Let me Love you

At first you will be puzzled;
you will neither comprehend
or understand, but as I continue
to speak, you will gradually see
the light, and the truth shall
then be known; you are reflected
in my heart dear paramour,
as though I were a mirror
to your soul, born only
to be plucked by your fine fingers.
Extend your hand to mine
over the coming decades together,
this ageless affair touching
every follicle of tender romance
blossoming along the veins
of our endearment, and once complete,
set my soul ablaze with the rumours
of your passion, brighter
than any star. Send a shudder
through my bones with but a single
touch, and with a kiss from those crimson
lips of yours, brandished like a weapon,
shut down my defenses
and comatose my mind
in a dream of fantastic romance,
blossuming more sumptuously
than any floral field. Aghast,
I stand before this pasture of gorgeousness
handed down by nature and perfumed
with your scent, this spell
of dream-like beauty saturating me
in the warmth of pleasurable content
beyond all sweet possibility.

About totalovrdose

I am an online journalist, video game reviewer, mental health advocate and post graduate university student. I am a massive video gaming geek; a lover of intellectual conversations; an award winning procrastinator; a devilishly charming nuisance and the definition of 'fun' (sometimes). My blog is filled with many a soporific love poem, and is simply the beginning in my quest to become a published author. Please stop by and say 'Hi!' (that rhymes!) :D

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