The Fallen Feelings of my Heart

I thought I knew what love was
but I didn’t know at all
until I fell for you the moment our eyes met,
and break this spell I never could,
for never was there anything more Heavenly
than in the moments I found my eyes watching you.

Did your hand fall from your wrist
and strike my heart until it was but yours
to hold and to command?
Fell upon your spell I did
in the moment of our chance encounter.
Never did you mean to ensnare me
for I be not a dashingly handsome young man
who could ever offer you the world.

Just as I know the sky is blue
and the grass is green,
I know I am not the man you are looking to spend forever with.
You smile before you retort –
sometimes the grass is yellow
and sometimes the sky is black,
and sometimes, love can be found in the strangest of places,
and tonight, love is in your arms.
These words are of course not of your own,
but of my unconscious delirium
as I find myself awoken a moment later
from a dream, one of which I will neither return to,
in this one, or the world I recently exited.

But I would cry an ocean of tears
if it meant that the liquid which floods
my eyes allows me to see you once more.
Turn to me young lady, just this once,
so my day could be brilliant,
for one look at you will leave me feeling complete.
Rarely do I have the option
of setting my sights on yours,
and what would I not do in my desperate act
to see you again before the day turns to night
and the chance that I crave is gone from me?

If I be not fool enough in life,
then love it seems will bear the brunt of irony’s humour,
for love you do another man,
and soon will come a time when chime do those wedding bells,
but never shall they sing for me and you;
only for you and your beloved.

Like a bottomless pit you are,
and I have fallen into you,
and just like there will be no end
to the breeze that ripples across my clothes,
never will my feelings falter,
and yet, never will you feel nor fall for me.

About totalovrdose

I am an online journalist, video game reviewer, mental health advocate and post graduate university student. I am a massive video gaming geek; a lover of intellectual conversations; an award winning procrastinator; a devilishly charming nuisance and the definition of 'fun' (sometimes). My blog is filled with many a soporific love poem, and is simply the beginning in my quest to become a published author. Please stop by and say 'Hi!' (that rhymes!) :D

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  1. oh man, my heart just broke reading this. you and i may just be a couple of broken hearted fools who make it sound good sometimes.

    • That is such an amazing description PM! ‘Two broken hearted fools who make it sound good sometimes.’
      Yeah, but on the other hand ma’am, I am a greedy devil and I want to feel good sometimes, and that is why we sometimes write poetry – to remove that which is causing us so much ache to, I don’t know, feel better. Our pain becomes the pleasure of those who read, because heartache is one of the most relatable stories around.
      I’m sorry your heart broke though PM! Might recommend some good glue…
      Thank you as always for your comment ma’am. Your words are always welcome.

      • funny you should say that why we write poetry. in my email to you i was wondering why i’m putting up with the catastrophe that never tires to break my heart. i saw you change your photo on facebook too. exchanging the frown for a smile, are we?

      • I’m sorry about the catastrophe that is harming your heart PM. I only know you through online communication, but I don’t really enjoy reading your words when you are hurt – it’s quite saddening because you seem so free, easy going and inspirational. I do hope that you and I find what we are looking for and end our tormenting sufferings.
        On a lighter subject, about Facebook, I didn’t realise I was frowning in the last photo…honestly, I have the worst smile. The smile I have in the Facebook photo is actually fake. I needed at least five takes to get that one good image! I have this creepy smile in real life, so fake, although insincere, looks a little more, what’s the word – human. This is also the photo I have been using on Twitter for a while now. Are you on Twitter ma’am?

      • please don’t be sorry. my fault for submitting myself in this exercise of agony. sometimes i just want to take my heart out and make it stop so things get better, you know? it’s hard to be strong, i found. it’s hard to believe when you’re the only believer. i wish we find what we’re looking for. i’m not putting my hopes up though. or maybe i should. you can’t break a broken heart further, can you? creepy, fake smile, huh? got to see it to believe it.

      • Trust me, you don’t wanna see my creepy smile ma’am, so don’t tempt me! Helen of Troy’s beauty caused the Greeks to launch a thousand ships to reclaim her from the Trojans. If I had been there, smiling on the beach of Troy when the Greeks arrived, they would have sailed back from whence they came. It is creepy stuff PM! Powerfully creepy!

      • you got to try and see things at least once in this life, mr. childs. most times it isn’t as bad or as good as we think.

      • oh sorry, forgot to answer the bit on twitter. no, not on it. one or a couple platforms are enough to display my incompetence, i reckon.

      • Ma’am, you are many a thing, but incompetent – that I am yet to see! But I do see the point in only having a couple platforms – trying to remember all ’em passwords. Nasty business!

      • yes, that is something i find hard to organize too. not too brilliant when it comes to that.

      • Totally.
        Odd note – a blogger just commented on this poem here and said, with regards to our prior comments on this post, ‘you two are lucky, maybe you don’t understand what I mean, but once you do’, followed by a smile and a wink. Is he suggesting something?
        I thought I’d ask you because I am not entirely sure how I should respond to his comment. Any ideas?

      • i can’t see the comment myself as i’m only on my mobile. hang on, let me try to look it up on my laptop. i’m actually writing back on your email right now. but try as i might, we’re lucky because we’re a couple of broken hearted fools? haha that can’t be right, can it?

      • (shrugs shoulders) I am at a loss for words at the moment ma’am.

      • okay here we are, i read the comment. sometimes it’s entertaining reading comment threads. i guess this one had a grand time. it’s still a bit cryptic but oh well. the blogger said may we don’t understand what it meant so there you go. isn’t it already morning there, mr. childs? you’re on extended duty?

      • Actually it’s only 11:35 pm. Besides, I sleep about as well as I can fly, so I can maintain my awake status for a little while longer ma’am.
        Thank you for reading the comment and helping me out PM! 😀

      • sometimes i get confused with three hours or two hours time difference. i fancy that actually, how two people can be standing at the same time on different times. 🙂

      • Yeah, I have thought about that myself ma’am. It is kind of radical to think about. Often I attempt to put up post when I think a majority of my adoring fans (chuckle!) will be awake, but it sure is difficult! Why can’t everywhere on one side of the world be one time, and everywhere on the other side be another? Wouldn’t that make so much more sense?

      • haha that may be a good idea, posting around that time. i just hit the publish button like whatever, you know? guess i don’t have adoring fans to think of. hmm… i think, if everyone just went in one direction, one time, things would make more sense. i can’t be sure.

      • When I rule the world, that will be my first matter of business!

      • okay, get on it quick and fix all that needs fixing.

      • Might take a few years before I’m in office ma’am! I’m just a stereotypical Australian boy with delusions of grandeur! I need supporters first! Oh, and money. Don’t know where I might find 70 trillion dollars, do you?

      • that may need some serious planning then but the faster you make it happen, the better.

      • smiling again, there you go. i replied to your email btw.

      • Thank you ma’am – currently replying now. 😀

      • go for it, mr. childs. looking forward.

  2. Oh guys… the post and comments are awesome… Actually you two are lucky. . . May you don’t understand what I meant. But once you will… 🙂 😉

    • Thank you for the comment! Appreciate it!
      You are not wrong – I do not understand what you mean. But if I ever do, I’ll be sure to respond to it! Thank you again! 😀

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