The Loneliness of New Year’s Night

Bless thy loneliness o’
shackled heart on New
Year’s night, the sky
amass with exploding
candles. Is that a tear
which crawls across
my cheek in
remembrance of
another year that lies
behind the charcoal
dreams that are my
life, dancing wickedly
on the floor? Is it too
much to wish upon the
moon for the blessing
of romantic
endearment for my so
fractured soul, or is it
my ill-fated destiny to
remain scarred by a
loneliness from which
reprieve is unavailable?
Before me, a door to a
future that is as of yet
unwritten stands,
unyielding. A teardrop
of decay falls upon
the aging handle,
stained by the sweat of
former human pores
that greeted this here
object with a handshake
so satisfying that alas, it
did open unto a world
beyond the realms that
which the eyes had
never seen. But I hardly
think my future exists
within a circumstance
of sociability, and with
those final words which
stain this page, I do
presume it is to be only
my shadow and I
alone tonight on the eve
of 2014.


About totalovrdose

I am an online journalist, video game reviewer, mental health advocate and post graduate university student. I am a massive video gaming geek; a lover of intellectual conversations; an award winning procrastinator; a devilishly charming nuisance and the definition of 'fun' (sometimes). My blog is filled with many a soporific love poem, and is simply the beginning in my quest to become a published author. Please stop by and say 'Hi!' (that rhymes!) :D

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  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    I also was alone New Year’s eve. My son was at a beach house with his friends. I feel you, I do, and knowing people are out there and sociable (but also drunk, violent…. but also overjoyed & loving life… but also tired & just want to get home….), I was determined in my mind not to dwell too are on what I imagined “should be” the situation on NYE. I just accepted I had a wonderful night alone – didn’t have to make dinner – and I enjoyed it! My headspace could have got me that night, but it didn’t.

    This poem is good (love the decayed teardrop), it speaks it so, so well.

    • I am glad that although you were alone NYE you were able to enjoy the evening, and I am additionally glad I was not the only one who spent NYE in a style that was not exactly the stereotypically glamorous backdrop many normally associate with such an occasion,
      Thank you for yet another enjoyably excellent comment. I appreciate it!

  2. Hi, I’ve nominated you for the blog of 2013 Award! I hope you’ll accept!

    • Wow, thank you! This will be my seventh nomination! I feel so awesome! Thank you for honoring me with such a rare award! You are far too kind! I appreciate you taking the time to read, comment and grant me this! 😀 😀 😀 Very flattered!

      • I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of the award than you! You’re an amazing blogger and your poetry definitely runs deeper than what meets the eye on first glance! (I’m not surprised that it’s your seventh nomination for the same Award!:D And thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot to me! 🙂 😉

      • Couldn’t think of anyone else more deserving than me? Oh that is so sweet – in fact I don’t think ten tonnes of sugar could be anywhere near as sweet as such a comment. Your words are beyond kind!

  3. You deserve to have a hand to hold every day, not just on NYE. Sad, but beautifully expressed poem.

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