Untitled Beauty Part III

SYNOPSIS: My apologies for my hiatus. This here is the third poem in the series. For additional information, consult the ‘end notes’ section available at the following link which leads to the original poem in the series: http://wp.me/p24LWs-2H
These poems, on occasion, make references to the Star Wars universe and its characters. I would like to express the fact that I do not own the rights to any said ideas, which are copyright of the individual company and its owners.


I am back! Expressing my strong feelings through the art of many words,
saying what I feel needs to be said, needs to be told, needs to be heard,
for I have been terribly broken, many, many times before, and I have forgotten how frequently I’ve been lost
in a world quite unlike my own, in a world filled with unfamiliar faces, unfriendly places, and I have been boss’d
around too many times, but no longer. I used to live a life of want and hope, until everything I once new changed. So, I adapted, and now I instead live a life of need,
in which my main purpose I aim to have fulfilled is to take everything that will ensure my preservation, that will ensure my destination, that will ensure my heart is freed,
and to do that I require you; you are all I’ll ever need. With that black market smile of yours that is so illegal,
along with my exquisite charms, if I must say so myself, everything and anything is totally achievable,
so ‘let’s bounce’ I say, ‘let’s leave this town’, ‘let’s leave this place’, ‘let’s find ourselves a new destination’, ‘let’s find ourselves a new destiny’, ‘together, ‘let’s get outta ‘ere’
and experience the kind of life we always wished for but never believed we could have. Let’s spend all the time in this world together and the sum of many years
making each other feel so special. I wish for this, for last night I spent a week away from you within the corners of my mind’s imagination and I did not like what I did see; the tragic tale of one Derek Childs and his Untitled Beauty that was not meant to be,  
and I decided when I eventually did awake, when I did emerge only too happily back into reality, how I did not wish to write a dark, heart breaking love poem about the imperfect repercussions that spawn from an unaccomplished fantasy.
I did not want to develop a world where I came to the centre of the road map after a long drive, only to find a barrier blocking me. ‘What is this?’ I would cry. ‘A force field? No! A travesty.’
‘No’ I say. I humbly admit I want a world where I can look into your eyes, and you can look into mine, and know that you will forever, unconditionally and always be my Untitled Beauty.

I will admit to you now my dear, I believe in honesty, and in so doing, allow me to explain; I believe in destiny, I believe in fate, I believe the world is our oyster to be, and I believe the fantasies that exist within my mind are more than what you and I could ever call ‘beautiful.’
They are something that, if put together I wish could be real, and within the verses of these many rhyming stanzas they most certainly will be, if, like me, you let your vivid imagination run wild. So, young lady, with your permission of course, please come along for the ride, it is, as you could say, ‘incredible’;
so here it is, the story of love that cannot be broken. Even though the distance is vast, what we have cannot be undone. So I call, from a land so far away just to hear you say ‘I love you’ once again
before the great grey moon in orbit fills up the triumphant night sky. The stars, they wink at me from where they are in the Heavens whilst I hear in the background of the phone call the sound of many of my much loved friends
along with the children playing and laughing oh so joyfully. I had to, in that instant, wipe a tear from both my eyes
when the melancholy of the moment became too much for my heart to handle, in the hope I would not break down and cry.
Your voice on the other end of the conversation asks with trepidation ‘when do you think you shall be
coming home?’, and I take a deep breath before confessing ‘I am never far away from my family
for you are always with me in my dreams, and those dreams, they are so, so sweet like a chocolate hot fudge sundae, don’t you dare believe they are not.’ You smile, your head titled to the side, you laugh, a truthful guffaw that sounds like a sweet melody, and then you reply
with the words ‘thank you my love, come home soon’ and I say ‘nothing can keep me from you. I could be caught in a rain storm; I could be drowning in boiling magma. I could be hurt so terribly, or shot through the heart. I could be on death’s door, or perhaps I could die
but even then, no matter what precarious situation dares to come between the likes of you and me, whatever entity believes can deal us grief, I will always faithfully return to your warm, romantic arms to look you in the eyes and say
‘I have always loved you, and I swear to you I always will, and when you’re not with me ravishing angel of whom I love, lust and hunger for, I find comfort in the arms of our first memory when we met on a comfortably warm and sunny Tuesday.’
‘Don’t get me started’ you say between lovable laughs, ‘I remember the sweetness of the moment like it were just yesterday too’,  
and I retort ‘don’t worry, I’ll be home sooner than you think to kiss your lips and reassure you how our love is forever true.’

This just writ is but one fantasy of mine, and appears to be obviously caught somewhere in the middle. ‘But where did it start?’ I hear you ask, ‘when was this world begun?’
‘when was it that the two of us, two separate people, with two different lives, living on opposite sides of the world, came together to be joined romantically as one?’
‘That’s easy’ I retort, remembering quite clearly the dream that carried us into each other’s lives,
the same dream that turns young men into mature husbands, and attractive women into loving wives.
It’s a Star Wars themed after party I am at one night in celebration of the day’s events. Looking around the room from where I stand, I spot a woman dressed as Aayla Secura, who suddenly catches my eye. Making her way towards me, the young woman suddenly does ask,
a question that requires no answer on my behalf. For although real are the words she is expressing, they are thrown together into a long sentence that like herself is a charade that need not be played; a façade that is too easily broken, and an all too obvious mask,
in which she enquires if I wish to spend the remainder of the night with her. ‘I wanna go break dancing’ she continues, ‘in the corridors of the Millennium Falcon’,
and if it was not before it certainly was now that I noticed her breasts. ‘Real’ would not be the appropriate word to describe them, for they are instead comprised from silicon,
and if one part of her form was not real, then what else could she indeed be faking? Her laugh? Her lust? Her longing to spend the wild night with me? All are valid questions, and I do apologise in advance for such thoughts of mine, for I ain’t no Obi Wan,
and I must apologise once more young lady for dealing unto you the pain that is to inevitably be felt, but you have to realise, just like I do now, that I cannot be with somebody, just as you cannot, when they are not ‘the one.’
‘This ain’t no mind trick’ I reply, ‘it ain’t no delusion, and it ain’t no lie, even if you wish it to be. You play a good Jedi Master, I only wish you could be her too,
the unfortunate truth however is that you are not’ and so I am not the man whom she is looking for. In but one moment I turn, and in the same moment I spot you;
the most beautiful, incredible, desirable woman I have ever had the good fortune of laying my hazel eyes upon. The young lady beside me, her ego now crippled questions ‘young man, why cannot you love me?’
and so I sigh; I breath; I hold my forehead in my two great hands, as I begin trying to explain, ‘my many apologies young woman, but the simple truth is you are not my one and only Aayla Secura wannabe.’

I was drowning in your luscious eyes Untitled Beauty, I was drowning in the familiar face of your love, whilst dancing in the untold darkness of the beautiful summer dawn,
and as the day drew closer, so too did we, the only fear I ever had corrupting me being that which will cause me a great many disturbances; that which I will forever mourn,
the general fear that is of losing you and never having you in my life again. I do not wish to lose this chance, to lose you, to be horrifically torn apart,
for you are my image of perfection, my unflinching, respectful religion, you are the soul that has always been needed within the confines of my empty heart.
But no longer is it so empty, now full of life and ripe for picking by your succulent hands, and the succulent fruit that are my emotions are up for grabs tonight, today, any time or place,
and the key that is required to gain access to them, to the forbidden realm inside me, is your heart, your soul, your love, your lust, everything that is your personality, your body and your face,
and it don’t matter, nor will it ever, if it is the proud days of summer, the sweetness of the engrossing spring, the bitterness of autumn or the winter rain, 
I will always remain open for business for you, and only you, if it means I can lay my eyes upon you Untitled Beauty, again, again and again
for the rest of time. However, I still don’t quite know your name, nor do I know you just yet, but how does this concern me when I feel this way? I called the CIA, the NSA and the FBI,
and it would seem that not one of those government affiliates, corporations and organisations knows anything ‘bout you, and if they happen to know something, they certainly ain’t tellin’ this guy.
What I do know is that you have been lookin’ all your life for the man of your dreams, the man who would treat your right, when in fact, he who you have been searching for has been ‘ere
this entire time, for he ain’t no stranger, he ain’t no alien. He is me my sweet, as he always has been, and when I say such words I do hope I sound sincere
cuz I mean every single word I say. As for my name, you can call me whatever you want if you wish, as long as it is nothing vulgar,
for I am eternally yours and I shall always be until the end of time, until my body is broken and bone, forever and ever.

Stepping towards each other, we bask in each other’s eyes as the sun rises up towards the Heaven’s and the night is all but gone for the next few hours
to allow us the enjoyment of dancing in the tranquil sun. So now, let’s spend the day together, let us frolic through the green fields of endless flowers
and enjoy many a ravishing delight. If this intoxicating feeling is called true love, then I do not wish to go cold turkey, I never want to be sober,
I want to have this feeling with me till this heart of mine gives out, and I never times infinity want the intensity, the passion or the romance to be over,
for I swore before I ever found my Untitled Beauty that I would dedicate my life to discovering who such a person was, and when my search was finally through
as it is right now, I could, and I can, and I will, officially begin dedicating my life, which I hope to be prosperous to forever and always loving you,
cuz I feel without a doubt, that here in your tranquil, moving company, here in your ravishing brown eyes, is where I am destined to belong
and I know this to be true, like any lover such as myself would, for I realised upon meeting you that I have loved you all along.
As for where I learnt about such emotions, I was taught by the professionals; Toto, Richard Marx, Bryan Adams and Ice House; they taught me about love, and Meat Loaf and Bon Jovi taught me about rock n’ roll,
and movie classics like Star Wars taught me about the need for truth and justice, the need for heroes and heroines, and the need to stand up for what is right, and as for the importance of the human heart and soul
I am self taught. I may seem way out of line, over my head, crazy even, and probably deluded,
but I shall admit to you now that even if this be the case I have my heart and my mind concluded;
I want, and I shall, provide to you eventually everything you ever wanted, everything that you are after,
my dream for you my young mistress being the ability to provide an endless life of love, luxury and laughter.

You are a radiant flower, a biblical temple, an exotic paradise, a flawlessly impeccable sight
for sore eyes, and I long to quench your abundant, unflinching, and undeniable thirst for an epic romance tonight,
for never has there been but a single moment in this life of mine in which I did not care
for you, and now that you know where these fantasies began, allow me to say how I do swear
that never will I betray your trust, betray your heart, your soul, or hurt you terribly for my words I can always keep.
These powerful feelings I have within myself for you, burn like an untamable fire, and they run oh so deep,
and never will I forget the promise I made the day I fell in love;
I swore I would be yours forever to all the Gods in Heaven above.
So if you were to ever ask the questions; ‘who can tame the untamed heart? Who can mend it if broken?’ The answer is quite simple, and it begins and ends with me,
for never was there a richer, more prosperous romance than the one that shall be told to future generations about Derek Childs and his Untitled Beauty.
So please, with this said, don’t ever cry out ‘everything has gone wrong and not a thing has gone right’,
and please do not ever complain that you feel ‘so unbelievably invisible tonight’,
for you needn’t ever feel out of place or so foul as long as I am by your side, and in response I would say to you ‘my darling, please remember, you are just so beautiful.
If we were ever separated, even for a second, no matter how long it could take me, I would build a bridge to get to you, my one and only little Miss. Wonderful.’


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