Love Letter

SYNOPSIS: Below is a love letter which is, as of yet, not addressed to anyone in particular, but revolves around the feelings a man has for a woman that he loves with a fiery passion. If you wish, you may fill in the blanks with your own name, initials, or any other requirement.

Dear Ms. Insert Last Name

Pardon me for the uninvited intrusion, but please, may I have permission to borrow a couple minutes of your time to confess to you something that has been weighing on me so?

I would very much like to ask ‘why cannot two adults simply have a conversation without there been any implied bias, hidden agenda or innuendo?’ I would like to ask this question, but sadly, I cannot, for I have a confession to make before I begin. What I have to say will not come out with ease, and I cannot promise you that it will be easy to hear. I cannot promise that it will not give way to any unforeseen consequences or repercussions. But I can promise that I will always be truthful.

So, with that said, if you do not wish to perhaps experience any complicated awkwardness that may very well be aroused by the words that shall be expressed in the letter you now read, I would ask that you stop reading immediately. I would however appreciate it if you would continue, because I would very much like for you to know the truth.

There has been something I wish to confess to you for some time now. Perhaps I am not strong enough; not courageous enough to confess such words to your face. I honestly cannot tell – all I can say to you is that I have written all that I have wanted to say into the following paragraphs of the letter you, with much hope, might still be reading.

There is something I wish to tell you, and now is as good as any place to start. There is this young woman; this intoxicatingly ravishing young woman whose beauty is above and beyond the comparison of others. She is utterly flawless Ms. Insert Last Name, and if there is anything wrong with her, I certainly cannot see nor find it.

Physically, she is, as previously mentioned, incredibly beautiful. She has this Insert Colour exotic skin, beautiful Insert Colour eyes, and deliciously Insert Colour luscious hair. On top of this, she often wears Insert Attire which on some women appears utterly ridiculous, but on her, it actually works, and exenterates her beauty, although such a thing is both unnecessary and almost impossible for she is perfect just the way she is.

However, when I say this woman is ‘beautiful’, I do not mean simply in the physical sense, but in every form imaginable. She is so irresistibly charming and has been brought up with such in-depth views and values of the world that she is often seen blossoming with such a magnificent attitude. She is so easy to communicate with, and this is made easier by the fact that she is not only quite humorous, but incredibly intelligent. Not only this, but the commitment she applies to her work, and the fact that she strives to complete of all the endeavors that she begins to the best of her ability is a very attractive quality of hers.  

On top of this, she has this smile – you know the one, and don’t for a second think I don’t know that you do! When many people smile – men and women alike, they seem so fake and insincere. I should know. I don’t think I have ever smiled a smile that was any less than one hundred per cent insincere in all my life. But, this woman, her smile is so warm, so inviting, that you cannot help but melt in its presence when she flashes those pearly whites of hers as they shine between those gorgeous crimson lips.

All jokes and insinuations aside though. If you have not realised it by now, please, allow me to openly confess. This woman of unimaginable beauty of whom I have described to you just now; this woman Ms. Insert Last Name, she is you.

This is the way I see you Ms. Insert Last Name; this is the way I have always seen you. Now, believe me when I tell you I do not have an impeccable track record when it comes to emotions and feelings of the heart. I become so easily attracted to women; but even with this said, allow me to express that it is a rare occasion when I do indeed fall in love. Attractions come and go for me, but love; love is a luxury that is very rarely supplied. When this happens; when I irrefutably fall in love, there are only two methods that can be used to cure me. I know ‘cure’; a very odd word to use, but all forms of love I feel are like viruses, for they consume my heart and soul.

These cures include the two following scenarios; one, I have a relationship with the person I have fallen madly in love with, or option two; I discover beyond a reasonable doubt that no relationship could ever times infinity occur. However, with this said, I do not believe I am ready to move on just yet, for I am really enjoying the feeling that I have inside of me, regardless of how painful it is not to have you in my life.

Now, everything I have done in my life since gaining an awareness of your existence; every breath I have breathed, every step I have taken, every job I have gained, has not been for the money; it has not been for the experience or for anything of similar quality. It has simply been so I could share this one moment with you, and finally confess to you how I feel, and so that I could perhaps be the man you required when I eventually did so.

Now, I realise that what I have said this far, and what I am about to, no doubt sounds like the words of a man who is both delusional and deranged, but honestly, I just do not care.

I moreover realise that I do not know you; I do not know your likes, your personality, your hobbies; I do not know anything about you, but that still doesn’t change the way I feel.

Additionally, I know that I will never be able to touch you; to kiss you; or to experience a moment of happiness with you; but even with this said, no matter how absurd this sounds, the truth is that I love you. With all my heart Ms. Insert Last Name, I love you. I have loved you since the moment I first laid eyes on you, and I fear I will always love you until this life of mine runs out.

Now, I understand, I truly do, if you are unable to feel the same way for me, and I realise that what I am feeling is no doubt a deranged infatuation. But I would like to think that I am old enough and mature enough to know what true love really feels like, and I know by the feelings I have when I look at you, and when I think about you, and when I dream about you, that I truly am in love with you. So, regardless if I am living in a fantasy world designed from dreams and hopes. Even if I am living a fabrication within my mind, I would much rather have this feeling, no matter how false it is, than not feel love at all; but if what I am feeling is not real love, then I do not know what is.

My question to you is this; why should I deny myself this feeling, just because it is a fake fantasy masquerading as reality within this heart of mine?

I apologise for any harm I have caused you with these words. I did not ever mean to hurt you with them. I only meant to confess to you my feelings, for it is said that one should always tell the person they love how they feel, and the person I love is you.

I realise that people in general are easily terrified by those who would confess such things. People never know what to say in such a situation, for romance is one of the most vulnerable points in the human heart. Love is cruel, but it can also be so kind. I only wish it would be kind on me, for it is love, or lack thereof, which shall eternally bar me from you. Perhaps this is for the better; better for you I mean. For with the exception of my unlimited affection, I do not know what else I have to offer you.

So, with much appreciation for reading my words; with much forgiveness for you for being unable to love me back; with much apologies for causing the harm that I have caused with my words; with much hope that one day I may be able to meet someone else that may take your place.

But until that moment comes, this young man will love you forever and always, and never will you ever be absent from this heart of mine.

Yours, forever and always,

Sincerely and with the warmest of regards,

Insert Name of your Admirer, with love



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