This Far Come

SYNOPSIS: A poem that is meant to celebrate my fiftieth post, but me thinks I go a little off track. Not surprising though…I spend half my life a little off track…

This verse here – it’s a national anthem
for all poetic demons and phantoms
lingering in the minds of writers
who wish to be brave souls and fighters
in the barren world of literature,
where one’s mind and dreams are the only cure.

I want to have true love running throughout my head,
but I have words of death and destruction instead
which makes been a romantic so painful,
while my muse; you remain so beautiful;
a flawless image of perfection
to which I give all of my passion.

I have been writing since I was very young,
since I had the ability of my tongue,
and since I could hold a pen straight in my hand.
I wanted to be revered across the land,
but been a writer, it ain’t easy to do,
and I’m certain you know this part to be true.

To my fellow writer, do not ever give in,
even if people think you are living in sin,
for if sins are so passionate, why can’t we have more,
cuz I don’t think I have loved one quite so much before.
And even if I did, writing would always come first,
for it is my stamina, my courage, and my thirst.

I am cursed to never stop writing words over and over,
just as those drunk on love are required to become sober,
for this is eternal, this is destiny,
and writing words shall one day set my heart free,
and perhaps on this day I can finally be yours,
and Heaven’s angels will grace us with their mild applause.

This may be a poem on writing, but it’s about love too,
and the young lady I love, it could only ever be you.
However, this poem is also about memory
and to tell the whole truth I will have to tell a story
about the day I truly began living and officially came alive
when I joined a band on a cold autumn’s day in April, 2005.

In our band there was Melok, Dorothy, Jason and I,
and sometimes Ashley, Kimberly, and once, the other guy.
Jason played drums and guitar and so did Dorothy,
and so did I, but lyrics and bass – they were all me.
Ashley and Kimberly, they performed our vocals and Melok was our muse,
and like a grade-A footy team, with them by our side – we never did lose.

For five years in total we performed and we played
and I only wish that together we had stayed.
But time, as it always does, it splits people apart,
and when I think back to these moments, it breaks my heart
to know that we will probably never see each other ever again.
We were not destined to be musicians; we were not destined to be friends.

We did not perform across state nor our country, just at our school,
but hey (snigger), come to think of it, we were pretty friggin’ cool.
We performed to a wide amount of audiences over the years
and heard much appreciation for our music through shouts, cries and cheers.
We were just a stereotypical Melbournian school band,
no, come to think of it we were not; no, we ruled the heartland!

Those good times, they were good, but when bad, they were terribly bad,
and I won’t talk about such moments cuz they make me real sad,
for although we have been apart for some time now, at the time we had only just left,
and such a feeling, it caused me to become so cold, lifeless and utterly bereft.
We grew up, we moved away; we became who we have grown up to be,
and although we have lost touch, I would like to think we found destiny.

I went to university, and I still am there now,
and I ain’t quite yet ready to simply throw in the towel,
for in my first year I met my beautiful creative writing tutor, Tara,
who is a poet, playwright and editor who’s originally from Canberra.
She was an expert poetic ninja and frequently cut us with her figurative swords,
wishing to turn all of us into little poetic princes, princesses, ladies and lords.

‘How dare you call that a rhyme’ she once cried, ‘whilst using that word,
for such a poetic technique is so utterly absurd.’
Another time she instructed ‘this isn’t the right rhyme to use, are you completely crazy?
But do not fret – you have me as your tutor, and we’ll make a poet out of you yet DC.’
I cannot nor ever will be able to thank Tara enough, her teachings I cannot measure,
but I know for a fact that everything she taught to me I will forever and always treasure.

And now I have a blog, which I began in December 2011.
How many months have I been actively publishing these posts? Is it eight, or seven?
I have written poems and stories about love, betrayal, redemption and other places across the world, the likes of New Orleans,
America, Spain, New York City, Europe, Australia, all of Asia, the Middle East and additionally the Philippines.
However, to this day I remain my harshest critic,
and what I have to say for myself is quite horrific;

‘this is nothing spectacular,
it’s nowhere in particular,
nothing that can’t be found in any quarter mile,
no matter the journey, the tracker or the file,
for this is a road that’s only travelled by some
but for me, I am happy – to be this far come.’

Now, I would like to thank all who have liked and commented on my many pieces,
and give a shout out to all who have followed me – thank you for your performances.
All of you have played the part of an extraordinary audience,
so please, I hope you accept my gratitude, which comes at no expense!
Of course, if you secretly dislike me, I ask that you call ASIO, the CIA and the FBI
and even then I fear the most powerful of all authorities ain’t gonna be able to stop this guy!

Cuz I would like to think that I am a writer, and I hope this to be true,
and the reason I write is not for me, no, it is for every one of you!
So thank you again for your follows, and I hope I was a gracious host,
for you are the kind of audience every human being cherishes most.
Of course, I would also like to thank the woman of my dreams, the lady who is my muse,
she however doesn’t know the role she plays yet. Should I tell her? What do I have to lose?


Cheers! Thank you for reading!

About totalovrdose

I am an online journalist, video game reviewer, mental health advocate and post graduate university student. I am a massive video gaming geek; a lover of intellectual conversations; an award winning procrastinator; a devilishly charming nuisance and the definition of 'fun' (sometimes). My blog is filled with many a soporific love poem, and is simply the beginning in my quest to become a published author. Please stop by and say 'Hi!' (that rhymes!) :D

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  1. OH WOW OH WOW THIS IS SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL….The whole piece so elegant and each line has such meaning. Who is your muse?? Who is the lady you love?? I must know immediately, so i can start my poem of jealous rage ahaha 🙂

    • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am jumping for joy at this compliment right now. If you feel the Earth move under your feet, that’s probably cuz of me! Thank you for the comment Ms. Ginger! I appreciate how much you liked it. Very evocative stuff! My muse? Well, she does not know quite yet cuz I am yet to tell her how I feel, but I had a plan of doing so next week. After reading this comment though, I say to hell with her! Let’s run away together Miss. Ginger!
      As for your poem of jealous rage…that is unnecessary Miss. Ginger. Besides, if you happen to write one, and judging by the ravishing way that you write, I will be forced to leave her immediately!
      You may find this piece beautiful, and I am very happy for that, but I find every word of every piece that you write incredibly ravishing. I guess what I’m saying is that if my muse ain’t the muse I wish her to be, and after I drag my sorry ass out of that vat of beer that I will inevitably jump into to lose my sorrows in, I will need to find another woman to fill that space in my heart…..I already love your writing….wink wink, nudge, nudge 😀
      P.S. May I have permission to write a poem about you? After reading this comment I suddenly feel the need to do so.

      • OH hahaha oh my….I am left speechless, so many compliments here I can’t even begin to respond to each. Know that I am very very flattered and grateful. You are so kind…..yeah so let me know how it goes w/ your muse-lady-friend hehe 😉

        Oh gosh, yes will you please. I would be so lucky.

      • Oh, if everything goes belly up with my muse lady, I’ll be writing a post called ‘the (censored) that broke my heart!’ Oh, and if I ever get around to writing a poem about you…I’ll be sure to tell you ‘bout that… 😀

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