The Place I Wish I Was Right Now

‘We should do it’ she cried,
‘it sounds like fun’, the portal
but an inch from closing.
‘I am uncertain’ stated I,
‘I am weighed down with doubt;
what if we cannot get back?’
‘Nonsense’ said she, ‘you shouldn’t
talk like that, boys should
be more gung ho.’ ‘Okay Alex’
I said, ‘let’s do this’ and the
two of us walked in.

The portal closed upon
arrival; it was instant and
quick, our world now long
gone. Instead of a house,
we stood now in a yard
of graves, the name on one
tombstone looking quite
familiar. ‘Derek’ it was written,
and the last name was ‘Childs’,
yet the child-like ambience
was now all but gone.

‘Where do you think mine is?’
asked Alex, before seeing my
face and she said ‘I’m sure it
means nothing’ and yet, I was
not thinking about me. The
tombstone meant death and
yet it was not mine, but at
the same time, it could very
well have being. I thought of
what could have happened;
how this could have come
to pass, and I was filled
with life, not dread.

What did this Derek do? Was
he at all like me? Did anyone
love him? Did his death
mean anything; sacrifice or
martyr, or was it purely
meaningless? Was it his fate
or was it chosen for him? Did
he accomplish his endeavours
or leave behind a life
unfinished? I noticed not any
tombstones that bore resemblance
to his and pondered who, if
anyone had been left behind.

A wife perhaps; several
adoring children, or were there
no family to speak of; was
he a loner like me? If so,
his death was warranted
for even I on occasion had
longed for the blood to bleed
forth from my body. If not,
and there were indeed loved
ones to speak of, then
even I would be content
with a death like that.

Stereotypically, perhaps not
a happy conclusion, but
not all endings are. If he
was loved and his life was
fulfilled, then maybe there
was still hope for me. ‘This
is why we came here’ I said,
‘now I know what I must
do; I must live life now, and
leave behind a cadaver
worthy of recognition.’

My words may seem
heartless but are with
absolute certainty not untrue,
as the portal we arrived
through appeared once more.
With one last look at my
entombed reflection, Alex
and I left behind the yard
and returned to the one we
unfortunately lived in. Death
be not joyous, but it’s where
we all go, and at least my
story now had a beginning.

About totalovrdose

I am an online journalist, video game reviewer, mental health advocate and post graduate university student. I am a massive video gaming geek; a lover of intellectual conversations; an award winning procrastinator; a devilishly charming nuisance and the definition of 'fun' (sometimes). My blog is filled with many a soporific love poem, and is simply the beginning in my quest to become a published author. Please stop by and say 'Hi!' (that rhymes!) :D

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  1. Great’. The same quality we have come to expect from your posts.

  2. what message could possibly be written in your tombstome, you reckon, mr. childs?

    • I don’t know, hopefully something naughty…

      • the best i got is “i told you i’m dying” 😆

      • Yeah, that will do Ms. PM. Thank you. Now, all I need is for you to write a good obituary for me and my death will be, well, I wouldn’t say ‘good’ but somewhat ‘entertaining.’ 😀

      • it’ll begin with “it was fun knowing and not knowing mr. childs, and now he’s dead.” people are going to say, well that escalated quickly 😆

      • Really? That’s it? Well, there really isn’t much space in the obits section is there? At least it was fun Ms. PM! Thank you kindly. 😀

      • i said that’s the beginning, mr. childs. i didn’t say that’s it.

      • Oh, I am deeply apologetic Ms PM! I should have realised that a writer of your extraordinary caliber would not have halted at me being ‘fun’. You of course have not yet added how amazing and fabulous and awesome I am. Silly me! 😀 Oh and don’t forget pretentiously egotistical!

      • for sure mr. childs, we’re all delusional here, aren’t we? what a great life we have. oh sorry, i forgot we’re talking about your death.

      • Well, at least your humorous Ms. PM. Least when I am gone I won’t be going alone. Anyone who reads your obituary will die laughing and I will have me self some company.

      • or i can die writing it. then i get to high five you on the highway to…. 😆

      • to…where? Heaven? Hell? Purgatory? Besides, if you died whilst writing it then my obit is incomplete and nobody will read it! 😀
        Can we stop talking about death now? I realise I wrote about it but this is becoming morbidly depressing!

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