see those tears you cry
and nobody knows quite what to do,
I myself feel like I could die
despite really having nothing to offer,
because I know in my heart my destiny
is to forever be with you.

There is a look inside your eyes
which says we’re no good at being on our own.
When you speak I hold onto every word you say,
for our souls are forever mated,
and your heart is always getting through.
We won’t give up on our love, for it never dies,
even though there is always something in the way,
which hurts us right down to the bone.
But our relationship will be never tainted,
cuz you are meant for me, like I am meant for you.

Realisation is part of the journey,
and I want you to know this too;
you are all I want and all I‘ll need,
wishing to spend the night together.
To be with you I would fight and bleed,
because you’re everything to me.
I swear I’ll feel this way forever
and I hope you can feel it too.

Could you please whisper in my ear,
the most beautiful young woman in this world,
and tell me what you want to experience,
because for you a torch I have always carried.
My desires for you remain in silence,
while expressing them remains my only fear,
one day I would love for us to get married;
so that forever you can be my girl.

There is a look inside your eyes,
which says we’re no good at being on our own.
When you speak I hold onto every word you say,
for our souls are forever mated,
and your heart is always getting through.
We won’t give up on our love, for it never dies,
even when there is something in the way.
Together we’ll never be alone,
and our relationship will be never tainted;
my one place in this world is being right next to you.

I’d take the stars out of the sky for you;
I would end the world if you told me to.
Although my love may break all the laws,
our souls shall be forever mated;
because I swear to be forever yours,
in a relationship that is never tainted.