Upon the Moment of Love’s Tender Touch

‘I’ll go out with you for dinner’
said the woman who had attracted
my attention span, but never
would she really like me; want me;
love me, so it be pointless to accept
her invitation, unless she is capable
of proving her affections to me.
I never asked her to go to bed
with me; just to prove her love
was true, and since such a concept
is obviously far too difficult
for her to comprehend, it is obvious
that I am not to be blessed paramour
of a future yet to see the sun
of a new day; I am simply a stand-in,
until the moment she meets
the man she can truly love,
and once again I will find myself
essentially alone upon this tragedy
coming to fruition, and my shadow
is all I shall have for company;
and that is the worst fate any romantic
could possibly ever endure.

About totalovrdose

I am an online journalist, video game reviewer, mental health advocate and post graduate university student. I am a massive video gaming geek; a lover of intellectual conversations; an award winning procrastinator; a devilishly charming nuisance and the definition of 'fun' (sometimes). My blog is filled with many a soporific love poem, and is simply the beginning in my quest to become a published author. Please stop by and say 'Hi!' (that rhymes!) :D

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  1. This is so heartbreaking… but so true. I feel like a ton of people can relate to this at one point or another. I’ve been a “stand-in” before and it’s worse than going through a break up. A stand-in makes me feel used. Draining yourself with someone just so they can be fueled with energy to give to another person? Count me out. You’re really good at capturing the essential emotions in such awful situations. I’m glad that a hint of hope exists within your poetry, though. The speaker in this poem sees things for what they are and embraces himself and his romantic ways regardless of rejection.

    • Thank you Ma’am! I appreciate you taking the time to read this piece and to write quite possibly one of the longest comments I have ever received! 😀
      I agree with you that this post can be relatable, however initially, this ideology did not cross my mind. As writers, I think we sometimes vomit up ideas upon the page, and sometimes they make sense, and on these rare and wondrous occasions, readers are able to connect emotionally and/or spiritually with our connotations.
      I’m sorry that you have been a ‘stand-in’ Ma’am, although I personally find this hard to believe. If your writing says anything about you, you seem like a powerfully imaginative, intelligent and very intriguing young woman; certainly not the definition of a ‘stand-in’.
      Additionally, I’m glad you enjoyed the somewhat positive ideas I injected into the piece. Recently, someone commented that a vast number of my pieces were super depressing, and so, to ensure I was not carted off by men in white coats to a rubber room, I decided to add some optimism into my pieces.
      Again, thank you for the comment Ma’am!

      • Well, this is by far the longest response I have ever received on WordPress! I appreciate it, it’s truly very thoughtful. ^_^ Thank you for the kind words as well! And you are most welcome for the comment. Meant every word, my friend.

        Poetry is in many ways a catharsis. It’s an inspiration, but at the same time expiration. Continual “depressing” work produced by a writer does not necessary suggest a dark soul, rather one that is awakening by alleviating itself via the beautiful art of poetry.

        I sincerely look forward to your future posts!

      • I really like your ideology on the writing of poetry. I had thought that poetry could be used like an unconventional punching bag, for writers to remove any internal baggage weighing upon their minds, however I had never thought to describe it in such a beautiful way, or think of it as a soul that is ‘awakening’. This is quite an original and intriguing idea Ma’am. Nice! 😀

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