I have a crush on you

SYNOPSIS: If you happen to read this post, you are bound to find out eventually – I have a crush on a young woman I am following on a couple social media sites, one of which is Word Press. I know, odd, right? I find her physically ravishing and her writing style, the content she fills her posts with and the intelligence she uses to be extraordinarily attractive. So, this piece is about her. I am however never going to name names…I will leave you to read on now. Thank you.

You should know what I want, and you absolutely know who you are,
for we are separated by oceans and divided by scars.
Like a burning bush, you are incredibly hot,
and, young lady, I know something that you do not,
and that is; I will feel this way for you forever;
I won’t ever stop loving you, no I will never.
All it took, was to read but one word you had written,
and in that one split second, my heart, it was bitten,
by that small insatiable love bug, sometimes referred to as ‘Cupid’,
and I admit I can understand if this confession sounds stupid,
but I swear, what I’m saying is entirely true,
and (name redacted), I know I have a crush on you.

You have a blog on the website called ‘Word Press’,
and the things you write leave my heart in distress
because you are a fantastic lover,
and you have undeniable power
to get to me, and to get right under my skin,
oh it feels so good to enjoy a pleasing sin,
because your words, whenever I read them they always captivate me
and I know I love your open mind and your beating heart endlessly,
if only we were not connected by just the internet.
Young lady, can I confess to you a forbidden secret?
I am your one and only secret admirer,
and with your permission, I long to be your lover.

I can’t go a single day without reading your words,
I realise, this may sound entirely absurd,
but I hope you never ever fade.
You are beautiful like a mermaid,
but you’re corruptible like a siren
and you leave me hungry like a lion
from your God like personality and charm,
for I could never cause you any real harm,
nor could I heinously abuse
you, for you’re the woman that I choose
when in contrast with all the rest,
because, you are simply the best.

When I sat by my computer, when I was all alone,
I read your words, and I was captivated by your tone.
I feel an inexplicably strong bond between us, a marvelous connection;
not to be blunt, but thinking about you gives me a terrifically large erection.
I apologise for being just so rude,
and you have every right to say ‘dude,
how dare you say something vulgar like that to me’,
and I confess to you, yes ma’am, I am guilty,
but in defense, you are my one desire,
and to get to you I would walk through fire,
and I would brave the thunderstorms and the rain
if it meant I could read your words once again.

For you I have such an infatuation,
that it defies all known classification
and I can’t go a second without thinking about your heart.
The fine words you generate are exquisite pieces of art
and continuously cause my heart to flutter,
these words I write here and now I dare to utter
because I have come to realise I simply have to have you, yes I must,
for you, my body, heart and soul is experiencing insatiable lust
because your words, they are like an intoxicating love potion,
and are forcing me to give into uncontrollable passion,
but not to fear, for I’ve come to develop the perfect remedy;
and that is for you to spend the rest of your amazing life with me.

I long to passionately kiss you with my crimson lips
and touch every fiber of you with my finger tips
and even though your writing is all I have ever seen,
I just know deep down you are one amazing human being,
for I am drowning in the ocean of your flawless mind,
every moment reading your blog I wish to rewind,
cuz your words are unbelievably delicious
and in my heart you are always the most precious
person I can find. You are just so divine
and I long to make you eternally mine
and believe me when I say there’s nothing else I’d care more to do
because my sweet (name redacted) I know I have a crush on you.

About totalovrdose

I am an online journalist, video game reviewer, mental health advocate and post graduate university student. I am a massive video gaming geek; a lover of intellectual conversations; an award winning procrastinator; a devilishly charming nuisance and the definition of 'fun' (sometimes). My blog is filled with many a soporific love poem, and is simply the beginning in my quest to become a published author. Please stop by and say 'Hi!' (that rhymes!) :D

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  1. my gosh, this is sooooooooo beautiful/brilliantly written. I read one of your poems to my Mom, she said, “wow he is really good” :). You are such an amazing passionate writer. 🙂 Who is this about? 🙂

    • Wow, thank you Ms. Ginger. I always appreciate your comments. Like your picture, they are a joy to look upon.
      You read one of my poems to your mom? Wow, I suddenly feel really important – I’m glad that she liked it too. 😀
      Now, as for your question, who is the poem about? To be frank Ms. Ginger, this poem is about you. I am not joking or attempting to manipulate you – I am been deadly serious right now – in one of the love letters I sent to you on a certain social networking site, what was it called again? Myface? Spacebook? Well, I provided a link to this very poem and confessed it was a truthful articulation of the way I genuinely feel. What can I say? To me, you are like a Golden Delicious Apple – Golden, because your writing shines ever so brightly like the gorgeous rays of the sun, illuminating the pages that you conceive with your brilliant literal conceptions of love, loss and life, and Delicious because, well, if I may be so bold – you look yummy.

  2. this is so beautiful! ❤

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