Hard to admit ‘I love you’

SYNOPSIS: This piece is basically about sexual conquest and lust

WARNING: This piece contains explicit sexual references and a couple of profanities, including a really vulgar one. Anyone under the age of 12, or anyone who is easily offended by sexual content should quit reading immediately.

I looked across the room and saw you; an angel with luscious blonde hair.
I think I fell in love with you today, you can trust me, that I swear.
These feelings I have are not your fault, for this I have to take all the blame,
you said your were a ‘Rachael’, but I never did get your last name.
All I know for certain is, your last name, it rhymed so remarkably with your first
and from the moment I saw you, your ravishing beauty, it filled me with a thirst;
a want to pluck you like a flower from this green and blue coloured Earth,
and to prove to you I am the man you have been deserving since birth,
like a prize granted to you at the conclusion of your endeavors,
and in these arms of mine you will find a lifetime of endless pleasures;
for I long to have passionate sex with you, and I don’t really care where; at your place, in a car park or on a public train;
and I do not mean to experience this just once sweet Rachel, twice, or even three times, but frequently, again and again.
You did not look in the slightest like the young stereotypical Australian girl.
You had a look about you that reflected you were bound to take over the whole wide world.
The music you are into includes Rihanna and Jessie J,
Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and not to mention, Colbie Caillat.
You said you wanted to be a teacher, so how about you teach me something new.
How about you teach me how I could ever get myself a girl who looks like you.
I’ll admit I don’t know much, but I know that I like you
and I wish to educate yer on how to feel it too,
cuz Rachael, I want you to hear the point I am expertly stating,
and no, in answer to your question I am not exaggerating
because I don’t ever falsify matters concerning your beautiful human heart
cuz such does not draw two people together, it inevitably pulls them apart,
for you are the only student in all the world I would want to school
and when it comes to love I’m a professional, I am not a fool.
I already know enough however to realise that I am from Mars, and you girl, are from Venus
and back on your small home world, never would you have laid eyes upon the male sex organ; my exquisite penis.
Of course, don’t take my word for it. Before I continue this poem, do you wanna see my architecture?
Do you wish for me to inform you how I intend to fulfill all of your deliciously dark pleasures?
You don’t need to answer right away, and I would be appreciative if you could hold on for just one minute
and allow me the opportunity to finish this piece before you do the inevitable and commit.
Now, I ain’t saying you’ll say ‘yes’, and I ain’t speculating that I can read your mind,
but true unfathomable love together I would only too gladly wish to find.
You happened to look in my direction, but you never did look at me.
I’m sure you thought I was hideous, whilst I thought you were a true beauty.
As soon as I thought such thoughts I began to compose a dream within my mind;
a dream I only wish I could wake up to, and inside my house I would find,
my girlfriend Rachael lying upon my mattress half naked, minus a bikini, preparing for the neighbor’s soiree,
and upon arrival we would duck into their  huge master bedroom for some terrific sex, and before then some foreplay.
We’d tear off each other’s clothes like ravenous animals before we finally let loose,
and like a hungry lion, your mouth and vagina would gobble up all of my white juice,
for you would be Hell’s leader the Devil and Her friend the fiend, all rolled up into one,
my dirty little angel whose hands are constantly reaching for my gigantic gun.
Whenever you wish I’d grant you access to my pleasure stick, and you’d be my little sex machine,
I would be your body’s personal pumping station and my seamen would be like your gasoline.
You could ask one day from fear of losing this romance if I plan to be your heart breaker,
and I would quickly reply ‘no Rachael, I only ever want to be your love maker.’
When we began dating, I am sure I would have done so ever so gently and with honorable intent,
but the kind of things I’d be doing with you now, well, let’s just say I would never ask for your daddy’s consent.
Just because you’re bound for Heaven, don’t mean you’re any good. Personally, I think God wants a nefarious angel in his ranks;
someone who’s sinful, someone who’s most unclean. Someone who’s a sexual deviant, can dress real slutty and act like a sexy skank.
I can assure you, never would you have experienced what I imagine for us in my mind before,
and despite the oddity of these five words, I still wish to be your personal, dirty little man whore.
I would appreciate the way you would always make me sigh and sweat and smile and gasp in awe and laugh
and my gift to you is; when we have sex, it’s gonna be so vigorous, I’m gonna snap you in half.
It would not be at all painful, not be at all stressful, not be at all corny; it would be pleasurable
beyond your wildest dreams. And you would know me from any other man cuz my love would be unmistakable
in comparison to anyone else, for nobody would ever say those three words to you the way that I would say ‘I love you’,
and I would gladly appreciate having your vagina bite down on my penis and slice and dice me like rich butter too.
Believe me when I tell you this is easier than it sounds, for although I might be somewhat muscular,
especially where it counts, I would not be satisfied until you bite down real hard onto my jugular
and give me a brand new hickey as I collapse into your arms
and feel your hot breath on my neck and the touch of your sticky palms,
for when it comes to games involving the art of sex, we are the undefeated champions,
and nobody could ever be as amazing as us in bed in this entire nation.
We could board a plane together, first class and all, nothing less than that, and eat ourselves some good grub,
and halfway through the journey we could lock ourselves in the little girls room and join the mile high club,
cuz this very world would be our theme park, and the bedroom would not be our only venue.
We could do it inside or outside our place of residence; anywhere we wanted to,
and with that said, let’s lie down in the tall grasses and feel beneath us the moist soil,
let us continue this night of passion forever, let us burn the midnight oil.
Put your hands onto me, Rachael my darling, and I’ll gladly put mine onto yours, and we will do this until that old fancy clock
is tired and gone to rest. You be the nurse, you play your part, and I’ll be the doctor. Show me your vagina and I’ll show you my cock
and you can put it to the test. You can put it to the vote.
Would you say ‘young man, I adore it’? Is it truth I just wrote?
However, I hope you remember I ain’t describing you, this is just my fantasy,
and in my head you are so bad, you are spankable, and get me high like pure ecstasy.
These thoughts from my love muscle I do believe are nothing more than a reflex
drawn from the notion that it has been almost over a year since I’ve had sex.
My penis, it desperately cries out to me ‘I want to get laid!
And get out from under the unsatisfying bed that you have made.’
At the thought of pressing myself up against you and kissing your moist lips, I instantly get the single most largest erection,
but funnily enough I find it very difficult to think about you whilst touching myself as a source of inspiration.
I think this is because in my mind, you are a case of ‘look but do not touch’,
and never in my life do I believe I have liked somebody quite so much.
If only I had the nerve to confess to you the feelings in my heart without a moment of hesitation
and the fantasies inside my head that are so bad, they defy ‘R’ and ‘X’, they defy all classifications.
Furthermore, I know this is just a fabulous illusion and it may never be real,
and to actually get with you the Devil and I might need to broker some kind of deal,
and if such be the case then I would gladly without remorse and in an instant sell my soul
if it meant I could finally have you in my arms today and every night, alive and whole.
I would want our moist red lips to join together ever so passionately as one
and perhaps later in the hypothetical hay we could have ourselves some good fun.
I don’t mean to be rude, but I wish for my tongue to explore your pretty little mouth,
and explore other hidden areas located below the buckle to the south.
Your pubes would be all well groomed and elegant and your skin like gentle silk,
and your vagina would taste like deliciously rich nectarous milk.
I would invite you there and then to make love with me within the grizzly shadows of the delicious dark
which surrounds us so pleasantly. Together, we can be the candle, and with our romance create the spark
to deliver light upon the guilty pleasures that we will always fruitfully enjoy through all the days of our lives,
and even after a millennium, the way I feel for you right now would still prevail and long and behold survive,
for no matter whether I’m on the prowl for you, or I’m on the hunt,
I long to bite into and preserve the rich taste of your sweet, moist cunt,
and no other woman who I have ever encountered has to ask in fear ‘has he ever thought that about me and mine?’
cuz it’s only ever being you, for no one else gets me so hot and bothered and no one is as equally divine,
and I am afraid there may not be enough ice on this blue planet, thanks to global warming and all, to cool myself down,
for my unlawful thoughts are so bad, they ought to be forbidden, even from myself, for I fear within them I could drown.
May I also enjoy the guilty pleasure of having a nibble at your clit?
I realise this don’t sound too romantic, but it ain’t in the slightest bullshit,
and I understand that neither of us knows each other as well as we should just yet,
which is why I want to experience with you a moment I will never forget.
You do not have to worry, I do not intend to hurt you all that much,
with all of my passionate feelings and powerful emotions and such,
however, it may on your moist, succulent lips leave a very small love scar,
for you are undeniably my falling star, yes, you most certainly are
the flesh and blood woman of whom I terribly lust,
the woman I need to have as my own, yes I must.
Your vagina, your breasts, your clitoris you needn’t ever defend
for I realise you mightn’t like me or you might have a boyfriend,
but even then, this young lover is still willing to take this one and only chance
because you are worth it, if at the end we can have ourselves a little romance.
At the very moment in your life have you given your heart away? Do you have a special someone?
Second thoughts, do not answer that, cuz I would hate for this sexual fantasy of mine to come undone.
If you have yourself a boyfriend, I can almost imagine him in my mind’s eye,
and although I am sure in your opinion he is the single most perfect guy,
I am sure we ain’t the same. I think you’re beautiful, he thinks you’re hot,
I believe your beauty is more than external, whilst he thinks it’s not.
I admit, we both want to have sex with you, but I also want so much more,
I only hope you remember that the next time he calls you a ‘stupid whore.’
Has he introduced you to all his family and friends, cuz I would introduce you to mine,
for I wouldn’t know a single person whose girlfriend was quite so irresistibly divine.
On another note, is your boyfriend intelligent? Does he have a good career? Has he ever gone to a university, cuz I don’t think he does.
I can imagine him having a serious attitude problem and his head up his arse, and one day even capturing the attention of the fuzz.
I ain’t saying your boyfriend doesn’t like yer Rachael, I’m sure he loves yer as much as I do,
but would he really ever write and read an incredibly romanticised poem for you?
You may moreover be disturbed by the way I just stop and stare.
I apologise, but I really can’t help it, I really can’t stop looking there,
because you have an amazing cleavage and a pair of beautiful breasts,
and in my defense, any real man would be compelled to look at your chest.
Don’t be scared if you feel happy at this notion or if you feel it too
because even for a guy like me, it is hard to admit ‘I love you’,
so please don’t go round expecting a romance that will blossom immediately into life;
it will take me a while to love you and even longer before I wish to make you my wife.
For I don’t ever enter any relationship with ease, and I ain’t the typical, larrikin Australian bloke,
who can love one woman one night and another the next, whilst in-between drinking beer and doing several lines of coke,
because to me, having sex with you tonight would never be enough.
I may be a big strong man, but the secret is I ain’t all that tough,
especially after laying my eyes upon a beautiful young woman such as yourself,
for if ‘beautiful’ were to suddenly be the currency, you would make up all this world’s wealth.
If there is one thing to be leant in this verse of mine that I have ever so boldly written, then listen up, cuz the tutor is in and here’s your lesson;
your beauty is unfathomable, utterly limitless, and come an economic crisis, your looks would pay the bills and save you from the depression.
Beauty however isn’t always everything and I’m sure you are amazing in every aspect,
and although you may not believe me after what I have said poetically, you, I truly respect.
I am certain you would be very smart, sensitive, adventurous, funny, mature and kind,
and I’m sure you could do a whole lot of naughty things which would make your parents go out of their minds.
I realise this may sound contradictory in comparison to what I have said,
but this don’t change the way I feel this second, whether or not I wish to give you a head.
Yet again I know we don’t know each other well enough for me to be suggesting to you the act of cunnilingus.
It’s just that if you look utterly beautiful I am certain I will also enjoy dining upon your clitoris.
So, Rachael darling, if you see me coming, allow me the option of confessing to your heart,
‘I want to have sex with you tonight’, and I don’t want to stop from the moment I begin to start,
for when I begin what I wish with you I will be without a doubt unstoppable,
and what we shall experience together will be utterly unfathomable,
because with your skin tight clothes one size too small on your body, you look utterly ravishing,
and if you look half as good without them, for me in the bedroom, you will be a real blessing,
and if during the heat of the moment you hear me cry ‘I love you’ at the top of my lungs,
just know it’s the same tune from the sexualised lyric all the other men you have ever loved have sung.
I swear, to me you will look truly fantastic the moment your heart is sold,
and when and if I have come to deserve that right, your hands I would wish to hold,
and not just your hands, but I am sure you already know this part to be true.
If there is only one girl I have eyes for, I am certain that girl is you.
I will have you know that sex is just a façade for me to hide the pain inside;
the pain of ever losing someone like you, the pain of ever hurting my pride,
because if my heart is on the line rather than my penis and everything goes wrong I know I’ll be scarred forever,
if I do not manage to begin a relationship with you that has the potential of keeping us together,
and by a ‘relationship’, I mean romantic, because I could never settle for being just friends.
From the moment I kiss you, on your lips or somewhere else, I will always long to do so again,
because if you are depicted of being the bird, I want to certainly be the cat, and eat you up at night,
and fill your beating heart with all my love and provide to you an endless warm river of ravishing delights.
This might be quite a lot to take in, so take a moment and just breathe,
and any defensive weapon you have on you please begin to seethe.
If you ever hear or read these poetic words Rachael, please, don’t give me the cold shoulder,
this ain’t to be the elephant in the room, no; it’s going to be a friggin’ boulder.
It will dangerously go crashing around
before coming to hurtle into the ground
and all of our lives will be violently up heaved; they will terribly twist and turn
and this romance, it will hopefully glitter and spark before it all begins to burn,
and the feelings that we hide to ourselves will be free
and perhaps will come a time when you will marry me.
Please do me the favor, and before you say ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘perhaps’, give my offer very little thought,
for although I realise true love is a dangerous battle many brave knights have frequently fought,
it is a fight that I personally would rather not tolerate living through,
even if at the end of the campaign I could be granted the wish of keeping you,
 for I just want to have you as my own tonight in both of my arms,
with your luscious blonde hair in my face and your clitoris in my palms.

If you stuck around to read the entire piece, I guess a ‘thank you’ is in order, or perhaps even an apology? I would however like to clear up a couple things before we all depart.
-One, ‘Rachael’, is not a real person. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
-Two, the occurrences that are transpiring are basically a fantasy that the man wishes to be real. I am not at all sure how clear I made this whilst writing the piece and wanted to make certain everyone was on the same page.
-Three, the end line, about holding her ‘clitoris in my palms’. I realise a clitoris is nowhere near as large as a person’s palm. I just meant the bloke in the poem is holding onto that area of the woman’s body and is ravishing it with his fingers.
-Four- in answer to anyone’s question, no, I am not sexist or misogynistic, and I hope I did not come off this way whilst writing the poem. I apologise if any ladies were harmed during the reading of this piece.
Okay, again, thanks for reading! Now I am off to do whatever I was doing before I uploaded this piece.

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