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I Feel A Little Cold

Groaning, wailing, crying;
clouds are cringing
as the cold air blows through.
I dare not say a word
as the wind, like icicles,
stabs me again and again,
my body incidentally
shielding yours from the
ominous weather patterns
planning to deface me.
Ironically, I am there not by
choice, despite my feelings
as I adjust my mask. My
mask is the birthday suit
I was born with, but it hides
perfectly the emotions
threatening to be revealed in
the semi-tornado wind.
‘Fancy that’ you say, ‘a
tornado in Melbourne’ and I
subtly nod my head, hopeful
that this distraction will keep
you from noticing the truth.
The truth that we would be
better as lovers than as the
masquerade I have
orchestrated due to my
intense fear of committal.
But as the wind blows
and your hair billows in
the gusting breeze, it ain’t
just my mask that is being
beaten away, but my fears
and anxieties too. In that
one moment I put my arm
around you, protecting you
deliberately this time from
the freezing cold. Perhaps this
will prove to you my feelings,
without my need to verbally
convey the truth. If not,
the kiss I place on your lips
will certainly do the
talking for me. So here’s me
thanking God for bad weather,
for it brings people together
and makes love so much
easier to convey.


SYNOPSIS: About a young woman who is going through a rough patch, and a man pledges his allegiance to her heart, and if she ever requires him, her unconventional white knight, all she need do is call.
Some parts of this poem are irregular when in comparison to other sections of its design.

FEAR is more than emotions,
presenting itself when there’s devastation,
making people just so cold
when the world feels so old
and (loyal) friends can’t be found,
I’ll make sure I’m always around.
Your INNOCENCE can’t be blamed,
you will always be the same.

When life is at a cost
and the light is slowly lost,
people will treat you bad
and make you feel so sad;
slowly everything turns to dark
when LOVE is left in park.
If you walk down an alone street
and scary monsters haunt your dreams…

…I will come when I hear you call,
lift you up and make you tall,
and be yours for ETERNITY.
This white knight of yours is here FOREVER
and never will we not be TOGETHER;
I’ll be there to make you strong,
when the world has gone all wrong
and prove to you there’s no misery.

When love just ain’t enough,
and this world becomes so rough,
nothing is what it seems
and people believe the lies of magazines,
and hurt you with their malicious words,
their actions are totally absurd.
Yet underneath your fear, you are so PERFECT,
and NEVER should you be denied RESPECT.