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The Group Photo

The group photo
is in fact not
a group photo
at all, for I,
a member of
said group am not
present during
such proceedings.
I was not however
occupied with plans that
were unbreakable, nor
was I the victim of an
undefinable illness.
Simply put, I had not
been considered for an
invitation in
the first place, and
like the loner
that I am, I
stood apart from
the others as
the flash of the
camera consumed
the image of their
happiness, which
would not have been
stretched so thinly
across their features
if an involuntary
invite had been slipped
beneath my door.
Although, with this
writ, the title
‘group photo’ is
placed above the image,
permanently entrenched
upon the paper,
much like the smiling
faces that would in
fact be frowning
if I had shown
up that day. I
guess my not being
a part of the
group means that every
single person was
indeed present for
this event, even
though, deep down, every-
one knows this is a lie.