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GMBS Accepting Submissions

Mental health group Good Morning Bedtime Story (GMBS), an organization I work for during my spare time, is still accepting submissions for their campaign, Be Kind, and shall continue to indefinitely do so until otherwise stated.

Today, the ‘selfie’ movement has taken the world by storm, and GMBS wishes to use this medium to promote the advocating of mental health awareness.

If you are passionate about mental health; if you enjoy frequently taking photos of your beautiful features; if you spend just as much time in front of a camera as you do elsewhere, GMBS would really appreciate your involvement.

‘Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle’ is the organization’s slogan. If you wouldn’t mind recording yourself saying this one line, and submitting it to GMBS, they would be very grateful.

Submissions can be produced in any number of ways; instead of saying the line, you could write it on a piece of paper and hold it up for the world to see; or, you could introduce yourself; ‘I’m (insert name) from (insert place)’, followed by the line; there are no limits on imagination.

Please send any and all submissions to: with BE KIND in the subject line.


Any recordings will need to be done pro bono, because GMBS regretfully does not have the funds to compensate people for their time. Just know, they will appreciate your involvement, and shall pay you with admiration.

This campaign will be presented on the GMBS YouTube channel.

The Rarest Chance

‘X’ marks the spot upon my heart
from where you have touched me
with your voice that ought
to be a permanent feature
in the halls of blessed paradise
due to its unflinching attractive
qualities. I would ride in upon
a steed as to not disappoint
your expectations of a man
with much class and character,
for my heart erratically beats
the moment you appear,
your presence trickling
across my soul every moment
my eyes come across your form.

But this facade is only
ever orchestrated because
I am neither skilled
nor a pleasure to look upon,
and never would my fickle form
be sold to a dazzling young maiden
like yourself. I have seen the men
that all the ladies I have witnessed
come before choose to have
and hold through all the days
of their lives, and I have bawled
my eyes out upon acquiring
the wounded notion
that never would I have that which
these prior men did have granted
to them, to see their dreams

But never did I howl
so loudly with an untold emotion
than the night I realised
I would never have you
with me, for my body heaves
with a passion so intense
at the thought of your love
within my heart; your voice
within my ear; your personality
drifting across my pillowed soul;
your flesh atop of mine.
I adore you my lady (although never
shall you be mine) in a way
that I could never be adored
by you, and so the sound
of wet droplets colliding
with the surfaces of the floor
will reach the ears of many
this night, and all the nights
to come, because to never have you
is the most heinous pain of all.

How could I ever convince
the face of rarest beauty
to lie down beside me in bed
this night and keep my frozen
soul warm as the darkest hours
pass by the windows upon the moon
taking shape in the blackened
world beyond. The stars
in the skies above leave
to an infinite number of worlds,
but no woman on any of them
combined will ever make me tremble
so, with a passionate anxiety,
the way your existence does.
To know that you are out there
this night is enough to give me
pause, for as long as your lungs
breathe, your heart beats,
and your soul lingers upon this here
Earth, there is always the chance,
the rarest chance, that you might
fall in love with me.