I Live to say I love you

SYNOPSIS: A final confession to a woman that one could never attain about the way one feels inside.


I live to say I love you, these words I speak are true,
for without you in my life, I’m lost for what to do.
Without you standing by my side I frequently feel so foul,
I need you like oxygen and have to be with you somehow.
For I am caught within the intoxicated aroma of your life;
there is nothing I would never do to have you as my wife.

When without you I‘m not whole, on the contrary I am broken,
these feelings I have for you can no longer remain unspoken.
I want to love thee forever, but perhaps I ask too much,
for the hands of humans and fair angels do in fact not touch.
But perhaps this is not love, perhaps it’s nothing more than greed;
to have you in my life eternal, I swear I will succeed.

You are yet to have met a man you could not turn into a lover;
you have the looks of a fair angel and the wisdom of your mother.
Please, if you would dare, look into my eyes, for within them you shall see
that the two of us are destined to live together in harmony.
You have always owned my heart for you are beautiful, elegant and strong
and because of these fabulous qualities I have loved you all along.

Your love is just so secretive and yet it stands out just so clear,
losing you to eternity is the one thing I always fear.
Your unfathomably gorgeous good looks fuel my body like gasoline,
for your riveting beauty is unlike anything I have ever seen.
Through all the many years that have passed us by I have watched you so lovingly.
Congratulations on the wedding. I hope the man you love makes you happy.

About totalovrdose

I am an online journalist, video game reviewer, mental health advocate and post graduate university student. I am a massive video gaming geek; a lover of intellectual conversations; an award winning procrastinator; a devilishly charming nuisance and the definition of 'fun' (sometimes). My blog is filled with many a soporific love poem, and is simply the beginning in my quest to become a published author. Please stop by and say 'Hi!' (that rhymes!) :D

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  1. Oh this is so heartfelt – and the ending gave me a jolt! 😦

  2. Beautifully painful.
    Some good rhymes and imageries too.
    Keep writing Derek, would love to watch your poetry grow =)

    • Thank you Jeszlene! Oh, you’re too sweet! Careful with that positive attitude – might just appoint you to be my marketing agent.

      • Fo sho, I’ll give out a couple of marketing shout outs for free, then I’ll start charging you an arm and a leg! hahaa…

        Well, you’ve been sweet too, and kindness begets kindness, so thank YOU for starting this cycle of positivity! =)

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