Sixty Something Love Quotes

SYNOPSIS: 63 quotes in regards to love

-true love is permanent.

-permission and chance is all that is required to begin a romance fulfilled.

-love is a timeless passion that echoes through the ages.

-like the wind and the air I breathe, love is something that is seen, but is never seen – something that is there, but never there – something that exists, but has no physical proof of its existence. It is the invisible killer of the heart, the fire that burns inside my soul and the one thing that keeps me going.

-I can’t offer you much, but I can offer you my heart. There was a time when that meant something.

-I promised to always love you. I have this insatiable habit of keeping my promises, so you needn’t ever fear me leaving you behind.

-never give up on love. It will never give up on you.

-who is the bigger loser? Someone who tries and fails to acquire that which they love most? Or someone who fails to try?

-a moment of change is a moment still, and a moment lost is a moment never found.

-I swore I would never love again – to preserve the memory of the last love I lost so lousily. But like all of the world’s most hated hypocrite’s, I could not even keep that one, simple promise, and here I stand for all to see – longing for a beautiful woman to come kiss me and begin a relationship everlasting.

-forever is a long time, but in regards to love, it ain’t nearly long enough.

-you can cheat on love, but love will never cheat on you.

-true beauty is on the outside. Pure beauty is on the inside.

-does love giveth life to the human heart, or does love taketh away? Who really is victim in the game of love, and who really is foe? Who will dare fight against love, who will dare go toe to toe?

-when I have eyes for someone I have eyes for someone; I don’t have eyes for anyone else.

-I believe we are all given lips at birth as to kiss the one’s we love.

-if I ask you to ‘shut up’, it isn’t because I hate your voice. It’s because I can’t kiss you while you’re talking.

-sex is the universal language.

-poetry is the ultimate seductress – her truthfulness is the glue.

-we can’t be doing that bad as a species, right? We have golden beaches, great towering cities, beautiful women, and this wonderful emotion called ‘love’. Now, tell me again, what is wrong with the human race?

-making love and having sex are so vastly different that calling them similar is downright outrageous.

-love making is an art form; it ought to be hung for all to see so that all who look upon its rare gorgeousness know exactly what such beauty truly is; ravishing and sublime.

-when you run out of words to describe the way you feel; when you can no longer express your love through a delicate kiss or a simple touch – then the only way left to show how much you feel is to make sweet, passionate love to the one you love and lust for as long as your beating heart will allow.

-red sky at morning? Someone’s heart must have been broken last night – I only hope it was not mine.

-the heart is but an organ. However, that don’t mean love can’t hurt it.

-breaking someone’s heart is considered criminal. So why ain’t their criminal punishment for it?

-you always want what you cannot have, so if I long for you, then that must mean you are to almost always be out of reach.

-sometimes the truth sucks, but a lie sucks even more. I guess it just depends how strong you wish the vacuum to be.

-is it better to be loved or hated? If someone loves you, it could be for nefarious reasons. If someone hates you, they hate you – nothing more to it.

-love triangles are reckless and dangerous. Like the Bermuda Triangle, people simply disappear. If triangles of love are so formidable, then a love cube must be something of hell’s most dire creation.

-love is the only feeling in all the world where you can feel unspeakable agony, whip-whirling emotions and a total loss of self control – and still adore every minute of it.

-taking risks in general is dangerous. Taking risks for love, or for a woman, is mandatory.

-an individual who will not stand up for love is an individual who shouldn’t stand at all.

-those who fight for country are courageous. But shouldn’t those who fight for love be too?

-the death of a dream means the death of a part of you. Never give up on them, no matter how foolish or ridiculous they seem.

-like birds, word of love rapidly migrates. Unlike birds however, it happens once every minute rather than once every year.

-true love means nothing without true meaning. When you love someone, you shouldn’t be attracted to anyone else.

-‘I love you, but…’ is not a fathomable sentence. How can you love someone, but…you cannot. You can but love someone and you can but not love someone, however, you cannot ever love but.

-love is love is love. It either is love or it isn’t. There is no in-between.

-sacrificing oneself, no matter how selfish the act might appear, is the ultimate sign of love.

-an infatuation is not love, just wishful thinking of a desire that never comes to fruition.

-love me, and I’ll love you. Hate me, and you’ll receive the same punishment.

-the loudest sound ever recorded was the breaking of the human heart.

-if you surrender your heart, be prepared for it to be taken prisoner.

-when you are infatuated with someone you see them as this picture perfect person without flaws or imperfections. Then when you finally see them for who they are, you realise you were once blinded, but no longer, for they are not the person you wanted them to be. They are but a shadow of the creation that you held in your heart and mind, for your initial infatuation was blinding you from seeing the truth – that they are not the one you seek to hold in your heart of hearts – they are not the one you seek to spend your life with for all eternity – they are no one at all.

-love has no equal. It makes its own choices; its own rules; its own regulations. We are its slaves, and never can it be defeated.

-one cannot live without that which is a part of them.

-if staring is considered rude, then whoever designed the opposite sex should never have made them so beautiful.

-if stealing property makes you a thief, then who are you if you steal away someone’s breath or their heart?

-the human heart is stronger than you may think. It can be bludgeoned, it can be bent, it can be broken, and even then it can still amaze you.

-everyday you wait for something good to happen is a day you will never get back. Find the one thing that makes you happy now, and hold onto that person forever.

-I don’t like to think of myself as a romantic, but as a realist. True love is as real as anything, and everyone should know this.

-a kiss means nothing, even a first one. It’s the passion behind it that has meaning.

-like all the best occupations, love is one you never wish to be fired from

-one should never say ‘I love you’ until they truly mean it. Even if the one they love says it first, one should never say the words until they truly mean them.

-if you don’t believe in love, what is your reason? For love has no reason not to believe in you.

-can’t breathe? Can’t eat? Butterflies in your stomach? Rapidly beating heart? Only one person on your mind? You must be in love! Enjoy this feeling my friend – enjoy this cursed pain, for it will not last that long.

-love is painful. If you are not in pain when the one you love is gone, then you should leave them be.

-I like the ideology behind monogamy cuz I like the idea of there being one person out there for me.

-love means something to me, even if it doesn’t to anyone else. I never feel it with ease.

-I have not yet found my true love, and in not doing so, I have not yet truly lived.

-attraction, feelings, emotions – all of these are but chemicals in the bloodstream. I choose to call them ‘love’ because it is my wish, my desire, my endeavor, to spend my life with that which makes me happiest – and I have never been happier than when I have felt these chemicals rippling throughout my system.

-‘I love you’ are but 3 random words joined together. I give them meaning by choice.

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  1. That’s a great collection of quotes. Thank you for sharing. =]

  2. These quotes are so down-to-earth and inspiring. I love (and can related to) ALL of them, and I can’t wait to read more of your posts in the future. Don’t ever stop writing please or else a lot of people will be really sad!! (:

    • Wow! Thank you Mvagbulos! Your comments is very inspiring! I appreciate your words and am glad that you found enjoyment in mine. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

      • It’s just Nelli, and no problem (; Your writing style is so inspiring and I can totally see you becoming a published and famous poet/writer one day! Your words are seriously touching my heart so much, ahaha.

      • I’d be careful Nelli (sorry ‘bout the name last post)…you write another comment like this and I’m gonna hire you to be my publicist. =D
        Thank you again for your kind, kind words. It is comments like these that make me proud to have started this blog in the first place! 😀

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