That Gorgeous Lesbian

SYNOPSIS: An ironic, somewhat romanticised, strongly sexualised piece

Warning!!!! This piece contains frequent coarse language and strong sexual references. Some people may also find some of the content sexist, and/or blatantly rude.

I wanted to fuck the head cheerleader;
her mother was a drama queen, her father was the preacher.
The rumor was that she was a virgin.
She was not sexually active and had a lot of learnin’.
She believed totally in God and his disciples in Heaven;
at least that was the oath that she was swearin’.
I do believe that she believes, and I believe this to be true;
and yet, no God could ever keep me away from you.

I wanted to fuck the head cheerleader;
she had a great pair of lungs and I knew her to be a screech-er.
However, she could not defy her oath,
and instead of fucking her, her God ended up fucking us both.
He came down from the Heavens above and He cried ‘Hell no!
What do you think you are doin’ you stupid ho?
If you continue this you will no longer be my child,
for I don’t ever support the sexually wild.’
And with that she was gone, that God fearin’ American;
and I just knew I should have fucked that gorgeous lesbian.

I wanted to fuck the school’s most popular chick;
it was not her personality I was after, cuz I knew she was plastic.
It was her body I craved, more so than the rest;
wanting to stay up all night inside her vagina whilst titillating her breasts.
She had a shit load of friends, but I thought they were all dumb;
thinking of her at night – it made me cum.
In contrast to sex, intelligence is overrated;
with her on my mind – I masturbated.

I wanted to fuck the school’s most popular chick;
and it was her clitoris that I longed to lick.
I wanted to make sweet love to her all night long,
whilst listening to all of our favorite songs.
Around her neck was a necklace, and on it was a key,
which opened a gateway to her heart, vagina and virginity.
However, she kept it in a place only she could claim;
and that one chance I always desperately wanted – it never came.
And with that she left, that ever so popular woman;
and I just knew I should have fucked that gorgeous lesbian.

I wanted to fuck my poetry teacher;
and, like a flower, she was a delicate creature.
I wanted her to put her hands on my cock,
and pull it up and down before beginning to rock.
She had a tattoo on her arm from her rock n’ roll days,
when she used to fuck bad boys; heterosexuals and gays.
Above all else she had the single most perfect cleavage;
and when I think of her, often my thoughts are utter sewerage.

I wanted to fuck my poetry teacher;
those breasts of hers were her most fabulous feature.
One day we found ourselves alone in the room;
mesmerised by her intoxicating perfume.
I said ‘let’s have sex’ and was about to fuck her on the table when the headmaster came in;
screaming about how we were not supposed to succumb to sin.
He erupted ‘bitch, you are here only to teach poetry, not sexual education;
to teach the students literature instead of masturbation.’
And so she obeyed, that really sexy Australian;
and I just knew I should have fucked that gorgeous lesbian.

I wanted to fuck the exchange student from the European Union;
having sex with her would have been totally terrific in my opinion.
She wore a shit load of jewelry, including a gold stud in her nose,
if I can’t do anyone else, I could totally fuck her I suppose.
Her skin was a grey in colour, as too were her eyes.
I was attracted to her breasts, especially their size.
She spoke in a high pitched voice and had a strong accent,
and I adored the fact that she was constantly pleasant.

However, I should know by now, my chances of getting’ laid are minimalistic in design,
which was one of the many reasons why I attempted to get her drunk on exquisite French wine.
Unfortunately for me, this plan of mine that I had orchestrated, it didn’t even work;
her huge, gorilla of a bodyguard showed up and pulled the two of us apart, that fuckin’ jerk.
If that wasn’t enough, her father in Russia screamed at her over the phone;
‘I want you to come back with your virginity intact; I want you to come back alone.
I want you to come back and lead my organisation into the next age.’
God, I know how to pick ‘em, don’t I? Her father fought others on the political stage.
So she left to her motherland, that beautiful Russian;
and I just knew I should have fucked that gorgeous lesbian.

I wanted to fuck ‘em all at once and have ourselves a foursome;
cuz I believed the sex would have been totally awesome.
I would insert my junior into every single hole,
and feel their moist boxes bite down hard on my naked soul.
I would run my hands all throughout their pubic hair
and love each and every one of them forever; of that I swear.
I would then begin to whisper into their ears,
every little thing the four of them had always wanted to hear.
But now, my chances are gone, and so are the four women;
and I just knew I should have fucked that gorgeous lesbian.

About totalovrdose

I am an online journalist, video game reviewer, mental health advocate and post graduate university student. I am a massive video gaming geek; a lover of intellectual conversations; an award winning procrastinator; a devilishly charming nuisance and the definition of 'fun' (sometimes). My blog is filled with many a soporific love poem, and is simply the beginning in my quest to become a published author. Please stop by and say 'Hi!' (that rhymes!) :D

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  1. Its the wanting that makes life so wonderful 😉

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