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My Antarctic Muse

If you be the Antarctic,
then I am definitely a tourist vessel
resting hapless on the ocean surface,
waiting with much trepidation
for your shoreline to be revealed
to me on the horizon of your heart.
I certainly am not ordinary,
and I do not wish to tour
the foundations of your mortal frame,
but explore you passionately forever
so that the broken parts of my heart,
that nearly not be beating,
become whole once again.
That cold chill running down your spinal column
will be my frostbitten fingers,
frozen in place by the wishful affection
I long for you to bestow upon me.
Like the great Antarctic continent,
not every inch of you has been explored,
and I want to be the first man alive
to name the darling parts of you,
and although I originally arrived
at my port of harbour
with an aching in my chest,
upon me kissing your liquid lips,
the sun shall shine upon my restless spirit.
No longer will fatigue
have grabbed me during the cold
of what feels to be a never ending winter,
and my body will be warmed by yours
in the initial moments of sweet blessing.
Where once I was loaded
down with excess baggage,
now I be free at last eternal,
and I cannot wait to tell you
how much of you I adore.
From the beauty of your intellect
that be as attractive as the Aurora Borealis,
and the romantic notions of your passion
that be as warm as a volcano which has never once been dormant,
to the ample peaks of your luscious chest
that be like icebergs rising above the surface of the sea.
These I long to pluck
with lips that not be touched by caution,
and if my lips become stuck to your flesh,
permanently will I remain kissing your tender skin,
whilst your legs curve around
like the ocean on the edges of this fair continental frame.
With these words said aloud for all to hear,
might I say that I truly, unendingly love you,
and that is an undying fact;
now let me warm you from the cold and together,
we shall become one forevermore.

Alexia Version II

There is a fire burning
on the ocean, the waves
falling apart like leaves.
This fire is in my heart; my
passion is never ending.

To be with you is a fantasy,
one which shall never come
to pass. I can dream it; I can
think it, but it will never be.

What words can I use to
describe Alexia that have not
been used before? What words
available at my beck and call
could describe such a perfect being?

What words dare a soporific
love poet loathed and unwanted
use to convey to the young
damsel he admires so, that, like
a moth, he would follow her to
the ends of the Earth if
that were ever possible,

for it just breaks my heart when I
see a beautiful woman with
a sad look upon her face, for
nobody so ravishing should
ever look quite so broken hearted.

In this state, your hair looks
messy and your skin distraught and
yet, still, there is not another
young woman in sight I
would rather kiss but you.

I am naturally morose on the
other hand, so to be this way is
in my nature. You however are
naturally beautiful and
so you should always be.

Alexia, your appearance
reminds me of caramel; soft,
light brown, seductive and
beautiful, sticking to every
surface you come in contact with.
Nobody would ever wish to
remove something that tasted
so good from their person.

 You will never know my feelings
Alexia, for I shall never
speak such words. Perhaps my
inadequacy should be
commended, for pain is all
that could ever be found in an
infatuation revealed.

Negativity may run through
this piece, but my heart runs through
it more, and although my lips
remain closed up when within your
proximity, always I am
tempted to say three words to you:

I want you; and yet, still I fail.
The look on your face; the smile on
my heart, never the two shall meet, for
although my feelings are very
real, no perfect girl like you
could ever truly accept them.

For you see me, but you don’t see
me. I’m the outsider the
outsiders don’t hang out with. You’ve
seen me five plus times or more and
yet you don’t even know my name.

I don’t even compute to you;
I am a virus on your
firewall; an enigma on
your mainframe; an entity
that should never belong to you

and yet, I would do anything
to be noticed. I would scream and
bang my head if it meant gaining
your attention, but what
on Earth would I then say?

Ultimately, I deserve
the silence, for I certainly
do not deserve you. I only
hope the man that you have
dedicated your love to is
deserving of your affection.