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Shared Connection

A video of the below poem can be found here:

Can you become attracted to someone
you do not know? Someone you have never met,
however, have had conversation with,
absent of personal contact? Sentences
upon the screen make up a connection
as disembodied words inhabit an internet
page; images of this unknown stranger
flourish upon the exterior, the combined
essence sweeping you into a fantasy
determined to drag you under the tide
of infatuation. A feeling wisps within
the veins of your chest, your heart a flutter
of chemical reactions towards the smarts;
the attractive qualities of this gorgeous
quantity, the story told becoming
similar to a classic penned across the stars.
Skies are filled with the ideas brought upon
the pebbles of your beach, the words inscribed
on the inner side confessing all that you wish
to know about this pleasurable
display of human affection, the sweet taste
of future prospects dribbling down
your chin. The melancholic feelings
which once resided beneath the bones
of your chest disappear, like butterflies,
departing from the wound within
your beating muscle, now sheered
shut by the new prosperity found
across the fiber-optic cables of connectivity.
But how to address this uncontrollable
urge, insatiable and unnerving, dictating
the directionality of your heart?
How is it revealed to the person
you are crushing on, that regardless
of the oceans which separate one landmass
from the other, you are mesmerized
completely by the ravishing features
of intellectual poignancy and physical
embodiment, to the point that the urge
can be controlled no more? What if this other
person, who may well be the second half
of your heart, feels little more
than nothingness in comparison
to your foolhardy love? Who should make
first contact and brave the chance
of being shamefully shot down, and who
should simply shrink into foreign shadows,
and lose the chance to feel the touch of their
hands on skin, once a billion miles away,
but now happily atop of them?