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Watcher of the Angel

From afar, I watch you,
I close my eyes and dream – what else can I do?
I ain’t quite good enough
for you. I’m not wise, strong, attractive or buff
like the other guys that you crave.
Perhaps I am not man enough or all that brave,
because I am like a specter
to you; you always see through me to the creature
that I try to hide from everyone,
including myself, but I should have known that someone,
someday, would indeed find my secret;
I only wish it wasn’t you, that’s my one regret.

You have beautiful eyes, a great body;
your unbelievable features have cast a spell over me,
and from the moment that I looked at you,
I’ve been hopeless to resist my urges; do you feel them too?
I only wish you could look upon my face,
and not be disturbed by that which I’ve being cursed with – that which I long to erase,
for you do not ever need to say the words
because I know, believe me I know that I do not belong to any herd,
group, clan or fixture of humanity
because unlike you, I was not bestowed by such unbelievable beauty.
Now I realise, and I can respect
the truth, that looks are not everything, but believe me when I say – you’re perfect.

Undoubtedly in Love with you

SYNOPSIS: A piece about falling in love with a woman who could not possibly love one back.

Sometimes words are never said
but in her case they never are,
for what word can describe Cupid
when she reigns down like a star?
She smiles that golden smile,
with blonde streaks in her hair,
I know I’ll see her in a while
but sometimes she is never there.

Perfect describes her face,
beautiful describes her eyes,
I can’t describe the rest of her,
her beauty is just too pure.
When I am caught in her me brace
it is something of a surprise;
I’m in love and it’s true,
I’m undoubtedly in love with you.

Sometimes she’s seen in plain sight
in a crowded place.
She shines out like a satellite
and I swear I saw her face,
she smells just like the atmosphere,
her body is like a star;
her voice I long to hear
because it is the most beautiful by far.

I saw her look at me
and she stole my breath away.
She’s part of the first class society
which is why she could not stay.
She looks just like a dream,
I don’t know if she’s real,
I’m sure she is, so it seems,
her touch I long to feel.

The Only Girl

SYNOPSIS: A piece about a woman, who, even if she does not realise it yet, has a man wrapped hopelessly around her finger.

She’s the girl like Aphrodite, Cleopatra and Cher;
what could I possibly give to her?

She’s the girl who looks so sweet,
it is her I long to meet.

She’s the girl with the crooked smile,
I’ll see her again in a little while.

She’s the girl who I’ve seen in my dreams,
dancing around wearing pale blue jeans.

She’s the girl who I dream to hold,
since meeting her my heart was sold.

She’s the girl who I want as mine,
who attends restaurants and drinks exquisite wine.

She’s the girl I always see,
who knows nothing about me.

She’s the girl with nothing to lose,
who’d enjoy dining on a romantic cruise.

She’s the girl who I’ve always dreamed to kiss;
whenever she’s gone it’s her I miss.

She’s the girl from the perfect town,
who I’ve seen smile, but never frown.

She’s the girl with the pretty face,
from the different culture and ethnic race.

She’s the girl I see everywhere I go,
and yet for her I’ve nothing to show.

She’s the girl with the luxurious car;
at night she swims in her gold spa.

She’s the girl with the truly beautiful eyes;
all across her magnificent body her beauty lies.

She’s the girl with the magnificent voice,
who I would love if given the choice.

She’s the girl who’s never being alone at night;
who’s exceptionally talented and extremely bright.

She’s the girl who visits me in my sleep,
whose memory makes my heart weep.

She’s the girl who keeps in contact by phone,
when dreaming of her I’m not alone.

She’s the girl who looks like Spring;
to her body birds will sing.

She’s the girl who lights up a room,
with her face she can make a flower bloom.

She’s the girl with the single greatest Heavenly body;
whose taste in clothes is of utmost luxury.

She’s the girl whose everything I’m not-
what can I give to her that she ain’t got?

She’s the only girl I will ever love,
who looks down on me from up above.