Persian Prostitute

SYNOPSIS: The title of the piece no doubt gives the story of this poem away.
Now, I would like to firstly state that this poem contains many sexual references and some coarse language. On top of this, people of a Persian or like background may find this poem culturally derogatory, and I apologise for that. I realise that people of such backgrounds are quite subtle in their relationships and stereotypically do not believe in such vivid sexual ideologies, not until marriage at least and I would like to say that I do not deliberately go out of my way to attack people of such a background. On another note, I do not mean to insult Prostitutes either. I’m not sure if I actually do so, but many of the themes brought up involve such a line of work and some people who either are, were or are not a part of this career may find it derogatory. Adjunctively, I do not mean to seem misogynistic, and I apologise again if my writing in any way seems to be so.
Basically, if you are easily distraught by anything to do with the themes mentioned I would not read this. But if you do, I hope you enjoy it.


I’m in a bar; I’m alone, and it’s just another cold summer’s night,
just having a drink and a laugh, work was a war; it was a fight.
Suddenly, I look across the room and see you seated there,
whilst I wish to run my hand through your ravishing dark brown hair.
You have a terrifically crafted face, and magnificent matching eyes;
just admiring your body I know, you’ll be a sexual paradise.
My attention is then drawn towards your sexually alluring clothes,
the same kind of attire worn by sexual deviants and ho’s.
With that in mind, I can’t believe I’ve fallen for a woman quite like you.
I’ve a family; a wife, but you’re the only woman I want to do.

You smile that smile, despite the job you do;
cuz you love it when men say ‘I love you.’
It may not be real, and they may actually mean ‘thank you’, but you like it all the same.
It is the only time you ever hear such words, cuz no man has ever learnt your name.
But I want more from you than you should ever expect,
because in my eyes you are absolutely perfect,
and I know this may sound crazy, cuz no man has ever seen past your career.
Being unable to ever see you again, is the only thing that I fear.
And even though you cannot read between the lines to realise what is true,
please my darling, believe me when I say, I will be there to always love you.

I walk up to you and ask ‘young lady, do you wanna fuck?’
Please, could you say ‘yes’, cuz ‘I’m good, I’m good; I’m good for a buck.
I want to feel you on top of me; I want to feel you on top of me right now,
I’ve got to be with you tonight, and I honestly don’t give a shit as to how.
I know you have a busy schedule but if you could just give me an hour,
you would not regret this decision my dear; my lover; my gorgeous flower.’
And you reply ‘boy, if you cannot do it in a minute,
then you should just walk away right now and simply forget it.
I need to feel the speed, I need to feel the love –
I need to feel as though I’m in Heaven above.’

My temperature was beginning to heighten; it was beginning to soar,
other men had taken notice and asked ‘what? You mean you want this filthy whore?’,
and to them I reply; ‘I want to go where so many men have boldly gone before,
I do not care about any of your past lovers, cuz I will love you so much more.’
To me you are more than just a woman, more than just another working girl;
to me you are the single most beautiful prostitute in all of the world.
You were as black as the night, yes, that’s right girls and boys, like the night she was black,
the white women in my life don’t do it for me, I just gotta get her back!
Perhaps in this life of mine I’ve always wanted a Persian Prostitute like you.
You happen to be the only one of whom I know, and you will gladly make do.

Other men come up to you, and they ask ‘please, fuck me baby; you whore; you bitch’,
then I turn and ask you; ‘please, come with me and scratch my twenty nine year old itch.’
You raise an eyebrow at this comment, and are unsure of what to say,
believe me baby when I tell you, ‘whatever you want, I will pay.’
You reach down and grab hold of my dick, as I begin to sigh,
then you pull back and remove your hand as I cry ‘why, oh why?’
You cry ‘get that volcano that’s ‘bout ready to erupt away from my hole,
you ain’t gettin’ that thing near my body, no, you ain’t gettin’ it near my soul.
I want a whirlwind romance that can forever truly endanger my health;
you can’t provide, so I guess you’re just gonna have to go erupt by yourself.’

I whinge; I complain; I flail my limbs above my head in the hopes that you will see;
that you are the only woman in the whole universe who can titillate me.
‘I want to make love to you down by the pier, so please, let’s drive down to the docks
where I can ease my way inside you, and your vagina can massage my cock.
I want to hear you howl and scream tonight as I make love to you,
and as I do so, I’ll confess my feelings – and I’ll mean them too.
I moreover dream; and I long, of taking you into my bed,
where I can fulfil the fantasises that reside inside my head.’
You look towards the other horny men and you realise they are all so bad.
I am so happy when you choose to spend the night with me instead; I’m just so glad.

End Note: I would like to say that I have never actually being with a Prostitute. I don’t know what that does for my image after writing such a piece, but I wanted to make that clear in case I seemed at all ignorant in my depictions. Thank you for reading.

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