Untitled Beauty Part IV

SYNOPSIS: This is the fourth and perhaps the last piece in this particular series. It has been a while since I last wrote one in this franchise, but honestly – I think I have drained myself now of all that I can write on such a topic. You needn’t have read the predecessors to this piece, but here is a link to the original, which will outline why I write these pieces and where the inspiration for them comes from: http://wp.me/p24LWs-2H

Why can’t you be on the menu, cuz you look so delicious,
in that dress of yours you look unfathomably fabulous,
like an exotic delicacy, or an unopened bottle of aging wine,
and like all great things in this world that surrounds me, I have just gotta make you mine,
so please, don’t screw with me and don’t be a li’l bitch,
I wanna be your boyfriend and here is my pitch;
I am known throughout the land for being a terrific romance making kind of man,
I long to give my heart away to a woman deserving of it if I can,
but first I am going to have to have you captivated by me,
cuz I know who you are and it’s the kinda person I wanna be;
a smooth sailor and an amazing romantic,
who is revered, who is loved, who is fully sick,
for you are tranquil, you are serenity, you are absolutely divine,
I want you to be the most amazing woman to have kissed these lips of mine.
Now, how ‘bout you kiss me on a summer’s night,
and fill me up with your sumptuous delights,
for you are all I want and you are all I’ll need
and to finally have you I would sweat and bleed,
and I believe at the party I perhaps drank too much,
oh shit, the liquor, it has intoxicated my crush
and made these feelings of mine so powerful,
they have become almost intolerable,
and I realise that you ain’t quite yet sober,
but still, I don’t want we have to be over,
so here for you to see is my unpublished confession;
I want to experience with you a make out session.
I realise I don’t know your name and I don’t know your number
but still, that don’t ever mean I can’t dream about you in my slumber.
You say you’ve been eating candy canes like me since you were a little girl,
but don’t think for a second such a tale keeps me from giving you a pearl,
and if you would just give me the opportunity
I would ask you ‘will you be, will you be my baby
from now until the very end of time,
for your beauty is utterly sublime.’
I think in your blood you might have yourself a couple small droplets of European,
but that don’t stop you from being one of those Katy Perry lookin’ Californians,
and I have to wonder, can you survive such an expensive persona?
In my heart, your perfume has captivated me with its fine aroma,
and you may laugh upon hearing this, but I am the official stud,
and I frequently find myself thinking ‘could you ever love me?’ Crud,
you cannot, well at least not quite just yet,
but you, I ain’t ever gonna forget
and aloud I swear, I am gonna fight for you,
there is not a thing in this world I would not do,
because for you I have such strong emotions,
you are, my dear, my personal love potion,
and frequently you have glitter speckled in your hair,
if you won’t love nor have feeling’s for me how’s that fair?
I want you to look upon my feelings,
for in my heart you are all that’s missing
to build me up and make me strong,
for I have loved you all along.
Alright, so here’s a question for you girlie girl,
who frequently walks around this town wearing pearls;
on you they look so gorgeous,
it ain’t hard cuz you’re flawless;
who tastes like sweet unkempt sugar;
who screams at the sight of spiders
when they bring you offerings and camp out beside you,
cuz, like me, they are attracted by your beauty too;
Have you ever loved someone with passion?
Kissed someone whilst moving in slow motion?
Given in to the hungry beast inside?
Ruined everything including your pride?
Kissed them in the darkness of your mind?
Is true love something you wish to find?
Have you ever kissed a cherub or an angel?
Gone dancin’ with a vile, insidious devil?
Ever walked in the greener grass on the other side?
Do you wear your heart on your sleeve or on the inside?
Do you dream of kissing a young, foolish romantic who wants your heart?
Will you promise to never let me go, to never tear me apart?
Have we been caught unaware?
Is there true love in the air?
Would you tell me if there was something wrong?
Have you been playing this fool all along?
Otherwise young lady, please, look into my eyes,
you will see there is not one brilliant disguise
to hide the way I truly feel from you,
I know how I feel, do you feel it too?
Is this feeling reflective of forever?
Is there the chance we might just stay together?
If so, then grab my face and I will grab your arse,
kiss me, kiss me; I’m all romantic, you’re all class,
and I will love you every single day.
For you are born to run, you’re born to stay,
born to kiss a delicately gorgeous rose
and be loved by many men I do suppose.
Now, I ain’t angry at you, no, I am angry at me;
why can’t I be the only man your heart will ever see?
Why can I not be so much more beautiful
and captivate you with my incredible?
Why did I fall in love with the one woman who cannot love me?
I guess I am cursed to live alone from you – it’s my destiny.


Thank you for reading!


About totalovrdose

I am an online journalist, video game reviewer, mental health advocate and post graduate university student. I am a massive video gaming geek; a lover of intellectual conversations; an award winning procrastinator; a devilishly charming nuisance and the definition of 'fun' (sometimes). My blog is filled with many a soporific love poem, and is simply the beginning in my quest to become a published author. Please stop by and say 'Hi!' (that rhymes!) :D

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  1. ahhh but you are all of this and more….she may not be quite as awesome as you, but you won’t know that till you meet the one who is!

  2. “I guess I am cursed to live alone from you – it’s my destiny.” ~awww. </3
    this is utterly beautiful. :")

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