Passion Dance – Poetry Reading

At this here link: is a reading of a poem I had published last year. It is about the interpretation of 13 as an unlucky numeral, whilst attempting to find another approach to looking at this supposedly unlucky number.
On a side note, I think my interpretative performance of the poem might be a little deranged, and I believe it might be pertinent to note an f-bomb also makes an appearance.

Hope you enjoy guys!


About totalovrdose

I am an online journalist, video game reviewer, mental health advocate and post graduate university student. I am a massive video gaming geek; a lover of intellectual conversations; an award winning procrastinator; a devilishly charming nuisance and the definition of 'fun' (sometimes). My blog is filled with many a soporific love poem, and is simply the beginning in my quest to become a published author. Please stop by and say 'Hi!' (that rhymes!) :D

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